Alderaan Stronghold Achievement Guide

Here is my Alderaan Stronghold Achievement Guide.

Last Updated 15th March 2020: clarified some instructions and gave additional information to assist in getting the achievements.

There are two known Achievements that come with the new Alderaan Stronghold. One of them is hidden.

  • A Killik Home of My Own
  • The Thranta Also Rises

A Killik Home of My Own

Collect Killik mound materials from the Ruur Killik Hivewoods so you can build your own mounds.

You need to collect 10 Killik mound materials from the Ruur Killik Hivewoods located in Kings Pass near Wardpost Luudes (Republic Base). Imperial players will have to travel south from Outpost Talarn to get there.

Killik Mound Materials

Once you have collected 10 Killik mound materials, the achievement will complete and you will get a mail with the achievement reward.

The Killik Mound Reward Chest contains three different Killik Mound decorations.

  • Large Killik Mound (4)
  • Huge Killik Mound (4)
  • Massive Killik Mound (2)

Note: you can only get the Killik Mound Rewards once. There is no way to get them again even if you do the same process on an alt (since it is granted by obtaining the achievement).

Hidden Achievement – The Thranta Also Rises

In order to be able to complete this achievement, you may need to fully unlock the Stronghold (you need to have the Mountain Retreat unlocked at the very least). You may also need to exit and renter the Stronghold for the objects to appear once unlocking the Stronghold.

To complete this achievement, you need to click on some objects and scan some points of interest. If you have macrobinoculars you cannot scan anything unless you have first clicked on an object. (If you don’t have macrobinoculars, don’t worry, there are some you can find in the Stronghold to use).

There are a total of four objects you need to click on. Three of the objects have static spawn locations. The fourth object has three different (known) spawn locations in the Mountain Retreat area.

  • Bones under the waterfall (Noble Estate)
  • Note by skeleton in the cave behind the waterfall (Noble Estate)
  • Backpack at the old camp in the mountains near the waterfall (Noble Estate)
  • A Note, Journal or Datapad by the broken tree, the ancient ruins or among rocks (Mountain Retreat)

There are also five points of interest to scan either with your macrobinoculars or with macrobinoculars you can pick up in the Killik Cave.

  • Waterfall (Noble Estate)
  • Thranta Nest (Noble Estate)
  • Noble Estate Facade (Noble Estate)
  • Killik Cave (Noble Estate)
  • Ancient Ruins (Mountain Retreat)

Note: Some players are reporting that if they use their own Macrobinoculars for scanning, they didn’t get the achievement. But once they clicked on the Macrobinoculars in the Killik Cave, they got the Achievement.

Noble Estate
Mountain Retreat Object Spawn Locations


There are a total of four objects to find and click on. Three of them always spawn in the same location. The fourth object, located in th Mountain Retreat area, has three different (known) spawn locations.


The bones are located under the waterfall in the entrance area of the Stronghold.

Skeleton with Note

The skeleton and note are located inside the cave behind the waterfall in the entrance area of the stronghold.


The backpack is located in the mountains by the waterfall at the entrance of the stronghold. You climb up the rocks pictured below. From there you should easily be able to get to the camp remnants where the backpack is located.

How to get to the Backpack

Mountain Retreat – Note, Datapad or Journal

The final object is located in the Mountain Retreat area of the Stronghold. It can spawn in three different (known) locations.

  • Broken Tree between Taxi Point and Ancient Ruins
  • South-west corner of the Ancient Ruins exterior.
  • Among rocks in the south-west corner of Mountain Retreat area.

Broken Tree

Ancient Ruins

Screenshot provided by Ellia
How to get there


Thanks to Kasen_ for finding this spawn location

If you’re still having issues: If you cannot find anything at any of the locations, log into another character and see if you can find the object. The location of the object will likely change when you swap characters so you should eventually be able to find it. You may also need to zoom in to see the object.

Macrobinocular Points of Interest

You can scan a number of things with macrobinoculars or a scanner you pick up in the Killik Cave once you have clicked on one of the above objects.

I would recommend clicking on the scanner in the cave even if you have your own macrobinoculars.

Killik Cave Macrobinoculars

The macrobinoculars are located at the back of the cave behind the Killik Matriarch. You should click them even if you have macrobinoculars.

Thranta Nest and Waterfall
Killik Cave
Noble Estate Facade
Ancient Ruins

Special Thanks

Thank you to Satele Shan Alderaan General Chat, Stefan Hube, Ellia, Kasen_, Sanne_Leetz, Fab and other members of the community who contributed to figuring out ‘The Thranta Also Rises’ Achievement!

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  1. Ancient Ruins is blocked now, FYI – the area you show to get to that datapad – completely blocked from jumping there now. You should update this guide for that and save others a lot of failed attempts.

  2. I am experimenting troubles to scan the Thranta Nest, although I tried standing at the exact same spot as the one showed in the screenshot. Any idea where that might come from?

      1. Ancient Ruins is not blocked was able to jump there no problems. The nest is there I can see it but won’t light up orange to click on it. Tried different toons and personal macrobinoculers….nothing

        1. Sorry for the late reply all. I let the devs know that you are all having issues scanning the Thranta Nest (highly likely a bug). I’d encourage you all to do an ingame ticket if you can or haven’t already.

          Alternatively, I recall when the stronghold first came out, some players were able to scan the thranta nests located at the waterfalls at the back of the stronghold for the achievement. Perhaps that might work now?

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