Conquest Changes coming in Game Update 6.1.1

Dan announced some changes to Conquest coming in Game Update 6.1.1 on the Developer Tracker! A date for this has not been set.

Hello everyone!

With the upcoming Game Update 6.1.1, we will be changing how some aspects of Personal Conquests work. Our main goal for these changes is to make Personal Conquests relevant to any character, not just an activity for players at max level. Our second goal was to add some quality of life improvements that help players in the right direction through clearer menu navigation.

More Objectives

We feel the current Personal Conquest system has too high of a reliance on the automatic conversion of EXP to Conquest points. While this is helpful to allow players to experience content of their choosing, players who wanted to focus on their Conquest objectives found themselves lacking enough objectives to meaningfully contribute during a session.

If players were opting to farm the same enemies over and over again to meet their Personal Conquest goal, what does that really say? As we took a step back, we saw this as more of a systemic issue that we wanted to address. Starting with Game Update 6.1.1, the Conquest system will only take base EXP and convert it to Conquest points. Any Experience Boosts will no longer grant additional Conquest points. To counteract this Conquest point deficit, we are adjusting the objectives in a few ways – adding more objectives to various game systems, increasing the repeatability of some objectives, and making them more relevant to your character’s level.

More Repeatable Objectives

Players have expressed frustration with the repeatability of Conquest Objectives, particularly Weekly objectives. Weekly objectives feel frustrating because they can be completed only once on a single character, forcing players to choose which character gets the lucrative amount of Conquest points. We know the preferred solution for players would be to allow conquest completion per character, but unfortunately, this is a much larger technical change that cannot be quickly addressed. In the meantime, to address this issue we will be adding more repeatable and Daily objectives to allow greater flexibility in how Personal Conquests can be completed.

Level Relevant Objectives

The way we plan on making Personal Conquests more accessible to all characters, not just ones at end-game content, is by breaking up Conquest objectives into three level ranges: levels 1 – 49, levels 50 – 70, and levels 71+. This way a level 50 character won’t be asked to kill enemies on Ossus or complete a Master Mode Flashpoint. In a couple of days we’ll post an update in this thread with a full breakdown of a specific Conquest’s Objectives.

Level Relevant Rewards

Currently, Personal Conquest rewards are mostly relevant at level 75. As part of creating separate level ranges, we wanted to ensure that the rewards players receive from a Personal Conquest are immediately impactful, no matter your character level. In order to achieve this, we have changed the rewards granted to players, depending on their level range. Players will notice that the rewards at level 71+ are not changing.

Levels 1 – 49

  • Mission EXP boosts
    • These will be a new type of boost. These will offer bonus experience from Missions only and they’ll be stackable with other boosts. They will also have a shorter duration of 30 minutes per boost.
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (15k)
  • Gathering Lockbox

Levels 50 – 70

  • Mission EXP boosts
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (20k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Heroic Box (Level-Dependent Gear)

Levels 71+

  • Credit Certificate (25k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Solid Resource Matrices
  • Tech Fragments
  • Small Conquest Equipment Crate

These rewards are locked in once the Conquest begins. For example, if a character starts the Conquest at level 45 and reaches level 50 half-way through the week, they will still get rewards for the level 1 – 49 range. The following Conquest will then update to the next tier of rewards. There are no plans to change Guild Invasion rewards.

Better Navigation within Conquests

In order to make progressing towards your Conquest goal simpler, we are introducing a system that will allow you to move from the Personal Conquest window right to your objective. This means if a Conquest objective requires you to complete a specific mission, you’ll be able to receive the Mission and travel to the Mission location right from the Personal Conquest window! We can bring you to the specific Flashpoint or Operation required, open up the crafting window for crafting related objectives, or grant you the Mission needed to complete objectives. This will help players get right into the action and prevent issues of not knowing where to go for an objective.

When will these Conquest changes be coming to PTS?

Currently, the changes being implemented with Game Update 6.1.1 will not be making it to PTS. Our upcoming PTS build will instead be focusing on Game Update 6.1.2, which will consist of Master Mode Dxun, new Set Bonuses, and Class changes. Given the nature of these changes, the team would like the hands-on testing focused on these.

With that in mind, what do you think of these quality of life changes? Do you feel like your experience completing Conquests will be improved? Also, are there any activities or content that aren’t properly represented in Conquest objectives currently?

Everything listed above is subject to change based on internal testing as well as player feedback in this thread. We will post an additional update in a couple of days to give an example of what a Conquest’s entire objective list would look like.

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