6.1.1 Nightmare Dxun, Healing Changes + Conquest Changes coming to PTS soon!

Dan has once again posted on the Developer Tracker with more news on the upcoming Game Update 6.1.1.

Game Update 6.1.1 will now include NIM Dxun, Class Changes and new Set Bonuses, as well as the Conquest Changes, revealed yesterday.

6.1.1 PTS may be up this Friday!

Hey everyone,

Already there has been a lot of good feedback in this thread! After some internal discussion, the team has decided to merge Game Updates 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 together, in order to make everything available on PTS. This way, everyone can get hands-on experience for how these Conquest changes work and we can have more iterations of feedback.

We might be able to get PTS up by this Friday, but if not keep your eyes peeled for an update next week. This revised Game Update 6.1.1 will feature these Conquest changes, Master Mode difficulty for the Nature of Progress Operation, new Set Bonuses, and Class changes focused primarily on healing. Feedback threads for these other topics mentioned will be created for the PTS forum soon.

Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming!

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