Screenshot Contest Winners

Some of you may recall that at the end of last year, I ran a Screenshot Contest. Well, I’m finally going to announce the winners! Three months late…

The winner of each category will get a 30-Day Sub time code and the runners up will get 450 CC codes. The Log Mount/6.0 PTS Category was a random draw and each winner will get 450 CC. Optional Pet Codes will also be offered to all winners!

So without further ado!

Cutscene Category
  • Winner – Kayeri
  • Runner-up – milinc26
  • Runner-up – Phyreblade

  • Winner – Celyn
  • Runner-up – MagSul
  • Runner-up – Im_So_Tired

  • Winner – milinc26
  • Runner-up – Aylas494
  • Runner-up – Celyn

Log Mount/6.0 PTS
  • Random Winner – Fab
  • Random Winner – Logan Bard

Congratulations to all the winners! All winners have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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