Screenshot Contest Winners

Some of you may recall that at the end of last year, I ran a Screenshot Contest. Well, I’m finally going to announce the winners! Three months late…

The winner of each category will get a 30-Day Sub time code and the runners up will get 450 CC codes. The Log Mount/6.0 PTS Category was a random draw and each winner will get 450 CC. Optional Pet Codes will also be offered to all winners!

So without further ado!

Cutscene Category
  • Winner – Kayeri
  • Runner-up – milinc26
  • Runner-up – Phyreblade

  • Winner – Celyn
  • Runner-up – MagSul
  • Runner-up – Im_So_Tired

  • Winner – milinc26
  • Runner-up – Aylas494
  • Runner-up – Celyn

Log Mount/6.0 PTS
  • Random Winner – Fab
  • Random Winner – Logan Bard

Congratulations to all the winners! All winners have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Xam Xam

Owner of MMO Bits, and formerly the owner of Xam Xam Says, Xam Xam is an Aussie who has been playing MMO's for nearly 10 years and can't get enough of them. She mainly plays Healing Classes but will also DPS and reluctantly Tank (if she has one). She prefers to PvP but doesn't mind doing all the other 'MMO bits' as well.

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