Mek-Sha Tradehouse Requisitions Dailies and Hidden Achievement Guide

In Game Update 6.0.2, a Dailies Terminal was added on Mek-Sha in Huttbreakers Compound. This terminal gives you one daily to do, per day. These dailies take you to various corners of the galaxy.

How to access the Dailies

Note: You can only access these Dailies if you have completed the Onslaught story.

Pick up the one-off mission ‘Help Wanted’ from a datapad found in the Republic or Imperial main bases on Mek-Sha.

Talk to Diihara Val in Huttbreaker’s Compound. Once you have talked to them, you can then click on the Tradehouse Requisitions terminal to get a random daily.

Quick Tip – Pick up a Mek-Sha Heroic Mission so you have quick, free transport back to Mek-Sha when you’ve finished your daily!

Tradehouse Requisitions Weekly Rewards

There is also a Weekly to complete 3 Dailies. The rewards include Credits, Renown Points and a Gold Equipment Crate which includes 400 Tech Fragments.

Weekly Mission Rewards

Tradehouse Requisitions Dailies

You can only complete one daily per day. You can not choose which Daily you get, the Terminal will just give you a random daily.

Once you have a completed a daily, return to Huttbreaker Compound and turn in the Daily at the Requisitions Dropbox.

Things Czerka Left
  • Location – Tatooine Jundland – North of Outlaws Den, West of Outpost Salara
    • Closest Imperial Base – Outpost Zaroshe
    • Closest Republic Base – Outpost Salara
Jundland Map

Click on the blue debris piles to find the technology. Then click on the revealed pieces of technology there are usually 1-3 technology pieces per debris pile.

Debris Piles
Technology Pieces

Culinary Pursuits
  • Location – Dantooine
Dantooine Map

To harvest the Vormfruit, just go to the closest orchard. You can click on the bushel baskets or pick the Vormfruit off the trees. You may have to zoom-in for the Vormfruit to appear on the trees.

Vormfruit and Baskets

Turf War Troubles

Here are three different versions of this Daily. One for Black Sun, one for the Nova Blades and one for the Crimson Brotherhood. All three are located close to each other.

  • Nar Shaddaa – Upper Industrial Sector – Upper Office Atrium and Lower Office Atrium
    • Imperial – Upper Industrial Sector Taxi – Republic Research Division -> Lower Office Atrium -> Upper Office Atrium
    • Republic – Upper Industrial Sector Taxi (Maintenance Access Corridor Quick Travel) -> Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse -> Upper Office Atrium -> Lower Office Atrium


Turn left from the Upper Industrial Sector Taxi/Quick Travel Point to get to the Republic Research Division. Travel to the Elevator than click on Lower Office Atrium. Go up the ramp indicated on the map below to get to the Upper Office Atrium.

If you get the Crimson Brotherhood version of the Daily, go to the Upper Office Atrium and head east (see Republic map below).



Turn left from the Upper Industrial Sector Taxi/Maintenance Access Corridor Quick Travel Point to get to the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse. Travel to the Elevator than click on Upper Office Atrium.

Travel south and head for the ramp to get to the Lower Office Atrium, as indicated on the map, if you get the Black Sun version of the Daily.


Both Factions

Click on the highlighted boxes to recover the goods.

Tradehouse Goods

A Groundbreaking Opportunity
  • Rishi – Sky Ridge Island – North of Rishii Village

Scan the Exonium Deposits north of Rishii Village.

Exonium Deposits
Scanning Exonium Deposits

More Credits Than Sense
  • Onderon – south of Iziz, north of the Ancient Sith Crypt
    • Closest Republic Base – Iziz Bridge
    • Closest Imperial Base – Archaeological Site
Onderon Map

Get Blood Samples by clicking on a nest, a juvenile Grefna will than appear. Use the Mission Item to stun the Juvenile Grefna (this will stun the grefna for 15 seconds) then take a blood sample using the temporary item that appears. The Juvenile Grefna will than despawn after a few seconds.

Grefna Nest Mounds
Stunning the Juvenile Grefna
Taking a Blood Sample

Hidden Achievement

Once you have completed 15 Tradehouse Requisition Dailies, you will be granted a Hidden Achievement.

The Achievement appears under Location -> Mek-Sha -> General

Special Thanks

Special thanks to TrickyNick87 for discovering the hidden achievement and for letting me know about it! Thanks also to Dyro for his assistance.

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