Game Update 6.1.1 and Double XP potentially launching April 14th

Keith Kanneg, the Game Producer for Star Wars The Old Republic, has made a rare appearance on the Developer Tracker! He dropped by to let us know the potential launch date of Game Update 6.6.1 and, that Double XP will be included with the update!

The launch date for Game Update 6.1.1 which includes NIM Dxun, Class Changes and Conquest Improvements is April 14. This is subject to change!

Double XP also includes Valor, GSF and Renown.

Hey all,
There’s some good discussion here that I wanted to weigh in on. Double XP was something we were planning to bring back for May the 4th.
We discussed offering it sooner, but with everyone having to work-from-home, we needed to spend the time getting the Dev Team set up to work remotely. So, instead of providing you with one week, we’ll be extending Double XP to around four weeks, starting with Game Update 6.1.1 currently scheduled to be available on 14-Apr-2020. The planned end date for Double XP is 12-May-2020.
With all that’s going on these days, the dates could change, but we’ll keep you apprised. But, if it does, we’ll continue to offer the 4-weeks of Double XP (I figured someone was going to ask).
We sincerely hope you are all staying healthy. See you in-game soon.
ps…Double XP includes XP, Valor, GSF, and Renown. It does not include Conquest points.

He went on to clarify in another post why Double XP will have to wait till 6.1.1.

It takes an actual game update to adjust in-game schedules, which is why we’re coordinating it with the release of the next patch. We would have liked to provide it earlier, but having to get all the development environment set up in a collaborative way has taken a bit of a focused effort. The soonest we can make the adjustment for Double XP is with Game Update 6.1.1.

What are you looking forward to most about Game Update 6.1.1? What will you do with Double XP?

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