Ossus Tech Fragments Decoration Vendor Guide

Looking for a new way to spend your Tech Fragments? Are you maxed out on Tech Fragments and have no gear left to buy? Why not buy some decorations for your Strongholds!

On Ossus, there is a vendor, D3-C0, who sells Ossus themed decorations that cost Tech Fragments.

D3-C0 Location

You’ll find D3-C0 inside your factions main base next to old 258 Gear vendors.

Imperial Base
Republic Base



Decoration List
Bioluminescent Mushrooms Floor Small 50
Broken Geonosian Egg Clump Floor Medium, Medium Narrow 150
Cracked Geonosian Eggs Floor Small 150
Creeping Roots Wall Medium 250
Geonosian Eggs Floor Small 150
Hanging Roots Ceiling Large 250
Large Stone Torch Wall Large 150
Memorial of the Three Floor Large, Centrepiece, Floor Covering 350
Ossan Jedi Memorial Floor Medium 250
Ossan Temple Column Floor Medium, Medium Narrow 150
Pile of Bones Floor Large, Floor Covering 350
Royal Mucus Ceiling Large 50
Statue fo the Forgotten Heroine Floor Large, Centrepiece 350
Stone Torch Wall Small 150

Decoration Previews

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