Game Update 6.2.1 Amplifier Changes Overview

Recently the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers introduced some changes to Amplifiers which have now gone live with Game Update 6.2.1.

There are three key changes that have been made to the Amplifier system.

  • A modified user interface
  • A new tier of Rarity
  • Rarity locking

Here is my breakdown of the Amplifier changes and how they will affect the game.

Modified User Interface – Amplifier List

As soon as you open your character sheet, you will see an Amplifier List. This list shows you all the amplifiers on all the armour pieces you have currently equipped on your character.

SWTOR Amplifier

Unfortunately, at present, the Amplifier UI can not be moved and is stuck to the Character Sheet Window.

If you change your gear loadout in any way, you will need to close then reopen the Character Sheet for the new Amplifiers to show up on the list. For example, if you have the character window open and you’re equipping gear on a toon that has no gear on it, you will have to close then reopen the character sheet for all the amplifiers to appear.

New Rarity Tier

A new rarity tier has been added to Amplifiers. However, none of the percentages has changed. Instead, they adjusted the tiers assigned to the existing eprscentageshere’s been some adjustments to the rarity tiers.

  • Standard – White (NEW)
  • Premium – Green
  • Prototype – Blue
  • Artifact – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

Here is the Alpha Strike Armoring Amplifier as an example.

Old Amplifier Rarity Tiers
New Amplifier Rarity Tiers

Rarity Locking

Rarity locking allows you to control the rarity of the potential amplifiers you can get from recalibrating. This increases the cost of recalibration but reduces the number of potential amplifiers you can get.

For example, if you currently have a purple rarity amplifier, you can lock that rarity so that when you recalibrate, it will only give you purple and gold rarity amplifiers.

Locked Recalibration Costs

Here’s a table of the recalibration costs*.

RarityStarting CostLocked Cost

It is not worth locking amplifiers at green rarity. If you lock amplifiers at green rarity, it will only roll green and white rarity amplifiers. Locking at blue rarity, on the other hand, will roll you amplifiers at blue rarity or higher.

The cost of rerolling still goes up incrementally with each recalibration (reroll).

Weekly Cost Reset

Along with this change comes the addition of a weekly cost reset. This means that after the weekly reset, the cost of recalibrating your amplifiers will be reset to the starting cost.

*The devs increased the locked recalibration cost from the PTS. You can see the original PTS costs in my tweet here.

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