SWTOR Galactic Seasons 1 Rewards Vendors Guide

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Vendors

Here is my Guide to the SWTOR Galactic Seasons 1 Rewards Vendors and Galactic Seasons Tokens. This guide includes an overview of all the rewards, previews for most items and all tooltips.

You can learn more about Galactic Seasons in my Q&A Guide – SWTOR Galactic Seasons Overview. For additional sources, check out the Welcome to Galactic Seasons! Developer Blog, the Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream, David Staats’ Galactic Season Feedback Post on the Forums and the Galactic Season 1: The Stranger from Kubindi Developer Article.

Last Updated 28th March 2023

Currency – Galactic Seasons Tokens

As you earn levels through SWTOR’s new Galactic Seasons, you will earn Galactic Seasons Tokens, an event currency. You can use these Tokens to purchase a variety of rewards on the Galactic Seasons Vendor.

The number of Galactic Season Tokens you can earn is determined by whether you are a subscriber or not.

  • Subscribers – 15 Seasons Tokens
  • F2P/Preferred – 5 Seasons Tokens
Level Token EarnedFreeSubscribers
Season 1 Example.

You can only hold up to 15 Galactic Seasons Tokens. You can find out how many Galactic Seasons Tokens you have in your Inventory in the Currency Tab under Event Currencies.

Inventory -> Currency -> Event Currencies

Galactic Seasons Vendors Location

You can find the vendors Ki’at Thavo <Galactic Seasons – Seasonal Rewards> and Jaleit Nall <Classic and Non-Seasonal Rewards> on your factions fleet in the Supplies section.

Galactic Seasons 1 – The Stranger from Kubindi: Rewards Tables

There are two vendors you can spend your Galactic Tokens at.

  • Jaleit Nall – Classic and Non-Seasonal Rewards
  • Ki’at Thavo – Galactic Seasons – Seasonal Rewards

As the names suggest, one vendor will have items that are always available for purchase regardless of the season. The other vendor will have rewards to purchase that change every season.

Ki’at Thavo <Galactic Seasons – Seasonal Rewards> Vendor Table

All rewards from this vendor are available on the Galactic Seasons Rewards Track in the Subscriber Track only. Subscribers are barred from purchasing anything from this vendor until the season ends to ensure they don’t accidentally purchase duplicates of items they can earn from participating in the season.

RewardGalactic Seasons LevelReward TypeToken Cost
Altuur’s Infiltrator Customisation36Companion Customisation4
Altuur’s Ornate Assault Cannon10Weapon2
Altuur’s Ornate Blaster25Weapon2
Altuur’s Ornate Blaster Rifle20Weapon2
Altuur’s Ornate Dualsaber30Weapon2
Altuur’s Ornate Lightsaber40Weapon2
Altuur’s Ornate Sniper Rifle5Weapon2
Arid Teithuk56Mount4
Detailed Writings of Insecticulture96Companion Gift – Altuur only3
Immaculate Art of Kubindi Queen52, 67, 80Companion Gift – Altuur only2
Subterranean Teithek26Mount2
Succulent Picoet Beetles14, 31, 47Companion Gift – Altuur only1

Jaleit Nall <Classic and Non-Seasonal Rewards> Vendor Tables + Previews

This vendor has a rotating stock of classic and previously unavailable promotional rewards. Apart from the Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse strongholds, everything else will rotate roughly every 3-5 weeks.


Both Strongholds will be on the vendor for the whole season.

StrongholdsToken Cost
Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse Deed8 Tokens
Carrick Station Penthouse Deed8 Tokens
CompanionsToken Cost
Dazh Ranos6 Tokens
Nico Okarr5 Tokens
Shae Vizia5 Tokens
Paxton Rall5 Tokens
(From left to right: Dazh Ranos, Paxton Rall, Nico Okarr, and Shae Vizla Companions.)
MountsToken Cost
Kakkran Daggerstar3 Tokens
Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun3 Tokens
JA-3 Speeder3 Tokens
HK-55 Jetpack3 Tokens
Rapid Recon Walker3 Tokens
Chiss Talon Interceptor3 Tokens
Lucky 77 Swoop3 Tokens
Eternal Empire Patroller3 Tokens
(From left to right: Eternal Empire Patroller, Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun, HK-55 Jetpack, and Rapid Recon Walker Mounts.)
(From left to right and top to bottom: Chiss Talon Interceptor, Kakkran Daggerstar, JA-3 Speeder, and Lucky 77 Swoop Mounts.)
Mini Pets
Mini-PetsToken Cost
Makrin Creeper Seedling1 Token
K1-W4 Astromech Droid1 Token
Gannifari1 Token
JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid1 Token
Model Mach 21 Token
Model Gravestone1 Token
Model Zakuul Battlecruiser1 Token
Mini-Mogul NM-11 Token
Heliotropic Subteroth1 Token
RE-1 Scout Droid1 Token
Tauntaun Ram1 Token
(From left to right and top to bottom: Model Zakuul Battlecruiser, Model Gravestone, Model Mach 2, Mini-Mogul NM-1, K1-W4 Astromech Droid, and JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid Mini-pets.)
(From left to right and top to bottom: RE-1 Scout Droid, Tauntaun Ram, Makrin Creeper Seedling, Gannifari, and Heliotropic Subteroth Mini-pets.)
WeaponsToken Cost
Nico’s Blaster2 Tokens
HK-55’s Blaster Pistol2 Tokens
HK-55’s Sniper Rifle2 Tokens
HK-55’s Vibrosword2 Tokens
(From left to right and top to bottom: Nico’s Blaster, HK-55’s Blaster Pistol, HK-55’s Vibrosword, and HK-55’s Sniper Rifle.)
Armor Pieces
Armor PiecesToken Cost
Nico Okarr’s Duster2 Tokens
HK-55 Helmet2 Tokens
(From left to right: Nico Okarr’s Duster and HK-55 Helmet.)
Strongold Decorations
Stronghold DecorationsToken Cost
Galactic Alliance Statue Replica2 Tokens
Grand Statue of Revan Replica3 Tokens
Makeb Gazebo Replica3 Tokens
Propaganda: Fight for the Meatbags Replica2 Tokens
(From left to right: Galactic Alliance Statue Replica, Grand Statue of Revan Replica, Makeb Gazebo Replica, and Propaganda: Fight for the Meatbags Replica Stronghold decorations.)
Character Titles
Character TitlesCost
Test Pilot1 Token
The Illustrious1 Token
The Intrepid1 Token
The Risen1 Token
Scourge of the Hutts1 Token

Ki’at Thavo <Galactic Seasons – Seasonal Rewards> – Previews and Tooltips

(Pictured above is the entire Altuur’s Ornate Weapon Set. Players will receive duplicates of items that can be dual-wielded.)
Altuur’s Ornate Assault Cannon
Altuur’s Ornate Blaster Rifle
Altuur’s Ornate Lightsaber
Altuur’s Ornate Blaster
Altuur’s Ornate Dualsaber
Altuur’s Ornate Sniper Rifle

Arid Teithek
Subterannean Teithek

Companion Stuff
Altuur Companion Gift
Altuur Companion Gift
Altuur Companion Gift
Altuur Companion Customisation
(From left to right: Altuur’s Infiltrator Customization, Arid Teithek Mount, and the Subterranean Teithek Mount.)

Jaleit Nall <Classic and Non-Seasonal Rewards> – Previews and Tooltips

Armor + Weapons
Nico’s Blaster
Nico Okarr’ Duster

Strongholds and Decorations
Makeb Gazebo
HK-55 Poster
Imperial Fleet Stronghold
Republic Fleet Stronghold

Makrin Creeper Seedling
Model Gravestone
Tauntaun Ram

Nico Okarr Companion
HK-55 Jetpack Mount
Character Title

What do you think of the Galactic Seasons Vendor Rewards? What will you be spending your Galactic Seasons Tokens on?

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