Waiting for a Feast – A quick reflection on the state of SWTOR

Finally! Something might be happening in SWTOR? How exciting… Right?

I thought I’d be excited to finally hear what the developers had planned for the 10-year anniversary.

Instead, I feel indifferent and guarded. When I first saw the tweet announcing the announcement stream, I was surprised, to say the least. But more in the ‘eyebrow-raising’ way, not the ‘OMG Squee’ way.

Do I still expect so little of SWTOR?

I’ve been down this road far too many times now. Half-baked promises are Bioware’s speciality after all. Always partially delivering just enough to keep us tranced just a little bit longer. Just long enough to drop one more month of subscription time. And for what?

The slow slog down the road to this long-awaited announcement has left its mark.

Too many months of minimal meaningful content. 
Too many months of watching players leave the game. 
Too many months struggling to motivate myself to play the game and create content.

It’s hard to get excited when it feels like so much has already been lost for so many years. It’s still hard to watch communities fall apart and splinter, raid teams die and dear friends leave the game and not feel the impact after all these years.

The community is a withered husk of its once vibrant, varied self. Toxicity is at an all-time high. Players are desperately clinging to the game and lashing out at each other. Warring philosophies are turning potential endgame players away from the game. Everyone thinks it’s their way or the highway. Misinformation runs rampant. The community isn’t welcoming anymore. The community isn’t even accepting of each other.

Some are lucky to find sanctuary in small sub-communities. But many never make it that far. Even if they do, these communities risk fading away like so many before them.

This has been happening for far too long.

All long-time players, regardless of their content specialties or focus, have felt the weight of the game. The losses, the ever constant waiting for content.

Will the 10-year Anniversary be able to fix it?

If Bioware’s track record is anything to go by, no.

I’m trying to be optimistic but goodness, it’s hard. I’m always hoping for a surprise and never getting it. Getting by on temporary highs, doing my best to be objective, defending Bioware through it all. It takes its toll.

Please Bioware. For once, prove me wrong.

Stop throwing us bones. Give us a feast!

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