Official SWTOR 10-Year Anniversary Screenshot Contest Details

Star Wars The Old Republic has announced a Screenshot Contest to celebrate the game’s upcoming 10-Year Anniversary! The prize? Your screenshot immortalised a Stronghold Decoration in game!

You can read about all the details and rules for entry for yourself here –

Read on below for a couple of important highlights.

General Contest Rules

To participate in the contest, players submit screenshots taken on 10 select planets. You can submit one screenshot per planet. These are the ten planets all reflecting different updates throughout the game’s history:

  • Hutta
  • Korriban
  • Ord Mantell
  • Tython
  • Tatooine
  • Makeb
  • Yavin 4
  • Zakuul
  • Ossus
  • Mek-Sha

All image submissions must follow certain guidelines:

  • No Player Characters in screenshot.
    • NPCs are allowed
  • The in-game UI needs to be turned off.
    • The default command for this is Alt+Z
    • This includes having nameplates turned off.
  • Screenshots of cinematics do NOT qualify.
  • No additional editing done to screenshots. For example, no filters added or editing done by external tools.
  • Camera settings must be within intended in-game parameters.
    • This means not using external tools or editing game files to exceed in-game settings.
  • Graphics settings at Very High or Ultra
  • Image Size: 1920×1080 or higher resolution
    • The team will crop the chosen screenshots to a 4:3 format.
  • Image Format: JPG

Here’s an example of a screenshot that fits all the parameters above:

How to Enter

You can enter by submitting your screenshots by email to

Remember you’re more than welcome to submit a screenshot for multiple planets, but please limit all submissions to only one planet per email, and please only submit one image per planet.

Your email must include the following infromation

  • Subject line clearly states the name of the contest and the specific planet where your screenshot submission was taken.
    • Example: The Best View In SWTOR Contest – Tatooine Submission
  • Account Name.
  • Name of an existing character on the listed account.
  • Server the listed character resides on.

The account, character, and server names are crucial to give the winners a special prize, so please don’t forget to include that! This contest is open to everyone, regardless of account status, so whether you’re a Subscriber or Preferred/Free-to-Play status, you’re encouraged to enter!

Prizes and Announcement

The winning submissions will be turned into Stronghold decorations and distributed by the 10-year Anniversary event vendor in-game!

After the SWTOR team selects the winning submissions, we’ll publish an article announcing the winners before our upcoming ‘Legacy of the Sith’ expansion launches. In this announcement, we’ll reveal the winning screenshots, and credit each player (Character Name / Server) who submitted a winning screenshot. 

While the winners are credited outside of the game, they will receive something special in SWTOR; a gilded version of the screenshot they submitted! While the normal versions will be available to everyone via the 10-year Anniversary event vendor as soon as the event starts in December. The gilded versions will be distributed shortly after the event starts.

Forum FAQ

Daniel Steed recently posted some answers to some frequently asked questions on the forums.

Why can’t players from certain countries take part in the contest?

Unfortunately, currently, the contest is only open to those listed in the contest guidelines. However, we are looking into how we can expand into more countries in the future. Note that this is subject to local laws and regulations.

Can screenshots be taken from within strongholds, flashpoints, etc?

Strongholds, Flashpoints, and other instances that take place on the listed planets are acceptable. The same listed rules apply to these areas as screenshots taken in the open-world version of the planets.

For players with higher native resolutions than 1920×1080, how should they submit their images?

We are clarifying the guidelines to be “1920×1080 or higher resolution”. As long as the submitted screenshots are 1920×1080 or above, that is acceptable on our end. Reminder, we will be editing the chosen submissions to a 4:3 ratio to best fit our Stronghold decoration template.

Can I take screenshots from out-of-bounds?

Even if a player is able to get into an out-of-bounds area by purely in-game means, we feel like that is not in the spirit of the competition as it is clearly not intended for players to be there. Screenshots taken in such a manner would be subject to disqualification.

Make sure you read the official article if you are interested in entering the contest to ensure you understand all the rules and guidelines for entry. Keep in mind also that you must reside in an eligible country to be able to enter!

Good luck to everyone entering the contest and have fun taking those screenshots!

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