SWTOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Gearing Guide

With a new expansion coming to SWTOR comes yet another revision to gearing our characters. Gearing in Legacy of the Sith is going to be more linear than previous expansions but a little slower than 6.0. There will still be some RNG to deal with, but there are various gearing paths to suit all playstyles.

Here is my in-depth guide to how gearing works in SWTOR’s Legacy of the Sith Expansion.

LAST UPDATED: 3rd August – Gradually being updated for Game Update 7.1

  • Added Item Modifications Section (needs tweaking)
  • To do:
    • Add upgrade costs for everything (except PvP, that’s done)
    • Add R-4 Anomaly Gearing Section

– Currency renames.
– Increased Tech Fragments from some sources including Operation Bosses, Unranked PvP & Heroics/Dailies.
– Changed Unranked Daily and Weekly requirements and increased WZ-1 Accelerants.

– All Heroic and Daily Weeklies are now available again as Game Update 7.0.1. However, they can only be completed twice per week.
– All Flashpoints can now be queued for via Groupfinder.
– Operation Weeklies can now be shared with group members.

Note: PvP and PvE Gear Stat Distribution is identical (yes there’s Accuracy on PvP gear).

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6.0 vs. 7.0

What are the key differences between 6.0 and 7.0 gearing? Here’s a quick overview.

Feature Status Notes
Amplifiers Removed in 7.0
Augments Same Augment Tiers as 6.0
Bind on Legacy Gear All gear is still BoL in 7.0
Crafting No new crafting tiers
Daily/Weekly Reset Timers Weeklies & Dailies now get removed if not completed before reset time
Deconstructing Gear Staying & will give you currency depending on content gear came from
Item Rating Still used in 7.0
Moddable Gear/ Modifications* Coming with the release with R-4 Operation (7.1)
Renown Removed in 7.0
RNG Requisition Cache Boxes obtained from Weekly Missions & Boss Loot Drops
Set Bonuses Moved to Implants
Tacticals Staying but no new ones
Tech Fragments Staying but only used to purchase 7.0 Set Bonuses, 6.0 Tacticals and Augment Mats

*While there are no modification slots in weapons, you can still (and definitely should) put colour crystals in your main hands and offhands!

Quick Tips

  • Pick up the Legendary Set Bonus Implant Mission from Lonndar Eadwinn as soon as you hit Level 80. You will find them in the Supplies section of your Factions Fleet.
  • If you have not already completed Conquest, do so, then go to the Supplies section of your factions fleet and buy a full set of 320 gear from the Conquest Gear Vendor.
  • Focus on getting all your gear pieces to Item Rating 326+ first, then worry about stat optimisation.
  • Don’t worry about where the gear comes from, what it’s called or what stats it has on it, it’s all bind on legacy anyway. Make sure you equip any gear upgrades to help you get to 326 faster!
  • Be mindful that there are Item Rating caps on gear for different types of content. For example, PvP is capped at 328 Item Rating. All other content goes up to 330 Item Rating (exception R-4 Anomaly HM).
  • TIP: To get a specific gear piece upgrade from a operation boss, put a 306 Item Rating Piece in the gear slot you want an upgrade for.

Read on for more detailed explanations about everything mentioned here. For more gearing tips, check out the Gearing Tips and Tricks section at the end of the guide!

The Basics

Gearing in 7.0 is going to be more linear than what we experienced with 6.0. RNG is still a thing but largely exists in PvE content. This in turn means sidegrades will still be a thing. Item Rating is also a factor. Gear will be obtained through a combination of currency and drops from content.

Gearing Pathways

There are four different pathways for all types of players. You can go down one path of gearing or you can mix and match different styles of gameplay (recommended).

Conquest Flashpoints Operations PvP + GSF
Noble Decurion Elite Decurion Tionese Thyrsian
Supreme Decurion Columi

This table is better viewed on Desktop.

The gearing paths do vary a bit in terms of how you get gear. Conquest and PvP (+ GSF) are both mostly linear (as in you buy your gear and upgrades from a vendor) with minimal RNG only coming from Weekly Requisition Caches. Operations and Flashpoints, on the other hand, have more RNG with Vendors used to upgrade the gear you get from those modes.

Linear RNG + Linear
Conquest Flashpoints
PvP + GSF Operations

Item Rating

The key to upgrading your gear, as it was in 6.0, is still your Item Rating. Your Item Rating will determine the gear that drops from Bosses, Caches and Requisition Caches. You can see your overall Item Rating by going to your Character Sheet -> Gear Tab.

Where Item Rating differs, however, in 7.0 from 6.0 is that your overall Item Rating is less important. What is more important is the Item Rating on individual gear pieces. Item Rating on individual pieces will determine the drops that you get from caches and content. You will never get a drop from a boss or a cache that is below the item rating of the gear slot it is for. You can, however, get sidegrades from boss drops as well as from caches from Daily and Heroic Weeklies. Requisition Caches from select weeklies, however, will always drop an upgrade for the piece with the lowest Item Rating.

The following table demonstrates the item levels you can get from various content (click on it to enlarge). Where the colour ends for each content type (row) is the max item Level you can get from that content. For example, if you were to do the SM R-4 Operation and you’re full 334 Item Rating, you would still only get drops that are 330.

Gearing Based on Role, Not Class – Gear Naming and Locking

All gear is given a name based on the class you obtained the item on. The class named gear can be mixed and matched on a character. So in other words, it is not locked to a specific class. For example, you can wear a Pummeler Item (Warrior/Knight DPS) on an Agent class.

This means that you can gear based on the roles you play rather than getting gear for each class you play. The only difference between each class is going to be the Set Bonus Implants.

Set Bonus Implants are locked to Base Class. Eg. a Mercenary can purchase and even wear an Implant Set Bonus for a Vanguard since they are both the same base class.

Gear Name Empire Republic Class Role
Pummeler Warrior Knight DPS
Force Lord Inquisitor Consular DPS
Targeter Agent Smuggler DPS
Boltblaster Hunter Trooper DPS
Mender Agent Smuggler Heals
Force Healer Inquisitor Consular Heals
Med Tech Hunter Trooper Heals
Bulwark Warrior Knight Tank
Duelist Inquisitor Consular Tank
Demolisher Hunter Trooper Tank

This table is better viewed on Desktop.

Daily and Weekly Mission Changes

Repeatable Weeklies

Most Weeklies can now be repeated up to three times on a single character. The UI should tell you if a Weekly is repeatable. Here is a list of all the repeatable weeklies:

  • Flashpoint Weekly Missions
  • SM Operation Weekly Missions
  • Uprising Weekly Missions
  • Searching for Allies Weekly
  • Heroic Weekly Missions (2 times)
  • Daily Area Weekly Missions (2 times)
  • PvP & GSF Weekly Missions

As soon as you complete a Weekly once, you can pick it up again immediately. You don’t have to wait for the daily reset. When you pick up the mission again, it will also tell you how many more times you can repeat it.

Reset Timers and Mission Removal

Dailies and Weeklies are now removed from your Mission Log if you do not complete them before the daily or weekly reset. Dailies and Weeklies that you have in your Mission Tracker will have an hourglass symbol next to them before you start them. You can hover over the symbol to see how much time you have left to complete a daily or weekly. When you’re at a Mission Terminal, it will also tell you how long it is until the Daily and Weekly reset.

Auto-completing Dailies

All dailies that previously required you to turn in at a dropbox will now auto-complete when you finish them. This means you’ll no longer have to go back to the dropbox to hand them in on planets like CZ-198 and Black Hole. However, keep in mind that if you have not finished a Bonus Mission associated with a Daily, you will have to complete it first before completing the Daily otherwise the Bonus will disappear and you won’t be able to do it.

How to Obtain Gear


Basically, you get gear via three means. From doing content, completing weeklies and purchasing it from vendors. You can do this by following just one gearing path or a mix of the gearing paths. As a reminder, these are the different gearing pathways.

Conquest Flashpoints Operations PvP + GSF
Noble Decurion Elite Decurion Tionese Thyrsian
Supreme Decurion Columi

This table is better viewed on Desktop (PvP column missing on mobile).

Just from playing the game, you will be able to earn gear and currency to purchase gear. You can earn currency from completing content eg. a Warzone or Flashpoint and by killing bosses in Flashpoints and Operations. You can also earn gear drops from bosses in Flashpoints and Operations.


Weeklies reward currency to purchase gear and/or Requisition Caches that contain one piece of gear. Weeklies are going to be a key source of gear upgrades.

The PvP, Flashpoint, Uprising and Story Mode Operation Weeklies can now be completed up to 3 times per week per character. Daily and Heroic Weeklies can be completed twice per week.

Weeklies can be sourced from the following locations.

Source Location Content
PvP Terminal Combat Training Section Fleet PvP & GSF
Operations Terminal Supplies Section Fleet Operations
Priority Mission Terminal Supplies Section Fleet Flashpoints
Heroic Missions Terminal Combat Training Section Fleet Heroics
Activities Window Menu Bar -> Content -> Activities Heroics

Priority Weeklies (Operations)

You will notice that only select weeklies are available for Operations. This is intentional. However, the one boss instance Weeklies (eg. Toborro’s Courtyard) are always available (since they are no longer in group finder).

This system is referred to as Priority Weeklies.

Operations Terminal

Group Finder Changes

You can now only queue for Story Operations that have priority Weeklies via Group Finder. Single Operation Bosses (eg. Toborro’s Courtyard) are no longer in Group Finder.

All Flashpoints can now be queued via group finder and count towards the weekly.

Story Mode Operations Group Finder

Flashpoint Weeklies

YOU MUST QUEUE VIA GROUP FINDER AND COMPLETE A FLASHPOINT THROUGH GROUP FINDER FOR IT TO COUNT TOWARDS THE WEEKLY. You can not enter a Flashpoint manually and have it count for the Weekly. You have to queue via Group Finder only.

Operation Weeklies

There is one important thing to note about Operation Weeklies. You must kill each and every boss in the Operation to complete the weekly. This means no swapping characters as you progress through the Operation.

Operation Weekly Mission

Requisition Caches [Flashpoints, Operations & Unranked PvP & GSF]

Requisition Caches will look at the lowest equipped item and reward you with a guaranteed upgrade of that slot. Requisition Caches come from Flashpoints Weeklies, Unranked PvP Weekly, GSF Weekly and SM Operation Weeklies. All are repeatable up to three times on one character. Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode Operation Weeklies are not repeatable as each character has a weekly lockout when you kill a boss.

SM Operation Weekly Cache
Unranked PvP Weekly Cache
MM Flashpoint Weekly Cache

Noble Decurion Distribution Crates [Heroic & Daily Weeklies]

Noble Decurion Distribution Crates will reward the player with 1 piece of Noble Decurion gear (Conquest Path), at an item rating equal to a randomly chosen piece of equipped gear (in other words, a side grade). This crate comes from Heroic and Daily Area Weeklies. These sidegrades you get from the crates will then be able to be upgraded at the Conquest Gear Vendor on Fleet or deconstructed for Medal of Commendations.

These crates do not pick the piece with the lowest Item Rating to upgrade (unlike Requisition Caches). It will pick a piece of gear randomly to give you. This means you can get sidegrades for gear pieces that no longer need upgrading (eg. a 326 Implant).

PvE Boss Gear Loot (except R4 Anomaly)

Killing a boss in Flashpoints and Operations will drop a gear piece and has a chance to drop currency that is equal to the amount that is given if you deconstructed the gear item. If you are equal to the max item rating of the content or over-geared doing content that drops loot lower than your item rating, the gear will drop the same or max item rating for that content.

For example, if you are full 326 Item rating and do a story mode Operation and have gear drop, it will drop 322 item rating. Another example is if your full 326 of any combination of 326 rating gear and have gear drop in master mode flashpoint you’ll get 326 item drops.

Bosses also now drop Tech Fragments. Each boss will drop a varying amount of Tech Fragments depending on the difficulty of the encounter. For Operations where there aren’t 5 bosses, Tech Fragments are adjusted slightly but the total earned from killing all bosses in an Operation is still the same as a 5 boss Operation.

Story Mode Hard Mode (Veteran) Nightmare Mode (Master)
Boss 1 150 200 225
Boss 2 300 450 450
Boss 3 500 600 750
Boss 4 500 600 750
Boss 5 550 650 825
Total 2000 2500 3000

Deconstructing Gear

You can deconstruct any gear piece you earn as drops from all content. When you deconstruct a gear piece, you will get the currency from the content/pathway you got the piece from. Keep in mind that you should only deconstruct a piece of gear if you cannot use it or upgrade it eg. duplicates/sidegrades.


You can use the currency you earn from all the various content you do to purchase gear from vendors on your factions Fleet. Please note when attempting to buy gear upgrades, the vendor will only show gear items you can upgrade.

You can find the vendors in the Supplies and Combat Sections of your factions Fleet. Here are the maps of the vendor locations.

SWTOR 7.0 Gear Vendor Locations Imperial Fleet
Imperial Fleet
SWTOR 7.0 Gear Vendor Locations Republic Fleet
Republic Fleet


Pictured below are all the currencies you will earn to buy gear from all content in 7.0. All of the various gear currencies are Bind on Legacy and can be found in the Currency Tab of your Inventory.

SWTOR Gearing Currencies 7.0.2

How to Exchange Conquest Commendations for Tech Fragments

You can also exchange Conquest Commendations for Tech Fragments at the Spoils of War Vendor on your factions fleet. All you have to do is purchase the “Bag of 50 tech Fragments” from the vendor for 50 Conquest Commendations. Then open the bag in your inventory and the Tech Fragments will be added to your Currency Tab.

SWTOR Bag of 50 Tech Fragments
Bag of 50 Tech Fragments
Purchase Dialogue
Tech Fragments come out of Bag

Currency Caps

The following table shows the currency caps and the content where you earn that currency.

Currency Location Weekly Cap Max Cap
Conquest Commendations Personal Conquest Reward 1,500 2,500
Daily Resource Matrix Heroics and Daily Area 999 999
WZ-1 Accelerant PvP and GSF 999 999
FP-1 Stabilizer Flashpoints 999 2,500
OP-1 Catalyst Operations 999 999
Tech Fragments 11,000

This table is better viewed on Desktop.

Any currency that is gained over the weekly cap is gained at a value of 0 and will not be added to your currency tab.

Any of the new Currencies can also drop from random mobs you kill doing any content.

Note: all 7.0 gear will require Medal of Commendation and Aquatic Resource Matrix plus the currency from the given content you run to upgrade. Both of these currencies are used to upgrade existing gear from the gear path you are doing whether it is dropped from content, caches or bought directly from a vendor.

Conquest Commendation (Conquest, All Content)

The primary source of this currency comes from completing your Personal Conquest. This currency is also rewarded in small amounts from completing various Dailies as well as Group Finder Rewards. It is also an optional reward for completing a Story Mode Flashpoint.

  • Personal Conquest Reward: 200
Personal Conquest Rewards
Daily Resource Matrix (Heroics and Dailies, All Content)

The primary source of this currency is completing Heroics and Dailies as well as their associated Weeklies.

Daily Area and Heroic Missions give 3 Daily Resource Matrix per Mission.

Heroic Weekly Mission gives 20 Daily Resource Matrix per weekly. Each Priority Heroic Weekly can be done up to two times per character per week. Note that daily lockouts still apply (since Heroics have a daily reset) so you will have to wait until daily reset to do a Heroic Mission again.

Daily Area Weekly Mission gives 25 Daily Resource Matrix per weekly. A Priority Daily Area Weekly Mission can be done up to two times per character per week.

Heroic Weekly Rewards
Daily Hub Weekly Rewards

Note the other Daily and Heroic Weekly Rewards including credits, reputation tokens and other currencies will vary based on location.

Here are some other sources for Daily Resource Matrix.

  • Story Uprisings Weekly: 5 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Veteran Uprisings Weekly: 10 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Master Uprisings Weekly: 15 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Unranked PvP Weekly: 20 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Solo Ranked PvP Weekly: 10 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Group Ranked PvP Weekly: 12 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Galactic Starfighter Weekly: 10 Daily Resource Matrix
  • World Boss: 4 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Priority World Boss Weekly: 20 Daily Resource Matrix
  • Searching for Allies Weekly: 5 Daily Resource Matrix
FP-1 Stabilizers (Flashpoints)

FP-1 Stabilizers are used to upgrade Flashpoint gear. FP-1 Stabilizers drop from killing bosses in Story, Veteran and Master Flashpoints, completing Flashpoint Weeklies and deconstructing Flashpoint gear. Flashpoint bosses usually drop anywhere from 2-15 FP-1 Stabilizers per boss. The amount varies depending on the mode.

  • [Weekly] Veteran Flashpoints: 30 FP-1 Stabilizers
  • [Weekly] Galactic Conflicts: 50 FP-1 Stabilizers

Veteran Flashpoint Weekly requires you to do 3 Veteran Flashpoints via Random Queue Groupfinder to complete. The Veteran Flashpoint Weekly can be completed up to 3 times per week on a single character.

Master Flashpoint Weekly requires you to do 2 Master Flashpoints via Random Queue Groupfinder to complete. The Master Flashpoint Weekly can be completed up to 3 times per week on a single character.

Veteran Flashpoint Weekly Rewards
Master Flashpoint Weekly Rewards
OP-1 Catalyst (Operations)

OP-1 Catalyst is used to upgrade Operation gear. It drops from killing bosses and from completing Priority Operation Weeklies. SM Operation Weeklies can be completed up to three times per character.

Each week, however, only select Operation Weeklies will be available each week Operation has a weekly for each mode. However, all Operations are on a weekly rotation referred to as Priority Weeklies. One week you can do TFB SM/HM/NiM for the weekly and next week TFB might not be on the mission board.

All Raid Weeklies are no longer sharable. You must pick up the raid weekly yourself. Each Weekly requires you to kill each boss in the raid for it to count for the weekly.

Instanced One Boss Weeklies (eg. Toborro’s Courtyard) do not give any OP-1 Catalyst or Requisition Caches. The boss itself still will drop a gear piece and maybe an OP-1 Catalyst.

Here’s how much OP-1 Matter Catalyst you get from completing the Priority Operation Weeklies.

  • Story Mode Operation Weekly: 20 OP-1 Catalyst
  • Hard Mode Operation Weekly: 65 OP-1 Catalyst
  • Nightmare Mode Operation Weekly: 175 OP-1 Catalyst
SM Operation Weekly Rewards
HM/VM Operation Weekly Rewards
NM/MM Operation Weekly Rewards
WZ-1 Accelerant (PvP & GSF)

WZ-1 Accelerant is used to purchase and upgrade PvP gear earned from Caches or bought from the PvP vendor in the Combat Section on Republic and Imperial Fleet. The Unranked PvP Weekly can be completed up to three times per character.

The Win requirement has been removed from Unranked PvP Missions. Here are the new requirements

  • Unranked PvP Completion Requirement: 1 win, 3 losses
  • Unranked PvP Completion Requirement: 4 wins, 12 losses
  • Solo Ranked PvP Daily Win Requirement: 1
  • Solo Ranked PvP Weekly Win Requirement: 3
  • Group Ranked PvP Daily Win Requirement: 1
  • Group Ranked PvP Weekly Win Requirement: 2
  • GSF Daily Completion Requirement: 2 losses, 1 win
  • GSF Weekly Completion Requirement: 4 losses, 2 wins

Each completed Match rewards you with WZ-1 Accelerant.

  • Unranked Match Win: 3 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Unranked Match Loss: 1 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Solo Ranked Match Win: 3 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Solo Ranked Match Loss: 2 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Group Ranked Match Win: 4 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Group Ranked Match Loss: 3 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • GSF Win: 3 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • GSF Loss: 1 WZ-1 Accelerant

Here’s how many WZ-1 Accelerants you can get from completing the weeklies.

  • Unranked PvP Weekly: 110 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Solo Ranked PvP Weekly: 60 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Group Ranked PvP Weekly: 65 WZ-1 Accelerant
  • Galactic Starfighter Weekly: 60 WZ-1 Accelerant
GSF Daily Rewards
Unranked Weekly Rewards
Group Ranked Daily Rewards
GSF Weekly Rewards
Solo Ranked Daily Rewards
Group Ranked Weekly Rewards
Unranked Daily Rewards
Solo Ranked Weekly Rewards
Tech Fragments (All Content)

Tech Fragments are still going to be used in 7.0. They are used to buy Set Bonus Implants, 6.0 Tacticals (you may not have) and Augment Mats.

  • Set Bonus Implants – 6,500 (+ other currencies)
  • Augment Mats (OEM-37 & RPM-13) – 4,000 (From Takanna Spoils of War Vendor.)
  • 6.0 Tacticals – 3,000

Here are all the main sources for Tech Fragments. They still drop from the same content they do in 6.0 but the amounts have been increased.

  • All PvP & GSF Dailies and Weeklies
    • Unranked Daily – 150
    • Unranked Weekly – 1500
    • Solo Ranked Daily – 150
    • Solo Ranked Weekly – 1000
    • Group Ranked Daily – 300
    • Group Ranked Weekly – 1750
    • GSF Daily – 150
    • GSF Weekly – 850
  • Flashpoint Weeklies
    • Galactic Conflicts (Master) – 200
    • Searching for Allies – 300
    • Veteran Flashpoints – 100
  • All Group Finder Rewards
  • Heroic and Daily Missions – 30 per Mission
  • Operation Bosses
  • Personal and Guild Conquest Rewards
    • Personal Conquest – 500
    • Guild Conquest –
      • 300 Small Yield
      • 400 Medium Yield
      • 500 Large Yield
  • Chapters

Tech Fragments per Boss

Note: For Operations where there aren’t 5 bosses, Tech Fragments are adjusted slightly but the total earned from killing all bosses is still the same as a 5 boss operation.

Story Mode Hard Mode (Veteran) Nightmare Mode (Master)
Boss 1 150 200 225
Boss 2 300 450 450
Boss 3 500 600 750
Boss 4 500 600 750
Boss 5 550 650 825
Total 2000 2500 3000

Gear Costs

Here are tables of all the gear and gear upgrade costs. But first, there are a couple of things to note.

When upgrading your gear, it will cost in the current gear piece you have plus the currency upgrade cost. You will then receive the upgraded gear piece. For example, if you have a 320 Noble Decurion piece, you can upgrade to a 322 Noble Decurion piece but it will cost you the 320 piece plus the currency upgrade costs.

It’s also worth noting that, you can only upgrade a gear piece from the same pathway the piece is from, you can not use the item to purchase another item of the same rating. For example, you can purchase an upgrade for a Noble Decurion Item from 322 to 324 but you can not use the 322 Noble Decurion piece to purchase a 322 Rakata Item. You can use the 322 Noble Decurion Item in NiM raids and have the NiM Boss drop a 322 Rakata Item that you can then use to purchase a 324 version of the Rakata Item.

Noble Decurion [Conquest]

  • Noble Decurion base starts at rating 320 and goes up to 326.
  • All versions of Noble Decurion gear come in Green Premium gear quality.
  • Currency used to upgrade gear comes from personal conquest rewards along with the currency that drops from heroic and daily areas.

Elite Decurion [Flashpoints]

  • Elite Decurion goes up to 324.
  • All versions of Elite Decurion gear come in Green Premium gear quality.
  • Elite Decurion comes from Veteran Flashpoints and Elite Requisition Cache boxes from Veteran Flashpoint weekly.

Supreme Decurion [Flashpoints]

  • Supreme Decurion goes up to 326.
  • All versions of Supreme Decurion gear come in Blue Prototype gear quality.
  • Supreme Decurion comes from Master Mode Flashpoints and Supreme Requisition Cache boxes from Master Mode Flashpoint weekly.
  • Supreme Decurion Ear, Implants, and Relics can drop in Veteran Flashpoints.

Tionese Gear [Story Mode Operations]

  • Tionese goes up to 330.
  • All versions of Tionese gear comes in Green Premium gear quality.
  • Tionese comes from Story Mode Operations and Tionese Requisition Cache boxes from Story Mode Operation Weeklies.

Columi Gear [Hard Mode Operations]

  • Columi goes up to 330.
  • All versions of Columi gear comes in Blue Prototype gear quality.
  • Columi comes from Hard Mode Operations and Columi Requisition Cache boxes from Hard Mode Operation Weeklies.

Rakata Gear [Nightmare Operations]

  • Rakata goes up to 330.
  • All versions of Rakata gear come in Purple Artifact gear quality.
  • Rakata comes from Nightmare Mode Operations and Rakata Requisition Cache boxes from Nightmare Mode Operation Weeklies.
  • Rakata Ear, Implants, and Relics can drop in Hard Mode Operations.

Thyrsian Gear [PvP & GSF]

  • Thyrsian base gear starts at 316 and goes up to 328.
  • Thyrsian gear starts at Green Premium gear quality and ends in Purple Artifact gear quality.
  • Thyrsian gear comes from Thyrsian Requisition Cache boxes from Unranked PvP Weekly and can be purchased from the PvP vendor.

How to Obtain Legendary Implants AKA Set Bonuses

Set Bonuses are now on Implants and are referred to as Legendary Implants. Obtaining them is fairly straightforward. Legendary Implants and their upgrades are purchasable from a vendor. But first, you need to complete a Mission to gain access to this vendor.

Speak to Lonndar Eadwinn on your Factions Fleet to get started. They can be found in the Supplies Section of your Factions Fleet near the other 7.0 Gear Vendors.

You will then have to complete the following mission "Technological Advancements".

Basically, you have to complete any of the various activities listed to charge a Neuro-Key. You can do any combination of the following activities:

Activity Charge
Personal Conquest 34
Flashpoints or Operations via Groupfinder 2
Story Flashpoints 2
Veteran Flashpoints 6
Master Flashpoints 10
Story Mode Operation Boss 4 charge per boss
Hard Mode Operation Boss 7 charge per boss
Nightmare Operation Boss 8 charge per boss
Unranked PvP Match 10
Solo Ranked PvP Match 10
Group PvP Ranked Match 10
Daily Area Weekly Mission 10
Heroic Weekly Mission 10

Once you earn 100 points, return to Lonndar Eadwinn and you will then gain access to the Implant Vendor <SN-4RK>. Each Implant and subsequent upgrade costs:

  • 100 Conquest Commendation
  • 20 Daily Resource Matrix
  • 6,500 Tech Fragments
  • 25,000 Credits

Here are tables of all the various Set Bonuses. Click on any Base Class below to see all the available Set Bonuses and their primary tertiary stat.

Note you can not stack Legendary Implants. This means you can not wear two of the same Implant.

Upgrading Legendary Implants

Legendary Implants start at Item Rating 326. You can upgrade Legendary Implants up to 334. It's best not to worry too much about upgrading your Implants until the rest of your gear is item rating 330 (328 PvP).

To upgrade Legendary Implants, all you have to do is go to the Implant Vendor droid. Once you've bought a 326 Implant, you unlock the ability to purchase the 328 version from the vendor.

Note you do have to turn in the previous implant to get the next tier. So make sure you remove your augments first.

SWTOR Set Bonus Implant Upgrading

Stat Allocation and Distribution

Stat allocation in 7.0 will not be as customisable as it was in 6.0. All gear, at launch, will be Non-Moddable. The stat distribution is identical regardless of where the gear is sourced. However, what differs is the stat amounts. For example, Noble Decurion (Conquest) gear gives higher Endurance while Supreme Decurion (Flashpoints) gear has lower Endurance but higher Mastery and Power.

Reminder - Bracers and Belts do not have any Tertiary Stats.

PvE and PvP Gear Stat Distribution

The following tables show the tertiary stat distribution for PvE and PvP gear (both are now identical in terms of stat distribution*). It remains identical regardless of the gear source. However, the values increase the higher tier the gear is.

*Note: The PvP Vendors still sell a separate Accuracy Offhand.

Second note: Offhand tertiary stat is not always consistent as you are upgrading your gear. Eg. 322 offhand may not have the same tertiary stats as a 324 offhand of the same gear name.

7.0 Stat Thresholds and BiSing

Players will have to mix and match differently named gear and heavily rely on Earpiece, Implants and Augments to hit their targeted stat breakpoints of any given stat. Our stat budgets are smaller now than they were in 6.0.

Preliminary stat thresholds and gear BiSing tables can be found on the SWTOR Theorycrafters Discord.

Useful resources can be found in the following channels:

  • #stat-formulas - has all the current stat thresholds (subject to change)
  • #bis-gearing - link to BiS Gear Tables (for PvE)

Item Modifications (328 & 330)

Item Modifications are now available at Item Rating 328 and 330. To gain access to the Vendor, you have to complete four Missions. Speak to Hyde on your factions Fleet to get started.

When you speak to them, you will eventually get to choose from four options.

  • 328 Prototype Modifications
  • 328 Artifact Modifications
  • 330 Prototype Modifications
  • 330 Artifact Modifications
SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Item Modification Missions

You need to pick a mission that matches the gear you have ready to deconstruct. For example, if you have a 328 Thyrsian PvP Gear piece, you can pick the 328 Prototype or 328 Artifact Mission.

Once you pick your mission, deconstruct any piece of gear that matches or is higher than the required item quality and item rating.

SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Prototype 328 Item Modification Mission
SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Artifact 328 Item Modification Mission

Once you deconstruct the piece of gear that meets the requirements, return to Hyde and talk to him. Once you finish the conversation you will have access to the Item Modification Vendor, Zeek.

You will need to complete both missions at each Item Rating to get full access to the Modifications at that tier.

  • Prototype Mission: gives you access to prototype item quality Mods, Armourings, Enhancements Barrells and Hilts
  • Artifact Mission: gives you access to artifact item quality enhancements (only - this is likely intentional).

Modifications cost Credits. You may need to select all using the dropdown menu to see all the item modifications. The costs are as follows.

  • Prototype - 100,000 Credits each
  • Artifact Enhancements - 200,000 Credits each

Here is the full inventory of modifications available at 328 and 330.

SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Vendor Items
SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Vendor Items
SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Vendor Items
SWTOR Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Vendor Items

Gearing Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and strategies to give you a head start with gearing!

7.0 Launch

At launch, these are the steps you want to follow (with some tips/pointers) you want to follow to start gearing up quickly. These guidelines are specifically for those who want to optimise the gearing process and get gear as quickly as possible. Your goal should be to get to 326 Item Rating first then worry about optimisation.

  1. Do the new Legacy of the Sith story to get the base gear (similar to how Onslaught worked) and level to 80.
    • Avoid doing other content (Dailies/Heroics, Flashpoints etc.) to level to 80 as you'll get too many Conquest Points (Implant Mission) and you will miss out on gaining the new currencies (as they only drop when you're level 80).
  2. Once you're Level 80, go straight to the Set Bonus Vendor and pick up the mission so you can access the Implant Set Bonus Vendor ASAP (see the 'How to Obtain Set Bonuses' Section above for more details).
  3. Now that your Level 80, hit 100k Conquest to get your 200 Medal of Commendation and purchase a full set of 320 gear AND get a nice chunk of points towards getting access to the Implant Vendor.
    • If you do end up completing Conquest before you're Level 80, you'll still get your 200 Medal of Commendation (as long as you're Level 76+). You'll just miss out on a nice chunk of points towards the Implant.
  4. Get a couple more characters to Level 80 making sure they don't hit 100k Conquest until after they get to Level 80 (for the Implant Mission). This is so you can get more Medals of Commendation for Implants and Gear Upgrades.
    • Reminder - gear is Bind on Legacy so move the gear around as you switch alts.
  5. Do Heroics and Daily Hubs on a couple of your Level 80's so you can stock up on Aquatic Resource Matrix to upgrade your gear.
  6. Buy your Set Bonus Implants as soon as you have enough currency (for your main character).
  7. Then you can follow one or all the gearing paths until you are 326.
    • It is not recommended that you follow the Conquest Path unless you are a solo player. It is better to save Medal of Commendations for Gear Upgrades for other Gearing Paths.
    • It is best to mix in PvP, Flashpoint and Operations to maximise the number of weeklies you're completing.
  8. Weeklies are the key to getting gear upgrades quickly!
    • Requisition Caches from select Weeklies will always give you a gear upgrade!
    • Remember you can repeat almost all Weeklies up to 3 times per week.
      • But also remember that PvE Weeklies (Flashpoint Weeklies in particular) have restrictions on them.
  9. Don't worry about stats and gear until all your gear pieces are Item Rating 330.
  10. Don't forget to put Colour Crystals in your Main hand and Offhand!
  11. I'd also recommend that once you're full 330, ensure all your gear pieces are from one source to make getting upgrades easier in the future.
  12. Upgrade Set Bonus Implants.

The key takeaway from this process is that it will be far more beneficial for you to do a variety of content to gear up quickly than to focus on one content type. Those with lots of alts will benefit the most. Your goal with levelling is not so much to level quickly as it is to level optimally to maximise your currency earning potential and gearing advancement opportunities.

Waiting Until Level 80 to Complete Conquest

It is beneficial for you to not complete Conquest until you are Level 80. If you get your 100k Conquest Points before Level 80, you will still get Medals of Commendation (from Level 76 onwards). However, you will miss out on getting a large chunk of points towards Set Bonus Implant Mission. Doing this mission is the only way to access the Implant Vendor (see the Set Bonus section above for more details). You cannot do the Set Bonus Implant Mission until you are level 80.

If you want to wait until 80 to complete Conquest, you should avoid all activities that reward large amounts of Conquest Points. The best method to level to 80 (as mentioned above) is going to be doing the new storyline. To make the levelling journey through the story go faster and to reduce your chances of maxing out Conquest, here are some things you can do.

  • Use XP Boosts!
  • Max out the Class Mission and Exploration XP boosts (Legacy -> Character Perks -> Advancement).
  • Use DvL XP Armour (if you have it, YES it still works)!
  • Join a Guild that has a max XP boost (+ has an increase XP Perk running!)
  • Consider deactivating some or all of your Strongholds to reduce your Stronghold Conquest Point Bonus.

You are also better off holding off doing other activities such as Heroics/Dailies, PvP and Flashpoints until you are Level 80. You will not earn the new currencies or get new gear drops from any of the content mentioned above until you are Level 80. Once you're Level 80, you'll want to be doing Heroic and Daily Area Weeklies, along with your preferred content, to stay stocked up on Aquatic Resource Matrix.

Why the emphasis on Conquest?

Conquest is a fast way, initially, to get gear and increase your Item Rating compared to other pathways. Completing Conquest on one character will reward you with enough Medal of Commendation (200) to buy a full set of 320 gear. This will mean in turn that when you are doing your preferred content, you will be able to skip a couple of Item Rating Level levels (will vary depending on the content, see Item Rating Tables). You'll want to do Conquest on five characters to max out your Medal of Commendations each week.

Other Notes

Set Bonus Implants

Once you've got a full set of 320 Conquest Gear, it is important to work towards getting your Set Bonus Implants as quickly as possible. It will slightly narrow down the gear (type) drops you will get from Requisition Caches as you progress to 330 Item Rating. Don't worry about upgrading your Set Bonuses until the rest of your gear is 326.

Personal Conquest Requisitions

If you have saved up some Personal Conquest Requisitions, it is best to use them on Level 80 Characters to ensure you can get a head start on the Set Bonus Implant Mission on your alts. Therefore you are better off waiting until a week after launch to use them to save yourself some time. In the first week of launch, you will likely be levelling multiple characters to 80 and earning most of your Conquest points along the way.


The reason you want to save your Augments, Augment Kits and Mats is that there is no new crafting tier and you will not be able to BIS your gear straight away. Therefore depending on the content you are doing, you will probably want to use Augments to get to the right stats eg. 110% Accuracy for DPS. This will obviously vary depending on your content focus and will be noticeable in some content more than others.


Many thanks to my Patrons who make guides like these possible! Thank you so much to Andynul who helped with the HTML coding and did most of the PTS testing for this guide.

I also want to thank Lordoftransform, Scoot, and Scribbles for making Andynul's flashpoint grind on the PTS less painful. I want to give a shout-out to Cola (twitch.tv/colaswtor) from <Farming Components> and his team for testing raids and providing a source for raid currencies. And also, thank you to Prum for helping me fill in some of the missing PvP info after launch.

And finally, many thanks to all the players who took the time to test all the various changes on the PTS, run content and get gear.

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