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Items being Removed from SWTOR when Game Update 7.0 Launches

The Star Wars The Old Republic developers have published a list of Tacticals and other items being removed from SWTOR when 7.0 launches. This list also includes all Renown related items. The reason for the removal of these items is to clean up items related to soon to be redundant systems including Renown, Social Points, and 6.0 gearing.

Update (11/02): the developers gave the following reasons for the removal of some items.

Tacticals listed are being removed because their effects moved into Class Ability Packages, are not working as intended, or encouraged negative gameplay such as Go to Sleep and Fanged God Form respectively. Because Class Abilities will be receiving the effects of the Tacticals being removed, new Tacticals will not be added.

Crystal of Nightmare Fury is being removed because players have the ability to become stronger in 7.0 more than they have been able to in previous updates.

The Spoils of War achievements requiring Tacticals that will be removed have been adjusted to no longer require said Tacticals.

The schematics that would be needed to craft Tacticals will not be able to be purchased from Kai Zykken.

All of the items listed in this article will be converted into credits upon the player logging in after 7.0 maintenance.

Game Update 7.0 Legacy of the Sith launches on Tuesday 15th February 2022. The update features a continuation of the story across two new planets, a new endgame gearing system, major class changes and overhauls of various features.

For some tips and advice on what to do before 7.0 launches, read my How to Prepare for Game Update 7.0 Guide.

REMINDER: The entire Renown system is being removed in Game Update 7.0! This means you should open all of your Renown Crates and get the achievements before 7.0 launches.


Here is a list of all the Tacticals being removed from the game and what Combat Style (Class) they belong to (hover over a tactical to see its description). All Tacticals will be converted to 100 Credits.

Tactical Combat Style
Advanced Prototype
Advanced Prototype
Madness Sorcerer
Bodyguard Mercenary
Arsenal Mercenary
Innovative Ordnance Mercenary
Carnage Marauder

Renown Items

Here is a list of all the Renown related items being removed from the game. All the items listed will be converted to 100 Credits unless otherwise noted.

  • Renown Cache
  • Chapter Renown Trophy Small/Medium/Large
  • Bonus Chapter Renown Trophy Small/Medium/Large
  • World Boss Renown Trophy Medium/Large
  • Exploration Renown Trophy
  • Flashpoint Renown Trophy Very Small/Small/Medium/Large
  • Bonus Flashpoint Renown Trophy Small/Small/Medium/Large
  • Bonus Renown Trophy
  • Badge of Renown – 5000
  • Operation Renown Trophy Small/Small/Medium/Large
  • Bonus Operation Renown Trophy Small/Small/Medium/Large
  • Uprising Renown Trophy Small/Small/Medium/Large
  • Bonus Uprising Renown Trophy Small/Small/Medium/Large


Here are all the Boosts being removed from the game. All the items listed will be converted to 100 Credits unless otherwise noted.

Items being Removed Credit Value

Other Items

Here’s a list of miscellaneous items, related to a variety of content, being removed from the game. All the items listed will be converted to 100 Credits unless otherwise noted.

Items being Removed Credit Value


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