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10-Year Anniversary,  Star Wars The Old Republic

7.0 Mercenary Bodyguard Combat Style (Class) Guide

Combat Styles is the new reworked class system introduced to Star Wars The Old Republic in Game Update 7.0. I’ve finally put together an in-depth overview and guide of my favourite Combat Styles (Class), Mercenary Bodyguard. Here is my 7.0 Mercenary Bodyguard Combat Style Guide.

My Commando Healing (Combat Medic) Combat Styles (Class) Guide can be found here.

Happy to receive feedback on this guide, especially improvements or corrections. Quality feedback will be compensated!

Guide Changelog & Updates


- I'll gradually add more PvE relevant info as I get the chance to do PvE content. PvE related feedback is very welcome!


How does one sum up the new Mercenary Bodyguard Combat Style? Meh. On the one hand, it could have been far worse. On the other hand, there are some bizarre and incredibly frustrating decisions we have to make in our new ability tree (especially PvPers).

In this guide, I discuss the differences between 6.0 vs. 7.0, do a deep dive on the new Ability Tree, talk about the new Legendary Implants (Set Bonus) options as well as Tacticals, cover Gearing and go over the Rotations and Priorities. I've also included a Build section that covers the different builds I use for those not interested in the nitty-gritty details. The guide concludes with a PvP Tips and Tricks section.

My goal with this guide is to give a foundational overview of the class and showcase the ins and out's that will be of benefit to beginners and more experienced players alike.

I've definitely written this guide with more of a PvP slant (like my previous Mercenary/Commando Healer Guides). But for the first time, I've decided to include some PvE elements too. It's definitely not my area of expertise though so take it with a grain of salt. I welcome any feedback from more experienced PvE healers!

Mercenary Bodyguard Changes (6.0 vs. 7.0)

A number of underlying changes have been made to Bodyguard Mercenary. As you will see below with the new ability tree, the level we are granted certain passives has changed and some passives have been removed completely. We are also losing some abilities or they are becoming optional in the ability tree. Here are some tables that show most of the changes.

Alternatively, you can view the tables for yourself using this link and going to the 'Changes' tab - Link

Mercenary Bodyguard Combat Style Overview


Weapons - Two Blaster Pistols

Resource - Heat

Basic Healing Description- Excellent burst capability with decent AOE healing and excellent DoT mitigation.

Base Heal - Kolto Shot

Here is what the new 7.0 Mercenary Bodyguard Combat Style UI looks like. You can see the ability tree on the right side of the UI.

Here is a detailed overview of the Mercenary Bodyguard Ability Tree (right-click and open a new tab to see it better).

Alternatively, here's a link to view the Ability Tree Table for yourself - Link

Ability Tree Breakdown

Here is an in-depth breakdown of the Ability Tree with some comparisons to 6.0 and some comments. Click on a Level to see the info!

Key Abilities

Here are lists of all the key abilities you will use and should have on your Hotbar. Also includes some optional abilities.

Legendary Implants (Set Bonuses)

Set Bonuses have been moved to Implants in 7.0 and are now called Legendary implants. You can read more about how to obtain the new Legendary Implants in my Legendary Implants Guide.

Here is a list of all the relevant Bodyguard Legendary Implants. You will be able to have two different set bonuses equipped at a time. You can not stack two identical Legendary Implants.

Name Tertiary Stat Description
Advanced Scanning Alacrity Reduces the cooldown of Healing Scan by 1.5 seconds and the cooldown of Emergency Scan by 3 seconds.
Concentrated Fire Critical Activating Supercharged Gas makes your next Rail Shot, Mag Shot, or Emergency Scan critically hit or heal.
Random Charge Alacrity Damaging an enemy or healing an ally has a 10% chance to generate a stack of Supercharged. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.

Advanced Scanning Package - in my opinion, is the best of the three Set Bonus options we have. Reducing the cooldown of Emergency Scan is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned especially with the limited mobility we have now. The Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan combo every ~16 seconds (depending on alacrity) is one of the few opportunities we now have to do significant healing on the move.

Concentrated Fire - is also a good option. Supercharge guaranteeing a crit on Emergency Scan especially paired with Advanced Scanning makes it a decent choice. How it works is as soon as you activate Supercharge Gas, you get a Concentrated Fire buff that lasts for 20 seconds. This means you have 20 seconds to use Emergency Scan to get it to crit, which is plenty of time. You are better off using it while Supercharge is active though to take advantage of the 5% heal increase from Supercharge.

Concentrated Fire

Random Charge Package - A 10% chance to build a stack of Supercharge every heal or damage ability, with a 5-second cooldown, is kinda meh. Consider how many times you could potentially build a stack in a 15-second window? Is it really worth it when you could instead reduce the cooldown of Emergency Scan ~15 seconds? Building supercharge is pretty easy as is.

Regardless of whether you PvP or PvE, you're going to want to use Concentrated Fire. As for picking your second Legendary, it really comes down to personal preference.

Upgrading your Implants for PvP

You can upgrade one Legendary Implant to 332 and the other to 330 and still have an overall Item Rating of 328 (assuming all your other pieces or modifications are 328). If you have both Implants at 332, the bolster/level sync will reduce your stats slightly.


Tacticals have not changed from 6.0. However, Rocket Fuel Vapours was removed at the start of 7.0 and then put back in the game in 7.1 but renamed to Kolto Vapours.

Here is a list of all the relevant Tacticals for Mercenary Bodyguard in 7.0. All Tacticals can be purchased from Morro the Reaper on the Supplies section of Fleet for 3,000 Tech Fragments.

Name Description
SC-4 Treatment Scanner Progressive Scan heals for an additional 5% and generates Supercharge tacks while channelled, up to 4 stacks for a completed channel.
Kolto Vapors The Kolto Pods left by Kolto Missile last a second longer and heal for an aditional 5%.
Running Rapid Restoration Healing Scan can be cast while moving and heals for an additional 15%.

SC-4 Treatment Scanner is the best choice. Being able to build 4 stacks of Supercharge every ~13 seconds (assuming the cast is not interrupted) is very useful. It is consistently useful across all content.

Kolto Vapours is a situational option. Kolto Pods lasts for 3 seconds by default which is pretty decent already considering the Kolto Missile cooldown is ~5.5 seconds. With this Tactica,l you're adding an extra second of Kolto Pods which equals one extra tick of healing. Kolto Pods ticks are around ~1600-3600 each.

Is it worth missing out on Supercharge stacks from Progressive Scan for a small extra tick of healing on Kolto Pods? It really comes down to how often you can effectively use Kolto Missile. Are four or more people constantly grouped up together in a particular encounter? To summarise, it may be situationally useful but for the majority of content, you're better off with SC-4 Treatment Scanner.

Running Rapid Restoration is completely useless. The only time you should be using Healing Scan is when it's proc'ed to instant cast by Emergency Scan. So don't even bother buying this Tactical.

Gearing and Stats (currently being updated for 7.1)

In this section of the guide, I go over bolster, gear and stats. if you are unfamiliar with how gearing works, I would encourage you to check out my Game Update 7.0 Gearing Guide and my Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Guide.

If you have only recently returned to the game, I would recommend gearing with modifications. It will be much faster.

PvP Bolster

As of Game Update 7.1, PvP bolster is now at Item Rating 328 and Augments are working! However, colour crystals still are not (shrugs).

As long as your overall Item Rating is at 328, your stats will not get reduced. This means you can have a couple of pieces that are greater than 328 Item Rating and not have your stats bolstered down. However, if your overall item Rating goes up to 329, then all your stats will get reduced by the bolster system to 328 levels. This means you miss out on bonus stats.

PvP Gear

Now you have a couple of options here. Keep using the static/unmoddable Med Tech and/or Mender's gear or use Item Modifications.

It's only really beneficial to upgrade your static gear pieces to Item Rating 328 if you saved up your Weekly Crates prior to 7.1. It's much easier to use two 328 pieces to gain access to the modifications vendor. See my Game Update 7.1 Level 80 Item Modification Guide for details on how to get access to the Item Modification Vendor on your faction's Fleet.

Static/Unmoddable Gear

Depending on the Legendary Implants you use, you may have to use one or two pieces of Mender's (Operative Healer) gear. I personally use a full set of Med-Tech (Mercenary Healer) at the moment. But I also have the full Mender's (Operative Healer) set (specifically, armour pieces) so I can swap my stats as needed.

Here is the stat distribution for Med-Tech and Mender's Gear. I'd recommend getting all the armour pieces of both of these sets.

Med-Tech Mender's
Head Alacrity Crit
Chest Alacrity Crit
Gloves Crit Alacrity
Legs Crit Alacrity
Boots Crit Alacrity

My personal recommendation would be to wear just Med-Tech pieces (two pieces of Alacrity armour and three pieces of Critical armour). This works if you use one Critical and one Alacrity Implant as I do. If you are using two Alacrity Legendary Implants, however, you will have to swap out one Critical armour piece for an Alacrity armour piece.

For non-armour pieces, you want to wear the following:

  • Thyrsian Adept Earpiece
  • Thyrsian Med-Tech's Blaster Pistol
  • Thyrsian Med-Tech's Offhand Blaster
  • Thyrsian Relic of Focused Retribution
  • Thyrsian Relic of Devastating Vengenace OR Serendipitous Assault

If you end up with any Rakata pieces, using them at 326 is perfectly fine as stats are identical to Thyrsian!


Mathematically speaking, it has been reported that there is not much difference between Devastating Vengenace and Serendipitous Assault. So whichever relic you happen to get first is perfectly fine. My personal preference, however, is Devastating Vengeance.

Item Rating

Now that the level sync/bolter is mostly fixed and augments are working all of your Gear Pieces or Item Modifications should be Item Rating 328 except for your Legendary Implants. You ideally want to upgrade one to 330 Item Rating and the other one to 332 Item Rating. This way, you get the best stat boost while staying at an overall Item Rating of 328. Level Sync/Bolster will only start affecting your stats if you go above an overall rating of 328.

PvE Gear

This excellent spreadsheet by Sevhran shows you the various ways you can get BiS for PvE using 330 Rakata Gear and Gold Augments - Link

You can still follow the spreadsheet even if you're using 326 gear and lower-tier augments. Just follow the recommended gear blueprint for the Alacrity number you choose. Then as needed, swap the Augments around to fit the Alacrity.

Remember if you're in a Guild that will maintain the Alacrity Buff, use the 'Guild Buff' Tab in the spreadsheet.

I would recommend going for a 1.3 GCD if your guild is running the perk. Then put the rest into Critical Rating.

  • Guild Perk 1.3 GCD - 3209
  • No Guild Perk 1.3 GCD - 5431

Getting to a 1.3 GCD without the Guild perk is going to sacrifice too much Critical Rating. Therefore I would go a bit above the 1.4 GCD (2054) probably somewhere around 3000-4000 Alacrity. Then put the rest into Critical Rating.


You can utilise three tiers of augments depending on your budget. If you can, at least get the Purple Level 75 Augments (that extra Power is too good to pass up). Gold Augments are extremely expensive and are not worth the effort unless you have billions of credits lying around.

Stat Thresholds

As per usual healers should aim to get their Alacrity sorted out first then chuck the rest of their stat budget into Critical Rating. Keep in mind that Guild Perk Alacrity does not apply in instanced PvP. Here are the 7.0 Alacrity thresholds thanks to Nyyah in the Theorycrafters Discord.

7.0 Alacrity Thresholds

- 1.4 GCD = 2054 (7.14%)

- 1.3 GCD = 5431 (15.38%)

Alacrity Thresholds with Guild Perk (PvE only)

- 1.4 GCD = 560

- 1.3 GCD = 3209

PvP Stats

Rishi SH wearing one Alacrity 328 Implant and one Critical 330 Implant with Versatile Stim.

For PvPers, it won't be possible to get to a 1.3 GCD (5431) with current gear levels. You need to get to 1.4 (2054) then from there, you can increase your Alacrity until you feel comfortable. For PvP, I would recommend sticking with the 1.4 GCD (4 326 pieces = ~2139*) and having everything else Critical Rating. Even with augments fixed.

As for Critical Rating, you can go up to ~4000 before diminishing returns set in but in PvP, it's better to go higher. At the moment, PvPers don't have to worry about getting that high though. This is just something to keep in mind for the future.

If you want to see what your stats are going to be like in PvP without queuing into a match, go to your (or another player's) Rishi Stronghold. Bolster applies in there the same way it does in instanced PvP.

*This number will vary slightly depending on if one of your legendary implants has Alacrity and whether it is 328 or 330 Item Rating.

Stims, Medpacs and Adrenals


In PvP, you want to be using the Versatile Stim if you are using a high Crit build.

As for Medpacs and Adrenals, you definitely want to be using the PvP ones. You get these as a drop from your match completion crates. The Medpac does not restore a fixed amount of health. Instead, it restores 35% of your maximum health. The adrenal increases your Damage Reduction by 15% for 15 seconds. So use it as another cooldown.

SWTOR Warzone Medpac
SWTOR Warzone Adrenal

Rotations, Priorities and Buffs

Here are all the various rotations and priorities and important buffs. But first let's discuss our resource, Heat.


Mercenary Healers use Heat as their resource. Using an ability costs Heat. The more abilities you use that cost Heat, the higher your Heat goes. Some abilities cost more Heat than others. Kolto Shot our base Heal does not cost any Heat and should be weaved in (used) regularly between your other Abilities that cost Heat.

Rotations and Priorities

Mercenary Healers have a loose rotation centred around the Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan combo, using Progressive Scan off cooldown and the efficient use of Supercharge.

Encounter and Match Prep

Before any match or boss encounter begins you should do the following:

  1. Build 10 Stacks of Supercharge (use Kolto Shot on yourself or a friendly player).
  2. Put Kolto Shell on everyone.


When a match or encounter starts, just use your fillers and/or do some DPS.

Minimal Damage: Kolto Shot -> Kolto Missile

As soon as you and your teammates start taking chunks of damage, pop Supercharge then use Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan -> Progressive Scan (ideally on yourself).

Burst: Supercharge -> Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan - > Progressive Scan

You can also throw in a Kolto Missile during Supercharge if your teammates are stacked up and all taking damage. While waiting for Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan to come off cooldown, use your fillers: Kolto Shot and Rapid Scan and/or drop a Kolto Missile (if your teammates are decently grouped up). Then refresh Kolto Shell on yourself, priority teammates and clumped up teammates as needed.

Fillers: Kolto Shot -> Rapid Scan - > Kolto Missile

If there is only a steady amount of damage going out on multiple players use Kolto Missile, refresh Kolto Shell then top up with Rapid Scan as needed while weaving in Kolto Shot.

PvP Downtime

When minimal damage is going out, refresh Kolto Shell and help your teammates finish off low health targets. Top up everyone's health.

PvE Downtime

When minimal damage is going out, refresh Kolto Shell on the Tanks, your co-healer and yourself then the DPS. Keep everyone topped up with Kolto Shot and Kolto Missile.

Off-DPS Priorities: Rapid Shots -> Electro Net -> Rail Shot -> Unload -> Powershot (builds 1 stack of Supercharge) Fusion Missile (low Heat only).

Key things to consider:

  • Try to use Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan off cooldown. You want to do this for a couple of reasons. To take advantage of Advanced Scanning (Legendary implant) cooldown reduction of Emergency Scan (if you're using it) and to keep Integrated Scanning up (Ability Tree Passive). Integrated Scanning lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Activating Supercharge Gas makes your Emergency Scan critically heal (if you're using Concentrated Fire Legendary implant). So you should try to use Emergency Scan AFTER activating Supercharge. The buff that this Legendary applies when you use Supercharge Gas is available to you for 20 seconds. While it is better to use Emergency Scan -> Healing Scan with Supercharge active to take advantage of the 5% healing increase, the Concentrated Fire buff lasts beyond that 6-second duration of Supercharge. In the event you muck up your rotation, you will still be able to utilise the buff just not as effectively since you are missing out on the 5% healing increase from Supercharge.
  • Watch who you target with Progressive Scan. The additional ticks of healing spread out to allies around the initial target of the heal. To use it efficiently, place it on an ally with friendlies close to them or yourself if you're next to your teammates. Alternatively, it works well as a burst heal for yourself or a tank if required. Use it off cooldown ideally towards the end of Supercharge.
  • Use Kolto Shot (1 charge) and Rapid Scan (2 charges) to build up 10 charges of Supercharge Gas then activate it. Try to use it off cooldown. You should build up 10 stacks fairly quickly and regularly by using Kolto Shot frequently as a filler. If you're using the SC-4 Treatment Scanner Tactical this will make Progressive Scan build up to 4 stacks of supercharged.
  • Rapid Scan builds up stacks of Critical Efficiency which reduces the cost of your next Healing Scan per stack (stacks up to 3 times). Having 3 stacks of Critical Efficiency will make your next Healing Scan free. Rapid Scan if you're specced into Power Barrier (Ability Tree Passive) also gives you 2% Damage Reduction per charge. You can have up to three charges (6% DR).
  • Kolto Shell can be refreshed on priority targets or stacked players as your heat management allows. Always refresh Shells on everyone during downtimes including when there aren't many enemies around or not much damage is going out.
  • Kolto Missile is not only an AoE heal but also acts as an AoE Slow reducing the movement speed of up to 8 enemies hit by 50% for 3 seconds. This is particularly useful in Huttball.
  • Weave in Kolto Shot to build up your supercharge and to help manage your heat! It is your base heal and does not cost any Heat.

The key to healing well is to be able to quickly switch targets and be able to predict who is going to take the most damage. Use your filler abilities when there isn’t much damage going out.

How to use your Defensives and Utilities

In this section, I'm going to talk about how and when you utilise each of your abilities including positioning.

  • Responsive Safeguards - use when taking a lot of incoming damage especially burst damage from multiple sources. Keep in mind that you can use it while stunned.
  • Energy Shield - use when taking a steady amount of damage. If you are specced into Trauma Regulators (Ability Tree Passive)use it when you are getting hit by a few enemies so you can build your 10 stacks up quickly. You can click off the stacks (you can see them on your buff bar) to apply the heal immediately if you're low on health.
  • Kolto Overload - use when taking a decent amount of damage. You can precast it before going into fights and it will trigger automatically once you go below 35% (or 60% if you take the Kolto Surge passive).
  • Chaff Flare - use when getting hit by a couple of enemies to absorb some damage and in more heated fights to give yourself 6 seconds of interrupt immunity. Keep in mind that players can still stun you.
  • Electro Net - ideally used on enemy team healers, enemy ball carriers in Huttball or on pesky melee DPS who won't leave you alone.
  • Jet Boost - use to give yourself or a (ranged) teammate some breathing room. If knocking melee with leaps away use your knockback near a LoS (line of sight) point so they can't leap back to you straight away to get them off your tail for a few extra seconds. For example, if you're near a pillar use the knockback while standing near the corner of it, then go around the corner to prevent melee from leaping to you.
  • Power Surge - Use to give yourself an instant cast (no channel) on Rapid Scan. Also, gives you 6 seconds of interrupt immunity. Again, players can still stun you. Note it does not work with channelled abilities (damage/heal ticks multiple times throughout cast) eg. Progressive Scan, Unload.
  • Vent Heat - use to reduce your Heat in the event you max out your Heat and really need to be able to keep healing. Also makes the next ability you use generate no Heat.


In this section, I wanted to overview some of the key buffs that you can apply to yourself and other players as this will help inform you how and when to use your healing abilities and who to use them on.

Buffs you can apply to yourself and other players

  • Progressive Scan
    • Proactive Medicine (Passive) - heals the primary target of Progressive Scan for an additional x over 9 seconds.
    • Protected - increases armour of all targets hit by Progressive Scan by 10% for 45 seconds (Proactive Medicine Passive).
  • Healing Scan
    • Invigorated - increases healing received by 3% for 45 seconds (Kolto Residue Passive).
  • Emergency Scan
    • Emergency Response - makes the next Healing Scan activate instantly.

Buffs you can apply to yourself

  • Kolto Shot
    • Vents 1 Heat when it normally heals and 2 heat when it critically heals (Kolto Boosters Passive).


In this section, I cover a couple of different builds I'm currently running.

PvP Build 1

This is my current PvP build. This build is defensive heavy with some interrupt immunity and has little mobility.


Crit pieces - Mainhand, Earpiece, Boots, Gloves, Legs, Implant

Alacrity pieces - Offhand, Head, Chest, Implant

Relics - Focused Retribution and Devastating Vengeance

Earpiece - Thyrsian Adept Earpiece

Legendary Implants - Advanced Scanning, Concentrated Fire

Augments - None

Colour Crystals - Eviscerating (Crit)

Stim - Advanced Kyrprax Versatile Stim

Flex Spots

Level 39 - This is definitely one of those rows that comes down to personal preference. There isn't a wrong choice here. Personally, I like Splashing Shells as most of the time my teammates are bunched up within 5 meters of each other anyway in unranked. So the cross healing from Splashing Shells can add up quite a bit!

Level 73 - If you want that extra oomph in defensive capability, then you can absolutely take Trauma Regulators instead of Gyroscopic Alignment Jets. However, I personally find that given how prevalent immobilising and incapacitating effects are at the moment, it certainly doesn't hurt to give yourself that extra help when it comes to heat management. Note, that there is no cooldown on it.


The Integrated Scanning (23) passive pairs well with the Advanced Scanning Legendary Implant effectively enabling you to almost always have a 3% buff to all the healing you do. If you then add in the Concentrated Fire Legendary Implant, you get yourself a potent burst heal combo if you use Emergency Scan after activating Supercharge.

Each cast of Rapid Scan builds a stack of Power Barrier (27) which increases your damage reduction by 2% per stack and lasts for 15 seconds. So taking Power Barrier effectively can give you constant Damage Reduction. It stacks up to 3 times so if you have 3 stacks of Power Barrier, you have 3% DR.

PvE Build 1

You can definitely build to be more mobile for PvE. For most encounters, the base defensives (without ability tree buffs) will suffice. Basically, I threw this build together for the rare occasions where I actually get to fill in as healer for my Guild.

Depending on the encounter there are a couple of rows you will want to change.

Level 39 - If you don't want to fuss around with your ability tree, then Efficient Shells is a good option to take. Depending on the encounter though, you can tailor which passive you take. For encounters where your group is going to be spread out, you can use Shell Shield and for encounters where your group is going to be mostly stacked, you can use Splashing Shells.

Level 43 - you may want to take the raid buff instead. But that will depend on your group.

Level 68 - you can swap out Responsive Safeguards for Hydraulic Overrides as needed.

Gear - I have not done any gearing for PvE so refer to the Theorycrafters Discord as mentioned above.

UI Setup

This is how I currently have my UI setup for PvP. I use a Logitech G600 Mouse so having the bars set up vertically, three across, matches perfectly with the side buttons of the G600.

Xam Xam Mercenary Bodyguard PvP UI Setup
7.0 PvP UI.

Here is a link to my UI if you wish to download it for yourself (via Dropbox) - Xam Xam 01

Essential PvP Tips and Tricks

In this section of the guide, I go over some essential PvP tips and tricks. They will help you better understand how to heal in PvP and how to be a better PvPer.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

The most important tip of all! When you’re healing, being able to predict who is going to take damage, how much damage and judging the rate someone is taking damage so you know which heals to use on them and who gets healing priority takes time and practice.

PvP a lot. Don’t get discouraged by yourself or anyone else. Have patience with yourself. Keep at it and you will get better!

My PVP Experience and Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Just want to say thank you to my Patreons, Twitch Subscribers and other supporters who help cover the costs of running this silly little website. Thank you to Andynul for teaching me the HTML coding used in this guide. Thank you to the folks in the Theorycrafters Discord who do all the math and testing to figure out all the things. And thank you to Cease for your insights on gearing and stats for PvP.

My PvP Experience

I have a Warlord Commando (99) and an Elite Warlord Mercenary (100). I’ve been playing Mercenary/Commando heals at max level since 1.x days. I have experience PvPing on almost every Combat Style/Class and Discipline. Some more than others. I’ve levelled most of my alts through PvP (or predominantly PVP). Other classes, I have experience with include Carnage Marauder, Sage/Sorc DPS & Heals, Scoundrel/Operative Heals and Pyrotech Powertech. I do not claim to be the best PvPer, PvP is a game mode I really enjoy and I’m always looking to improve and be a better PvPer.

Owner of MMO Bits, and formerly the owner of Xam Xam Says, Xam Xam is an Aussie who has been playing MMO's for nearly 10 years and can't get enough of them. She mainly plays Healing Classes but will also DPS and reluctantly Tank (if she has one). She prefers to PvP but doesn't mind doing all the other 'MMO bits' as well.


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