SWTOR Combat Styles Symbol Colour Selection Guide

Here is my guide to a new quality of life feature coming soon to Star War The Old Republic in Game Update 7.1. This new feature in SWTOR allows you to change the colour of the Combat Styles symbols to any colour you wish or choose from a preset!

This is an unannounced feature currently on the Game Update 7.1 PTS.

How to access Combat Styles Colour Selection in SWTOR

There are two different ways to access Combat Style Colour Selection settings.

Character Sheet – > Combat Style -> Combat Styles Button

Click the pen button to get to the Colour Selector Menu.

You can access the Combat Styles Colour Selection Window through your character sheet in the Combat Styles Tab. Click on the pen symbol next to the Combat Styles to open the Combat Styles Colour Selection Window.

Preferences -> Nameplates -> Combat Style Colours

You can also access Combat Styles Colour Selection via Preferences.

How does Combat Styles Colour Selection Work in SWTOR?

There are two different ways you can customise the colours of the Combat Style Symbols. You can use the three presets available (see below for more details) or you can manually change the colour of each symbol to any colour you like using the Select Colour Wheel.

Make sure you click the ‘Apply’ button and click Accept on the Update Colours dialogue pop-up for the changes you made to go into effect. If you exit out or hit the ‘ESC’ key the window, before clicking the ‘Apply’ button, will close and you will lose the changes you made!

A couple of things to note:

  • When you change the colour of the Combat Styles symbols, it only changes the colours for you. It is client-side.
  • All colour options are saved across your legacy. In other words, the settings are not per character. So if you change the symbol colours on one character, it changes it for all your characters.

Combat Styles Colour Presets

There are three different colour presets you can choose from.

  • Default (7.0)
  • Classic (Pre 7.0)
  • Colourblind
Default (7.0) Colours
Classic (Pre-7.0) Colours
NEW Colourblind Colours

How the Different Symbol Colours Look In-Game

Here’s a look at how some of the different symbol colours look in the game environment.

Mercenary Classic
Assassin Classic*
Juggernaut Classic
Mercenary Colourblind
Assassin Colourblind
Juggernaut Colourblind
Mercenary Default
Assassin Default
Juggernaut Default

*Technically not the correct colour, this is the preset colour. Should be dark blue.

Special Thanks

Thank you to my Patreons and Twitch Subscribers for supporting my content! Many thanks to Gig for the Nameplate Menu tip.

And finally thank you, yes you, for reading this Guide!

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