SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 7.1 is introducing a new Daily Hub area located on Manaan. The new Manaan Dailies have a Reputation Track with a Reputation Vendor with numerous rewards available for purchase as your rank up your reputation. Here is my overview of everything on the Manaan Reputation Vendor in SWTOR based on the Game Update 7.1 PTS.


How to Earn Reputation on Manaan in SWTOR

You earn Manaan Reputation by completing dailies for your faction or looting Reputation Tokens off of random mobs on Manaan. You will need to have completed the Legacy of the Sith Storyline and do story missions on Manaan to access the Manaan dailies. You can find the dailies terminal in your factions base.

Manaan Daily Area Location

The Manaan Daily area is located on the planet Manaan.

If you have completed the Legacy of the Sith story, the Manaan Daily area will show up in the Activities Window with all the other daily areas in the Solo Tab. This allows you to teleport straight to the daily area without using the galaxy map.

Tip: If you’re travelling to Manaan via the Galaxy Map, make sure you have the ‘Invasion Zone’ area selected before you click ‘Travel Now’. This will take you straight to your faction’s base on Manaan where you can pick up the dailies.

SWTOR Galaxy Map Manaan Invasion Zone

Where is the Manaan Reputation Vendor Located in SWTOR?

The Manaan Reputation Vendor is located in your faction’s base on Manaan. It may only be accessible after completion of the Legacy of the Sith Story.

Vendor Names

  • Imperial – Agent Pagran
  • Republic – Representative Lumoc

Hidden Imperial Base

SWTOR Imperial Hidden Base Manaan Reputation Vendor Map

Join Operations Arrivals

SWTOR Republic Hidden Base Manaan Reputation Vendor Map

Manaan Reputation Vendor Item List

There are quite a few items available on the Reputation vendor. Here are lists of all the items.

Reputation Vendor Detailed Item Tables

Reputation Vendor Items List Images

SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items
SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items
SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items
SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items
SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items
SWTOR Manaan Reputation Vendor Items

Manaan Reputation Vendor Item Previews

Here are categorised previews of all the items on the Vendor.


SWTOR Baby Progenitor Wall Fountain
SWTOR Blue Kolto Shipment
SWTOR Focused Intensity Excavator
SWTOR Hidden Submersible
SWTOR Manaan Tentacle Sculpture
SWTOR Ocean Coral 2
SWTOR Repair Droid Attachment
SWTOR Sea Kelp (Style 2)
SWTOR Sea Kelp (Style 4)
SWTOR Seaweed Bunch
SWTOR Selkath Conservator
SWTOR Selkath Quickblade
SWTOR Shrine of the Tentacled One
SWTOR Spiraled Seaweed (Style 2)
SWTOR Spiraled Seaweed (Style 4)
SWTOR Tactical Assault Column
SWTOR Blue Kolto Sconce
SWTOR Coral Reef
SWTOR Gunner Pod
SSWTOR Manaan Kolto Altar
SWTOR Ocean Coral 1
SWTOR Progenitor Statue
SWTOR Sea Kelp (Style 1)
SWTOR Sea Kelp (Style 3)
SWTOR Sea Kelp (Style 5)
SWTOR Selkath Bio-Engineer
SWTOR Selkath Facility Guard
SWTOR Selkath Researcher
SWTOR Spiraled Seaweed (Style 1)
SWTOR Spiraled Seaweed (Style 3)
SWTOR Steam Exhaust


SWTOR Firaxan Assault Cannon
Firaxan Assault Cannon
SWTOR Firaxan Blaster
Firaxan Blaster
SWTOR Firaxan Blaster Rifle
Firaxan Blaster Rifle
SWTOR Firaxan Lightsaber
Firaxan Lightsaber
SWTOR Firaxan Saberstaff
Firaxan Saberstaff
SWTOR Firaxan Sniper Rifle
Firaxan Sniper Rifle

Armour Sets

SWTOR Manaan Defender Armour Set
Manaan Defender Armour Set
SWTOR Manaan Nightlight Armour Set
Manaan Nightlight Armour Set


SWTOR Cerulean Turtle Pet
Cerulean Turtle Pet
SWTOR Title: The Waterlogged
Title: The Waterlogged

Special Thanks

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