R-4 Anomaly

R-4 Anomaly Operation Decoration Previews

Here is a look at all of the Decorations that drop in the new R-4 Anomaly Operation coming in Game Update 7.1. Decorations are listed in Boss order and all previews are from the PTS.

UPDATE – the Wings of Nimrot Mount preview is now correct! Several new random decorations were also added.

Commemorative Statue of IP-CPT and Trophies

Decorations of the first boss in R-4 Anomaly, IP-CPT.

R-4 Anomaly IP-CPT Statue
R-4 Anomaly IP-CPT Trophy SM
R-4 Anomaly IP-CPT Trophy HM

Commemorative Statue of Watchdog and Trophies

Decorations of the second boss in R-4 Anomaly, Watchdog.

R-4 Anomaly Watchdog Statue
R-4 Anomaly Watchdog Trophy SM
R-4 Anomaly Watchdog Trophy HM

Lord Kanoth Trophies

There is currently no Commemorative Statue for Lord Kanoth on the PTS.

R-4 Anomaly Lord Kanoth Trophy SM
R-4 Anomaly Lord Kanoth Trophy HM

Commemorative Statue of Lady Dominique

Decorations of the fourth boss in R-4 Anomaly, Lady Dominique.

R-4 Anomaly Lady Dominique Statue
R-4 Anomaly Lady Dominique Trophy SM
R-4 Anomaly Lady Dominique Trophy HM

Other Decorations

Other decorations that drop from the R-4 Anomaly Operation.

R-4 Anomaly Standing Column
R-4 Anomaly Crystal Brazier Purple
R-4 Anomaly Wall Creep
R-4 Anomaly Wall Column
R-4 Anomaly Nihrot Sample

Wings of Nihrot (Mount)

The decoration version of the R-4 Anomaly Mount. We do not yet know what difficulty mode it will drop from yet but probably HM? (Since it’s unknown when/if we’ll get NiM).

R-4 Anomaly Wings of Nihrot Mount

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