Game Update 7.1 PvP Changes

Here is my overview of all the main PvP changes coming in Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Update 7.1. This information comes from the SWTOR Game Update 7.1 PTS. If more PvP-related information gets revealed, I’ll update this article.

Game Update 7.1 is currently set to release on August 2nd 2022.

Augments may finally work in Instanced PvP?

When they brought up the final iteration of the 7.1 PTS, the developers briefly mentioned that they had fixed augments working in certain instanced environments.

In this phase of PTS, there are a couple of special notes players should know:
– Augments will work in level-shifted content

Testing done by myself and other players on the PTS in the Rishi Stronghold seems to indicate that the developers may have indeed fixed augments in PvP. To my knowledge, no one actually got PvP to pop. So either Augments are indeed working in instanced PvP or the bolster in the Rishi Stronghold got changed.

Sadly, we’ll likely have to wait until 7.1 launches to know exactly what’s happening with Augments.

New Tier of Gear

PvP Thyrsian gear obtained from instanced (ground) PvP and GSF is getting one new tier, 328. Other pathways (Flashpoints and Conquest) are getting two new tiers 328 and 330.

SWTOR Game Update 7.1 328 Item Rating PvP Gear

You will be able to get the new tier the same way we’ve been getting gear already. From Weekly PvP Requisition Caches and through upgrading your gear via the PvP Gear Upgrades Vendor.

SWTOR Game Update 7.1 PTS - Upgrading 328 PvP Gear

Bolster Increase?

While the developers have not yet confirmed this, I believe it’s safe to assume that since the top tier of PvP gear will be 328, that bolster will also get increased to 328.

Will it work or will it be bugged again? Who knows? Again, we won’t know for sure until 7.1 launches.

The return of Item Modifications

PvPers may be getting access to modifications when 7.1 launches. This system wasn’t working very well on the 7.1 PTS. However, the gist of it is we will be able to deconstruct 328 Thyrsian gear pieces and then use the components obtained to get Item Modifications. There is a mission you pick up (similar to how Legendary Implants work) that facilitates this. The part that wasn’t working on the PTS was the deconstruction part. Hopefully, the developers will reveal more details closer to launch.

SWTOR Game Update 7.1 PTS - Item Modifications Mission and Vendor

Tip: Save your PvP Weekly Caches!

Save your Thyrsian Requisition Caches (Crates) that you get from completing PvP or GSF Weekly missions. That way, when Game Update 7.1 launches, you’ll be able to get 328 gear straight away from opening your caches. Any extra gear pieces may be able to be used to get item modifications (see above).

SWTOR PvP Weekly Crates - Thyrsian Requisition Caches

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