Game Update 7.1 Overview and Livestream Announcement

The Star Wars The Old Republic developers have recently announced that they are doing a live stream on Twitch all about Game Update 7.1. Read on for all the details about the stream and an overview of everything we know about SWTOR Game Update 7.1.


Game Update 7.1 Release Date

The current release date for Game Update 7.1 is Tuesday, 2nd August 2022.

Game Update 7.1 Livestream Details

The Game Update 7.1 Developer Livestream is happening on Thursday, July 28 on Twitch. Stream start time is listed for different time zones below. Use this link to convert to other time zones.

  • 11 am PDT
  • 2 pm EDT
  • 7 pm BST
  • 8 pm CEST
  • (Friday) 4 am AEST

The developer stream will feature Community Manager Jackie and the team will be going over everything that’s in Game Update 7.1 with developer guests.

Game Update 7.1 Overview

Here’s a quick overview of everything we know so far about Game Update 7.1.

  • R-4 Anomaly Operation (SM & HM)
  • Manaan Daily Area
  • Gear Changes
    • New Gear Tiers (all paths)
      • Conquest – 328 -> 330
      • Flashpoints – 328 -> 330
      • PvP and GSF – 328
      • Operations (R-4 Only) – 328 -> 330 SM, 332 -> 340 HM
    • Legendary Implants – 332 -> 334
    • Item Modifications (some paths)
      • 328 & 330 Prototype (Blue) and Artifact (Purple)
      • Operations, Flashpoints and PvP
  • PvP Changes
    • Augments working?
    • New Gear Tier – 328
  • New Story
    • 4 different solo story instances in Manaan daily area (not used for dailies)
  • Class Symbol Colour Customisation
    • Classic and Colour Blind preset options
  • Stat scaling in level-shifted content
  • Outfit Slots increased to 32
R-4 Anomaly Mount
Manaan Reputation Vendor Decoration
R-4 Anomaly Decoration
Manaan Reputation Vendor Decoration

Here are some things that might be coming in Game Update 7.1.

  • New Cartel Market Items
  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event?
    • New Rewards

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