SWTOR PvP Season 2 – Piercing the Veil Guide

Here is a guide covering everything you need to know about Star War The Old Republic’s PvP Season 2. This guide covers the SWTOR PvP Season structure, how to earn Points and all the Rewards you can earn or purchase.

You can learn more about the PvP Seasons and the Game Update 7.2 PvP Revamp from my Game Update 7.2 PvP Revamp Overview Article, from the official SWTOR PvP Revamp with Game Update 7.2 Article and from my SWTOR PvP Seasons One Guide.

You can skip to ‘PvP Season 2 – Piercing the Veil’ for information about Season 2 specifically if you already know how PvP Seasons work.

PvP Seasons Rewards Track Overview

The PvP Season System was introduced to SWTOR in Game Update 7.2 as part of a PvP Revamp. It is a system modelled after Galactic Seasons aimed at rewarding PvP Players with seasonal rewards via a Rewards Track.

This rewards track is progressed by earning points which you get from completing Matches and Seasons Objectives. As you progress the reward track, you earn cosmetic rewards and a currency, PvP Seasons Tokens. You can use PvP Seasons Tokens to purchase additional cosmetic rewards from two different vendors.

The rewards track does have a catch-up mechanism (Credits only) from Week 7 of the Season.

PvP Season 2 – Piercing the Veil started on the 28th of March 2023 and ends on the 20th of June 2023.

How to Access the PvP Seasons Track

You can access the PvP Season Track via the Login & Season Rewards Window or the Welcome Window.

PvP Seasons Structure

The PvP Season Rewards Track is structured similarly to Galactic Seasons but has some differences.

  • Levels – 25
  • Total Points in Season – 7000
  • Points per level – 280
  • Points are Capped – 1000 per Week
  • The Season last for 12 weeks
  • From Week 7, you will be able to catch up with Credits up to Level 15 only.

PvP Seasons Points

You can earn points from the PvP Season rewards Track by completing Warzone and Arena Matches and by completing Weekly Objectives.

Here’s how many points you get from completing matches. The amount of points you get is determined by how many medals you earn. As of Game Update 7.2.1, the number of Medals needed to be earned for maximum rewards is now 7 instead of 8.


Warzone PvP Season Match Points
Warzone WinWarzone Loss
7+ Medals248
6 Medals217
5 Medals186
4 Medals155
3 Medals124
2 Medals83
1 Medals42
0 Medals00
Arena PvP Season Match Points
Arena WinArena Loss
7+ Medals124
6 Medals103
5 Medals83
4 Medals62
3 Medals42
2 Medals31
1 Medals21
0 Medals00

PvP Seasons Weekly Objectives

All of the PvP Season Objectives are Weeklies. Subscribers will be able to see all six objectives while F2P/Preferred will only see four objectives. All players, regardless of their account type, can only complete up to four Objectives each week. Each Weekly Objective rewards 100 points on completion.

  • Arena: Combatant – 0/16 Matches Played
    • Play 16 Arena Matches
  • Arena: Decorated – 0/8 Earn at least 7 Medals in 8 Arenas
    • Earn at least 7 Medals in 8 different Arenas
  • Arena: Domination – 0/6 Arena Matches Won
    • Win 6 Arena Matches
  • Warzones: Combatant – 0/8 Warzone Matches Played
    • Play 8 Warzone matches
  • Warzones: Decorated – 0/4 Earn at least 7 Medals in 4 Warzones
    • Earn at least 7 medals in 4 different Warzones
  • Warzones: Domination – 0/3 Warzone Marches Won
    • Win 3 Warzone Matches

PvP Season Credit Catch-Up Mechanic

Available several weeks into the season, the credit catch-up mechanism becomes available. You can only catch up to level 15. Three levels are instantly available on the first day of Week 7, and then each day after, one level becomes available.

Here are the catch-up costs. Note you CAN NOT use Cartel Coins. It is Credits ONLY.

Level 125,000
Level 2263,901
Level 32,795,762
Level 42,795,762
Level 55,948,919
Level 611,057,433
Level 718,675,550
Level 829,406,684
Level 943,889,904
Level 1062,797,176
Level 1186,831,088
Level 12116,722,976
Level 13153,231,312
Level 14197,140,312
Level 15249,258,736
TOTAL COST979,082,240

PvP Season 2 – Piercing the Veil

There are two different ways to get rewards. From the Rewards Track itself and by using a currency earned from the Rewards track to buy rewards from a vendor.

PvP Season 2 Rewards Track

Here are screenshots of the Season 2 Rewards Track.

PvP Season 2 Track Rewards List

Here is a list of all of the rewards PvP Season 2 Track.

LevelItemItem Type
1Shadowhand HelmetArmour
2PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
3PvP Season 2 Trophy (Small) (x5)Decoration
4Shadowhand BracersArmour
5PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
6Legacy Title: Mark of the AssassinLegacy Title
7Shadowhand BeltArmour
8Ancient Blades Display Stand (x5)Decoration
9Classic Cartel Weapon Pack (Silver)Cartel Item
10Shadowhand GauntletsArmour
11Title: The UnseenCharacter Title
12Shadowhand BootsArmour
13PvP Season 2 Trophy (Large) (x5)Decoration
14PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
15Shadowhand PantsArmour
16Shadowhand ChestplateArmour
17PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
18Shadeveil Warrior’s HelmetArmor
19Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 2) (x5)Decoration
20Shadeveil Warrior’s Gauntlets & BracersArmour
21PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
22Shadeveil Warrior’s BootsArmour
23Shadeveil Warrior’s Pants & BeltArmour
24PvP Seasons Token (x2)PvP Seasons Currency
25Shadeveil Warrior’s ChestplateArmour

PvP Seasons Tokens

PvP Seasons Tokens are a reward currency earned from the PvP Seasons Reward Track and Achievements. You will be able to use these tokens to purchase additional rewards from two different vendors.

Here is how many we’ll be able to earn during Season 2.

Rewards Track12

The PvP Seasons Token Cap is 25.

PvP Seasons Tokens Vendors

There are two different vendors to spend your PvP Seasons Tokens at.

  • Giradda the Hutt – Classic PvP Rewards Vendor
  • Tullek – PvP Seasons – Seasonal Rewards Vendor
Giradda the Hutt

Giradda will rotate through the Ranked PvP Replica Rewards over a 4-week cycle (pictured below). These items will always be available every season. Previous Seasons Items will also get added to Giradda.

Giradda’s inventory will also include items sold by Tullek during previous Seasons.


Tullek sells the current Seasons Rewards (Season 2 Rewards pictured below). His inventory will change every season.

PvP Season 2 Achievements

The PvP Season Two Achievements are found under Player vs. Player -> General. You can earn 8 PvP Season Tokens from completing the achievements.

  • PvP Season Two Prodigy – Complete the Arena Advocator, Warzone Warrior, All-star Medalist and Finisher Feat of Strength during PvP Season 2.
    • Rewards:
      • Legacy Title – Veil Piercer
      • PvP Season Token – 5
  • Arena Advocator – Complete [Weekly] Go Berserk! and/or Time for Pain! missions 12 times during PvP Season 2.
    • Reward: PvP Season Token
  • Warzone Warrior – Complete [Weekly] Spoils of War and/or Conspicuous Valor missions 12 times during PvP Season 2.
    • Reward: PvP Season Token
  • All-star Medalist – Earn 2000 medals in Arenas and/or Warzones during PvP Season 2.
    • Reward: PvP Season Token
  • Finisher – Reach Level 25 on the PvP Season reward track during PvP Season 2.

PvP Season 2 Reward Previews

Here is a look at all the previewable rewards from the Season 2 Track and Tullek.

Season 2 Track Rewards

Armour Sets

These two Armour Sets are from the Rewards Track. Like the first and second Seasond, both armour sets look nearly identical except for some ‘lighting effects’ added to one of the Armour Sets. In this case, the Shadeveil Armour Set.

Shadowhand Armor Set and Shadeveil Warrior’s Armor Set
Shadowhand Armour Set
Shadeveil Warriors Armour Set


The trophy decorations are copies of the Season 1 trophies. The Battler Trophy looks a little different though. Thankfully there is at least one unique decoration, the Ancient Blades Display Stand.

Ancient Blades Display Stand and Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 2)
Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 2) Decoration
PvP Season 2 Trophy (Small)
Ancient Blades Display Stand Decoration
PvP Season 2 Trophy (Large)


Here is the character title from the reward track.

Title: The Unseen

Season 2 Vendor Rewards

Here are previews of most of the rewards on Tullek. The PvP Seasons Vendor, Tullek, has had his inventory changed with new armour sets, a decoration and flags. The Season 2 Flags look almost identical to the Season 1 Flags.

Tullek Seasons 2 Vendor Items
Shadowfiend Armor Set, Shadeveil Assassin’s Armor Set
Shadowhand Armor Display Decoration
PvP Season Blue Flag (Season 2) and PvP Season Red Flag (Season 2)

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