Transmog is Coming to New World Soon!

The New World Developers released a new Forged in Aeternum video where they officially announced Transmog! Here is an overview of everything we know so far about the system including details on how it will work and how to acquire Transmog Tokens.

The developers have just released a Q&A Article and announced a release date!

Transmog Release Date

Transmog will release on August 21st at 5am PT / 12pm UTC / 10pm AEST. Downtime will last approximately 1 hour.

Transmog Overview

Here is a brief summary of how Transmog will work in New World.

  • Stamp collection system (Stylemancer).
  • As you get new gear and weapons they will become unlocked as Appearances.
  • You then use Transmog tokens to turn collected Appearances into Skins.
  • The Stylemancer collection is account wide.
  • Gear Skins will be dyeable.
    • Note: Weapons will not be dyeable.

Appearance Collection (Stylemancer)

A collection of appearances (gear and weapons) you have earned. As soon as you pick up a weapon or gear piece you don’t already have, it will be automatically added to the Stylemancer Collection. You will get a notification when this happens.

When players first log in after the Transmog patch, all items in their inventory and storage will be captured in the Stylemancer.

New World Transmog Stylemancer Appearance Collection
Stylemancer Collection UI.

Accessing the Stylemancer

You can access the Stylemancer by going to any major settlement and talking to the Stylemancer NPC next to the Outfitter Crafting Station. They will have Transmog token symbol above them (as pictured below).

New World Transmog Stylemancer NPC Outfitter Station
Stylemancer NPC.

How to Transmog

Once you have acquired an appearance, you can unlock it to use as a Skin by going to a Stylemancer. The Stylemancer UI shows Appearances by category and has a search function.

  • Any Appearance you have not Transmogged will have a Transmog icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Any Appearance you have not collected yet will be greyed out.
New World Transmog Stylemancer Appearance Collection
Hovering over unlocked Appearance.

Click on the item you want to unlock/Transmog and a confirmation dialogue will pop up (pictured below) giving you the option to unlock, purchase Transmog Tokens or cancel.

New World Transmog unlocking Skins with Transmog Tokens
Unlocking Skin (Transmogging).

How to Acquire Transmog Tokens

You can acquire Transmog Tokens from the following places.

  • Elite Chests
  • In-Game Store
  • Season 2 Reward Tracks (Free and Premium)
Elite Chests

Have a 1% drop chance and you can only one Transmog Token per week from any Elite Chest.

In-Game Store
  • 1 Transmog Token for 2,500 Marks of Fortune
  • 2 Transmog Tokens for 5,000 Marks of Fortune
  • 5 Transmog Tokens for 10,000 Marks of Fortune
  • 10 Transmog Tokens for 20,000 Marks of Fortune
Season 2 Reward Track

Here is how many Transmog Tokens you can get from the Season 2 reward tracks.

Transmog Tokens
Free Track3
Premium Track5
  • Free Track – Level 15, 50 and 100
  • Premium Track – Level 7, 18, 65, 75, 85

Gear Skins will be Dyeable

All gear skins will be dyeable when Transmog releases. This includes any gear skin earned from Twitch Drops, in-game events or bought from the in-game Store.

However dyes are not permanent. If you change a dyed skin, that skin will lose it’s dye. This means you will have to redye it if you go back to using it.

Unfortunately, weapons will not be dyeable.

Questions and Thoughts

There are couple of things we don’t yet know about Transmog.

  • Do you have to bind an item to your character for it to unlock in Stylemancer or will ‘bind on equip’ gear you earn automatically be added?
  • Will there be any change to the ‘Change Skin’ UI? Perhaps making it larger ie. show more skins without scrolling? A search function?
New World Change Skin UI
Current ‘Change Skin’ UI (for reference).

Overall from what we’ve seen, the implementation of Transmog looks pretty good. The only thing missing is a feature to save different outfits. Hopefully, this is something they will add in the future.

Are you excited to see Transmog in New World? What are your thoughts?

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