New World Luck of the Bones Event Guide

The new Luck of the Bones Event in New World is an event designed around the rare mob spawn, Rafflebones. However, for a limited time, he now spawns everywhere via portals!

Here is a guide to everything you need to know about this easy, soloable Event!

Luck of the Bones Event Overview

  • Soloable by any Level 60 (and even lower level players) as Rafflebones does no damage.
  • Multiple portal spawns in every zone.
  • Get loot/rewards up to 3 times per day.
  • Event starts August 16th and ends August 29th.

How to find the Rafflebones Portals

Just open up our map and zoom in a bit and it shouldn’t be long until you find a portal. They spawn in every single zone in the game. However don’t be surprised if a Portal disappears before you get to it. Pick a zone with multiple Portals so you guaranteed to get one or go to a Portal that is not near a Sprit Shrine to increase your chances to getting it.

New World Luck of the Bones Event - Rafflebones Portal Map

How to Summon and Defeat Rafflebones

Once you find a Portal, interact with it to summon Rafflebones. As soon as he spawns, he will start to slowly run away from you so start DPSing him. He will periodically pause though so if he gets out of range of your melee attacks, you can catch up to him. He is completely soloable even if you’re a healer with low DPS or a fresh 60 you will have no trouble gradually killing him.

New World Luck of the Bones Event Rafflebones Portal
Summoning Rafflebones
New World Luck of the Bones Event Rafflebones
Killing Rafflebones

Luck of the Bones Event Rewards

You can rewards up to 3 time per day. If you kill him more than 3 times, he will not drop anything so he is not worth killing more than 3 times. Daily reset is at 5am local time.

Here is what you will get each time you kill Rafflebones.

  • 1 Legendary PvE Fortune Hunter item
  • 1 Legendary PvP Fortune Hunter Item
  • 1 Mutation Boss named item
  • 1 named item
  • 500 Umbral Shards
  • 1 Obsidian Gypsum

You can kill Rafflebones on a low-level character (tested on a level 55). However, you will only get one item from his normal pool of rewards.

That sums up the Event. Thanks for reading! Did you get any good gear drops?

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