New World Transmog Guide

Here is an in-depth guide to the newly released Transmog system in New world. This guide covers everything you need to know about the Stylemancer, Transmogging and dyeing Skins. The Transmog system was introduced part way through Season 2.

New World Transmog Overview

New World’s Transmog systems allows you to turn any item earned in game into a Skin using Transmog Tokens and dye it. Skins that are bought from the shop are also dyeable. Use Transmog Tokens at the Stylemancer NPC to turn collected gear pieces into Skins.

When you apply a Skin to a piece of gear, it remains on that gear piece even if you unequip it or swap to another gear set. This means you can can effectively have different looks for different sets.

Accessing the Stylemancer

You can access the Stylemancer by going to any major settlement and talking to the Stylemancer NPC next to the Outfitter Crafting Station. They will have Transmog token symbol above them (as pictured below).

Stylemancer NPC

Stylemancer UI Overview

You use the Stylemancer NPC to transmog collected gear looks into Skins using Transmog Tokens.

The Stylemancer UI shows you all possible Skins you can earn in the game and from the store. Collected Skins are highlighted and skins that can be Transmogged have a Transmog Symbol in the bottom right corner. Skins purchased via the Store will have a Store symbol in the bottom right corner. Skins earned through Twitch Drops or Prime Gaming will have a Twitch or Prime Gaming Symbol in the bottom right corner.

Skins are sorted in categories for different weapon ad gear types. You can sort each category by “Unlocked”, “Collected”, Source – Store” and “Name”.

How to Transmog Gear

All you have to do is click on the Skin you want to Transmog in the Stylemancer, then click Transmog.

You can then click on the option to unlock it and spend 1 Transmog Token or purchase Transmog Tokens if you don’t have any. Note there is no confirmation dialogue. Once you click unlock, it unlocks the Skin for Transmog.

How to Apply Skins

You can apply Skins to your gear via the Stylemancer or your Inventory. If you’re in the Stylemancer, simply click on the Skin you want to apply then click Apply.

How to Dye Skins

While in the Stylemancer, simply click on the Skin you want to Dye then select Dye. This will bring up the Dye and Armour Skin UI. From here you can select different dyes in different slots. The dye are only applied to the Skin/s if you hit Confirm. Clicking Cancel will cancel out you current session.

Clicking on a dye slot will show all dyes. You can sort dyes into different categories; ‘Show Available Only’, “Available and Purchasable” and “Show All”.

A couple of things to note.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot dye weapons.
  • Unfortunately you cannot preview dyes that you do not own.
  • You need to have the dyes in your Inventory or in Storage of the town you’re in to be able to see/apply them.

How to Acquire Transmog Tokens

You can acquire Transmog Tokens from the following places.

Elite Chests

Have a 1% chance to drop a Transmog Token Purse once a week from any Elite Chest in the game (Open World and Expeditions).

Here is a list of the types of Chests that can drop the Transmog Token Purse.

  • Elite Ancient Chest
  • Elite Supply Chest
  • Supply Stockpile (Expedition)
  • Elite Grave Offerings (Brimstone)
  • Ancient Glyph Chest (Brimstone)
In-Game Store
  • 1 Transmog Token for 2,500 Marks of Fortune
  • 2 Transmog Tokens for 5,000 Marks of Fortune
  • 5 Transmog Tokens for 10,000 Marks of Fortune
  • 10 Transmog Tokens for 20,000 Marks of Fortune
Season 2 Reward Track

Here is how many Transmog Tokens you can get from the Season 2 reward tracks.

Transmog Tokens
Free Track3
Premium Track5
  • Free Track – Level 15, 50 and 100
  • Premium Track – Level 7, 18, 65, 75, 85

Searching for Skins You Don’t Own

While a handful of Skins in the Stylemancer have a more detailed tooltip that tells you where the Skin comes from, the majority do not. The best place to search for Skins you don’t own and where they come from is New World Database.

Simply type the name of the Skin and the search dropdown will populate with the name of the item that uses that Skin. When you click on it, scroll down and click on the ‘Transmog’, ‘Contained’ or ‘Dropped by’ Tabs to learn more about where the item comes from.

Keep in mind that most Expedition skins can be crafted.

Thanks for reading my guide! Do you have any favourite Skins? How many outfits have you created?

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