New World Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Overview

New World Developers have officially announced the game’s first expansion, ‘Rise of the Angry Earth’! Currently expected to release on October 3rd, the expansion features Mounts, a new Weapon, new Artifact gear, a Zone transformed, Progression updates and much more.

Season 3 is also releasing at the same time as the Expansion and includes a new Season Pass, new Open World PvP Influence Races, Main Story Quest Revamp, Ward, Bane, Resilience and Expertise Removal plus more!

What is known so far about the expansion comes from the following official sources. Until the PTR launches, I will only be using information from official sources to keep updating this article.

Once the PTR Launches, we’ll hopefully learn more about all the content coming in the Expansion and Season 3.

Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Overview

Here’s a table showing all the features coming with the Expansion and Season 3. More details about each feature can be found in this article.

Expansion (Paid)Season 3 Content (Free)
New Story – Angry EarthNew Season Pass
Zone Transformed – Elysian WildsNew Influence Races (PvP)
New Weapon – Flail New Main Storyline Quest Revamp – Edengrove & Great Cleave
New Gear Rarity – Artifacts (700 GS)Edengrove Revamp – Territory: Settlement and Fort
Mounts – Horses, Dire Wolves & LionsWard, Bane, Resilience and Expertise (+ Umbral Shards) Removal
Gear Score Increase – 700Seasonal Event – Nightveil Hallow
Character Level Increase – 65Seasonal Event – Turkey Terror
Trade Skill Level Increase – 250
Attribute Point Increase – 350
New Faction Quest & Reputation Tier + New Items
New Expedition – The Savage Divide (Level 62+)
Mutation Revamp – Level 65
New Heartrune Ability – Primal Fury

Expansion Cost

The Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion will cost $29.99 USD. You have to already own the base game to be able to purchase the expansion on its own. If you do not own New World, you can purchase the base game and expansion in a bundle for $69.99 USD.

Note the expansion does not include the Season 3 Premium Track. That will remain a separate purchase.

Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Content Details

Here are more details about all the features coming in the ‘Rise of the Angry Earth’ Expansion. All of the content listed in this section can only be accessed by purchasing the Expansion.

Transformed Zone – Elysian Wilds, Beetle. Image Source: New World.

New Story and Transformed Zone – Elysian Wilds

First Light has fallen. Once a welcoming place for newcomers to Aeternum, the fields have been ravaged by the fury of the Angry Earth. No one is certain what has become of the people and villages that once populated the area, and a deadly barrier has kept all but the most intrepid from attempting to find out. This abundance of earthly powers has awakened the mighty Beast Lords, a new possible adversary facing the people of Aeternum… but with them also comes a boon – the secret to taming and riding animals.

The new revamped Zone, Elysian Wilds, is located roughly where First Light used to be on the southeastern tip of Aeternum. First Light was invaded by the powers of Artemis and the Angry Earth. Players can expect a transformed landscape with traces of First Light and new wild creatures roaming untamed land. There will be two new Elite Chest Areas and a new spore mechanic.

New Weapon – Flail. Image Source: New World.

New Weapon Flail

The Flail is a new one-handed weapon that can be used on its own or with an offhand shield. It is designed as another weapon option for healers and tanks and the damage scales with Strength and Focus.

The two ability trees (pictured below) are Cleric which is more healing, debuffing enemies and buffing allies and Bastion which is more focused on tanking and increasing the survivability of yourself and allies.

Flail and Shield Ability Tree. Source: New World Dev Update September 2023 [Video].

Use arcane magic to enhance attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies for an easier victory. Through a combination of melee, arcane magic, and strong defenses, the wielder can bolster their group’s effectiveness without dropping the offensive.

New Gear Rarity – Artifact Gear

Find and equip Artifacts, a powerful new tier of weapons and armour with 6 perks. When you acquire an Artifact you have to complete a series of quests/objectives to unlock each of the six perks. Each Artifact piece will have one unique playstyle-defining perk not found anywhere else in the game.

Players can have three pieces of Artifact gear equipped at a time; one weapon, one armour piece and one jewellery piece.

Artifact Gear with Objectives to unlock Perks. Source: New World Dev Update September 2023 [Video].
Artifact Gear with unlocked Perks. Source: New World Dev Update September 2023 [Video].

Mounts. Image Source: New World.


Mounts are finally being introduced to Aeternum. There will be three different types.

  • Horses
  • Dire Wolves
  • Lions

Mount will be customisable with unique looks, customizable equipment and a name you can set. There are two slots to customise how the Mount rides (speed buffs, stamina etc.) and two slots to customise how the Mount looks. There will also be a Riding Trade Skill to level up to earn upgrades like increased speeds, buffs and higher-tier consumable food.

Mount UI. Source: New World Dev Update September 2023 [Video].
Riding Trade Skill Progression

There are two ways to get Riding XP to level level your Riding Trade Skill.

  • Complete Mount Quests
  • Feed your Mount

As you level your Riding Trade Skill, you get the following rewards.

  • Increased mount speed for all mount types.
  • Trinket-like items called mount buffs which can enhance aspects of your mount’s locomotion.
  • Mount attachments to visually customize your mount.
  • Higher tier consumable mount food.
  • A chance to receive special mounts at set levels.
Mount Quests

Doing Mount Quests is the main mechanism to earn Mounts and unlock new types of Mounts. The first quest to get a Mount will be in northern Everfall (Level 25 required).

There will be two other types of quests (time trials) you will be able to do to earn RIding XP to level your Riding Trade Skill.

  • Tours – Find the quickest route to the finish line.
  • Rallies – Reach each sequential checkpoint before the timer runs out.

Completing these time trials will earn you Riding XP, mount buff items and mount vitamins to make consumable mount food.

Dire Wolf Mount in Action. Image Source: New World.
Mount Customisation

You can customise your Mount with attachments, buffs and special dyes plus you can even give it a nickname.

  • Mount Attachment Items
    • There are two attachment slots for visual items. These customise (accessorise) the look of your mount and are purely aesthetic.
  • Mount Buff Items
    • There are two Mount Buff slots. Mount Buff Items are Bind-on-pickup items that have a Riding Level requirement. They can be earned through quests, open-world drops and Riding Trade Skill rewards. Here are some examples.
      • Cleansing Talisman: Applies Cleanse on forced dismount
      • Empowered Talisman: Applies Empower on forced dismount
      • Fortified Talisman: Applies Fortify on forced dismount
      • Hastey Talisman: Applies Haste on forced dismount
      • Healing Talisman: Applies Heal on forced dismount
      • Mountaineer’s Pendant: Reduced Damage on Landing
      • Cavalier Crest: Reduce Summoning Time
      • Beast of Burden Bangle: Increase Encumbered tolerance
      • Other mount buffs will increase Dash Capacity, Power, or Recharge speed
  • Mount Store Items
    • Mounts, Mount attachments and Mount Dyes will be purchasable from the in-game Store with Crowns of Fortune.

New Progression – Character Level, Gearing, Crafting, Faction

  • Character Level Increase – 65
  • Gearing
    • Gear Score Increase – 700
    • The Gear Score of gear pieces dropped is determined by the level of AI (unclear how this will work for PvP)
    • Gear drops will match the gear and loadout you’re wearing (loot biasing)
    • Weapon levelling faster
  • Attribute Point Increase – 350
    • New Perks & new Perk thresholds at levels 25 and 350.
  • Trade Skill Increase – 250
    • New Items to gather, refine and craft
    • Gear score will be a fixed value when crafting
    • New Item Azoth Inductor – will guarantee Gear Score 700 craft
    • New Item Prismatic Scarab – will allow players to select all perks and attributes they want
    • Can use Azoth Inductor and Prismatic Scarab at the same time
  • New Faction Quest and Reputation Tier

New Expedition – The Savage Divide, Mahantara Boss(?). Image Source: New World.

New Expedition – The Savage Divide

A new level 62+ expedition that presumably ties into the Elysian Wilds Zone/Story. This is the description the developers provided.

Track down the primordial Beast Lords before chaos emerges from the depths of Aeternum.

Mutation Revamp

Mutations are getting a revamp and will only be available for Level 65 players when the expansion launches. This means you will have to purchase Rise of the Angry Earth to enter Mutated Expeditions. The aim of this revamp was to allow greater accessibility to Mutated Expeditions with less wait times and the flexibility to help other players. These are the key changes.

  • Difficulty Levels – 3
    • Intermediate
    • Hard
    • Elite
  • Weekly Limit – 100

The developers have teased the Mutated Expeditions will offer desirable rewards with Elite Mutations having a chance to earn Artifact Gear.

  • Intermediate – Requires 650 gear, includes Mutation
  • Hard – Requires 675 gear, includes Mutation and Promotion
  • Elite – Requires 700 gear, includes Mutation, Promotion, and Curses

Heartrune Ability – Primal Fury in action. Image Source: New World.

New Heartrune Ability – Primal Fury

This new Heartrune Ability is not a single-use ability. Instead, it puts you in a beast-like state that doubles your character’s size and allows you to deal unarmed light and heavy attacks on enemies. The light attacks are melee swipes and the heavy attack is a leap strike that knocks down opponents. The developers have also mentioned a couple of variants.

  • Brutal form – do more damage at the cost of taking more damage. Dealing damage will extend the duration of the Heartrune.
  • Stalwart form – deal less damage but take less damage. Taking damage increases the duration of the Heartrune.

Season 3 Content Details

Here is everything we know so far about the content coming with Season 3. All of this content will be available to all players for free.

New Season Pass

Season 3 will include the usual Season Journey along with new Activity Cards, new Challenges and new rewards.

New Influence Races – Open World PvP

Earning Faction Influence in Territories to declare War is getting some tweaks and new additions. Earning Territory Influence will only happen in specific zones during scheduled times. Factions can earn influence through PvP Missions and new Influence Towers.

  • Three territories will have an Influence Race every day.
  • Influence races last for 45 minutes.
  • Three Capture Points/Towers will spawn. Owning these will give a trickle of Influence and an Influence boost to PvP Mission turn-in.
  • PvP Missions will moved to be close to Towers.
  • If an attacking Faction earns enough Influence before the Race ends, they’ll receive bonus rewards and the opportunity to declare War.
  • If the defending Faction stops the attacking Factions from scoring enough Influence within the time limit, they will earn bonus rewards for the Influence Race and the War.
  • Win or lose there will be a war. The attacking faction with the most Influence Points can declare War.
  • Rewards for participating – Azoth Salt, PVP Reward Track XP.
Fort Lock

Another change coming to Open World PvP is a new Fort Lock mechanic. Every time a fort is captured, it is locked for an hour. There will be a timer on the map. This change was made to guarantee a faction gets the benefit for an hour.

Artemis in the Rise of the Angry Earth Story. Image Source: New World.

Main Storyline Quest Revamp – Edengrove and Great Cleave

Along with the continuation of revamping the Main Story Quest, both Edengrove and Great Cleave are getting overhauls with fresh narratives, more quest variety and some new surprises.

Edengrove Revamp

Edengrove is getting a bit of a revamp with the Season 3 Update. It will now be a fully-fledged Territory with a Settlement (northern European-themed architecture, Hutts and Yurts) and a Fort. In terms of weekly Territory earnings, it will earn more than all the other Territories. Some POIs in the Territory have been moved around and/or changed.

The Malevolence POI (classic ECR area) has been turned into a more soloable experience with some EIite chests still remaining. The bosses that were part of Malevolence have been moved to their own ‘Arena’ close to the Zygoramet’s Grove Trial. This Malevolence revamp is an experiment by the developers.

Ward, Bane, Resilience and Expertise Removal

As discussed by the developers previously, Ward, Bane and Resilience, along with other gear perks are being removed from the game and replaced with new perks. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Wards – to account for the removal of Wards, adjustments are being made to the AI mobs and various encounters to account for the removal of their defensive and offensive benefits.
  • Banes – the base damage of magic and ranged weapons in PvE is being increased to make them more effective alternatives to melee options against multiple enemies.
  • Resilience – Crit reduction will vary based on the player’s equip load (Light -15%, Medium -20%, Heavy -25%). The perk itself is getting replaced by a health perk which will increase player health by x percentage based on their health.
  • Other perks being removed – Siphoning-related perks

The Expertise system is being removed completely from the game. The gear score of the gear that drops will be based on the content that you are doing and the level of the creature/AI it drops from. It is currently unclear how this will affect current level 60 instanced modes like OPR & Invasions.

Image Sources: All images used are from official New World Website Articles and YouTube Videos.

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