How to Trade Items and Gold between your Characters in New World

Despite now being able to have up to 3 characters on the same server, New World is not a particularly alt-friendly game. With the lack of an in-game Mail system, players must use alternative means for moving stuff between their characters. This can be done through an intermediary like a trusted friend or creative use of the Trade Post.

For players who do not have trusted friends, here is how you can move items and Gold from one character to another on the same server in new World.

How to move an Item to Another Character via the Trade Post

The best way to move Items via the Trade Post is to utilise the Buy Order system.

For example, character A has an item you want to give to character B. All you have to do is place a cheap Buy Order for the Item on character B then have character A fulfil the Buy Order.

Character B placing a Buy Order in Windward.
Character A finding the Buy Order.
Character A fulfilling the Buy Order.
  • Here are some guidelines I use:
    • Buy Order Pricing – In regards to how to price the Buy Order go for less than 1 Gold but don’t go 0.01 as it is not uncommon for other players to put up Buy Orders for Items at that price. Make it a cost you will recognise eg. 0.07 or 0.17.
    • Buy Order Duration – Put the duration of the buy order to 1 Day only as most Buy Orders are usually longer.
    • Location – this is another unique identifier you can use to ensure the Buy Order is yours. Be sure to remember where you put up the Buy Order on character B when attempt to fill on character A.

Following these guidelines will help you make sure the Item is going to your intended character and not another player.

How to move Gold from one Character to another via the Trade Post

All you have to do is overprice an Item that is not worth much Gold (eg. Green Wood) on one character and have the other character purchase it.

For example, you want to send 20,000 Gold from Character A to Character B. Get on Character B and place an Item up for sale (Sell Order), that is not worth much Gold, on the Trade Post and overprice it to 20,000 Gold. Then log onto Character A and purchase the Item. Then voila, Character B has almost 20,000 more Gold (after Trade Taxes).

Character B placing overpriced sell order on Green Wood.
Character A purchasing overpriced Green Wood.
  • Tip: Follow the same guidelines as above to identify the correct order (should be easier to find since most players aren’t going to put up 1 Green Wood or other low-tier mat for 1,000+ gold).
  • Examples of Items you can use that aren’t worth much Gold.
    • A single Tier 1 Mat eg. Green Wood, Flint, Hemp etc.

It is a shame we have to go to this much effort to move items between our characters in New World. Hopefully, the developers will give us an in-game mail system or shared bank in the future to make sharing items between characters much easier.

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