MMO Bits is an MMO Gaming focused website featuring content primarily for Star Wars The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online and New World. The site features a mix of news, reviews, opinions and guides.

MMO Bits was founded in December 2017.

Why ‘MMO Bits’?

The name is a reference to a time in SWTOR history (during the 4.0 era) when only story content was being released. The Developers referred to the MMO elements the game was lacking new content for (and players kept asking for) on their streams as the ‘MMO Bits’.

Will I create content for other MMO’s in the future?

At this stage, no. However, I am interested in checking out Final Fantasy XIV someday.


My name is Rachel, but online, I go by Xam Xam. I’m a twenty-something-year-old Australian. I previously wrote a Blog for 3 Years called Xam Xam Says before creating MMO Bits. My main (and first MMO I ever played) is SWTOR.

I created MMO Bits as a hobby project born out of a passion for SWTOR and making content for the game and the desire to eventually expand into creating content for other MMO’s. I have no expertise in website creation and development. I am slowly teaching myself all the ropes and hope to eventually be able to turn MMO Bits into an incredibly well made, quality website.

Since SWTOR introduced me to the MMO genre, I have gone on to also play WildStar (RIP), Elder Scrolls Online (inactive) and New World (currently playing).

In SWTOR, my main content focus these days is PvP and Strongholds but I occasionally do Operations. In New World, my focus is on overland, crafting and PvP content.


English Australian/UK is the primary language used on this website. However, since the games covered use English – US, it is likely there will be some overlap and minor inconsistency in terms of spelling and grammar. So you may see some English – US and English – Australian/UK used interchangeably even in the same articles. Both languages have different spelling and grammar conventions. I typically try to stick to English Australian/UK spelling and grammar conventions.


I created the Blog Xam Xam Says in December 2014 and closed it in January 2018. It primarily featured content about SWTOR.

I was formerly (roughly mid-2015 to mid-2016) a team member of TORCommunity a SWTOR Fansite with databases, guides, galleries, tools and more.

I have made appearances on various notable SWTOR Podcasts over the years. A full list of appearances can be found below.

I am active on Twitter as part of the SWTOR Family Community there. I tweet a lot using the #SWTOR and #swtorfamily hashtags.

I became a part of SWTOR’s Content Creator Program (formerly the Influencer Program) in November 2017! You can learn more about the Content Creator Program from this official Article and Swtorista’s Video.

SWTOR Content Creator Spotlight

I was featured in Star Wars The Old Republic's Content Creator Community Spotlight series in September 2019! You can read the interview here: The Community Content Creators of SWTOR - Meet Xam Xam.


Here are all of my Podcast appearances and some of the places my content has been featured or referenced.

If you wish to have me as a Podcast Guest, you can contact me via Email (xamxamsays@gmail.com) or Direct Message me on Discord (xamxam).


Xam Xam is affiliated with Broadsword under SWTOR’s Content Creator Program. Xam Xam is not sponsored by Broadsword, EA, Lucasfilm, Disney or any other related company. All SWTOR Content including images, videos information and otherwise related materials found on MMO Bits is owned by Broadsword/EA. All SWTOR Content is authored or co-authored by Xam Xam.

Xam Xam is not affiliated or sponsored by Bethesda/Zenimax, Amazon Games Studio or any other company or studio that creates or manages Video Games. All non-SWTOR content is owned and authored by Xam Xam unless stated otherwise.

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