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Everything you need to know about Elder Scrolls Online’s Gates of Oblivion Global Reveal Event

An overview of everything we know about Elder Scrolls Online’s 2021 Global Reveal Event, when it will be happening and what will be happening including giveaways.

What is ESO’s Global Reveal Event?

It is an event ESO hosts every year, in January, to announce the upcoming story and most of the planned content for the year (usually first and second quarter only). This year the event is titled ‘Gates of Oblivion’ and will feature various developers and community managers affiliated with Zenimax Online Studios. It is also expected that we will find out when the first-quarter update will be on the PTS (Public Test Server).

You can watch the Event LIVE on

The first half of the event is usually a high-production presentation and will not be interactive.

Tune in to see ZeniMax Online Studio’s Director Matt Firor and Bethesda Softworks’ Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines introduce 2021’s next big Chapter and year-long saga!

Throughout the show, you’ll get a first look at the year’s new adventures, stories, systems, and characters. We’ll be joined by members of ZeniMax Online Studios’ development team (including Creative Director Rich Lambert, Art Director CJ Grebb, and Loremaster Leamon Tuttle) to break it all down.

In the second half of the show, the community managers and developers will go over in more detail the systems, characters and stories previewed during the first hour. This part of the event will likely be more interactive with chat.

Once the main presentation is over, stick around for the official ESO Live Special as Community Managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno recap the big news and take a deep dive into some of the new features and adventures coming in the first half of 2021. They’ll also be joined by members of the ESO development team…

When is ESO’s Global Reveal Event?

The Global Reveal Event is happening on the 26th/27th January 2021 depending on your timezone. Here is a timezone breakdown.

  • 2 PM PST (Los Angeles) [26th]
  • 5 PM EST (New York) [26th]
  • 10 PM GMT (London) [26th]
  • 11 PM CET (Amsterdam) [26th]
  • 1 AM MSK (Moscow) [27th]
  • 11 AM NZDT (Auckland) [27th]
  • 9 AM AEDT (Sydney) [27th]
  • 8 AM AEST (Brisbane) [27th]
  • 7 AM JST (Tokyo) [27th]

If your timezone is missing, use this Time Zone Converter link to find out what time the event is happening in your time zone –

The Event is expected to run for two hours.

Twitch Drops and Givaways

Twitch Drops

There has been a recent change to how Twitch Drops work. The drops are still the Ouroboros Crates but, the requirements to get the Drops have changed slightly.

Before we get into that though, if you haven’t already though, you need to link your twitch and ESO accounts following the instructions found here.

How Twitch Drops Work
  • When a stream is Drops-enabled, you’ll get a notification popup letting you know they are live, in addition to a tag on the streamer’s page
  • Per Twitch’s guidelines, you must watch a Drops-enabled stream for at least 15 cumulative minutes
  • You are guaranteed a Drop once you meet the 15-minute requirement
  • Once you earn a Drop, a chat notification will appear that you must select to claim the Drop
    • Alternatively, you can claim the Drop via
    • Note that if watching on console, you will need to swap to PC or Mobile to visit this page and claim your rewards
    • Important: In some cases you may have a limited time to claim your Drops, so be sure to grab them as soon as you see the notification
  • Once claimed, the Drops will be added to your account and you can find them in-game as usual
What is included in Drops?

Ouroboros Crown Crates, which contain a random selection of in-game consumables such as Crown Poisons, Mimic Stones, Riding Lessons, or Experience Scrolls. They also have an extremely rare chance to contain an exclusive Senche of Scarlet Regret mount or Senche Cub of Scarlet Regret pet.

Pet – Viridescent Dragon Frog

The Viridescent Dragon Frog pet will be included in the Drops for the event only. So all you have to do is watch the stream for 15 minutes to get the pet (see Twitch Drops section above for specifics).

Crown Packs Giveaway

During the Global Reveal, ESO will be giving away 5 Crown Packs roughly every five minutes. To enter, all you need to do is simply participate in Twitch chat during the stream. Crown Packs will be delivered following the conclusion of the stream.

One grand prize winner each (five minute) round will win 16,500 Crowns and the other four will win 1,500 Crowns. You can only win once and all platforms and regions are eligible to participate. Be sure to keep an eye on your Twitch DMs, as that’s how they will be awarding crown pack codes!

The winners will be announced in this thread on the ESO Forums –

Are you excited about the Gates of Oblivion Global Reveal Event? What content or improvements are you hoping are implemented this year?

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MMO Gaming Highlights 2020

As we all know, 2020 IRL was not the best year and this translated, to an extent, into the gaming verse’. Nonetheless, there were some great moments in MMO gaming, for me, in 2020 I want to discuss that make me really excited for 2021!

Before we get started, full disclosure, these are the three MMO’s I played in 2020.

  • New World (Preview Event)
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Star Wars The Old Republic

New World (Preview Event)

The main MMO Gaming highlight of 2020, for me, was getting to participate in the New World Preview Event. I was incredibly impressed with how immersive and complete the game was. I was instantly sucked into the lore of the game with compelling quests and the incredibly beautiful zones and scenery. 

Destroying Corruption Breach

What really got me hooked though, was the incredibly immersive crafting system. Everything in the environment has a purpose and would disappear once you harvested it including massive trees and large rocks. You could even pick up twigs and stones and use them to craft stuff.   

Trade Skills

The combat was a bit more challenging than other MMO’s I’ve played but highly rewarding and enjoyable! Combat and skill lines are completely tied to weapons which I think is fantastic and should make things easier to keep balanced. The player housing system has a lot of potential but could use some tweaks (but shouldn’t be as high a priority IMO) and the settlement and guild systems look interesting. The lore (and the setting of the game) is very intriguing. The PvP systems seem fun but I did not get to participate in those beyond flagging to do some of the open-world PvP quests. Would’ve loved to participate in a Faction War!

Faction Wars

There were a couple of issues, of course. The poor enemy NPC AI behaviour and large aggro fields got frustrating at time. Enemy NPC’s that were aggroed by another player (who was running away from them) would aggro to you if you were close by and could easily catch you unawares and result in your death. It isn’t exactly fair to a player to get aggro on enemy NPC’s that they did not attack simply because they (the player) are close by (or in the path of a player running away from the NPC’s). So yes, NPC aggro could use some refining.

Questing progression was quite confusing, initially. Once you completed some of the initial quests and get to your first settlement, you are quickly overwhelmed with quests. It wasn’t clear which quests you should do first and more often then not you were sent to areas beyond your level where the NPC’s would 2-shot you. Later on, it became obvious I needed to do the main questline as quickly as possible so I could my Azoth Staff. I was disappointed the questline abruptly ended once you got the staff though. Hopefully, there will be more of a ‘main’ storyline at launch. Quest pathing and perhaps a breakdown of quest types and their purpose should somehow be introduced. More clear labelling of level requirements for quests would be beneficial too.

Travelling was also very tedious. You had to walk everywhere. Yes, there was a currency (Azoth) you could use to teleport to discovered settlements but this same currency was also used for crafting so you can burn through Azoth very fast. I found the lack of Mounts quite surprising. Hopefully, they will be added to the game prior to launch.

Character close-up

Regardless of these issues, I’m very much looking forward to news of the game’s launch date and am hoping to get the chance to participate in more betas. This game has so much potential and already has so much to do in it. I can not wait to go back to Aeternum and discover it’s secrets!

Elder Scrolls Online – Greymoor Chapter

I thoroughly enjoyed the Greymoor chapter in Elder Scrolls Online this year. While other parts of the game were severely bugged and unbalanced (Cyrodiil & PvP in general), the story offered a pleasant and intriguing respite from the major issues plaguing the game. 

As someone who mainly plays Nords, I loved being able to go to Western Skyrim and experience Nord stories. The Western Skyrim and Blackreach Zones were incredibly beautiful and well designed. The main storyline was intriguing with an excellent cast of new characters. Getting to see old friends again was wonderful. I got to hang out with my BFF Lyris Titanborn and Count Verandis Ravenwatch was delightful, as always!

Western Skyrim

Another wonderful addition to the game this year was the Antiquities system. Again, another nice diversion that has you going back to old zones previously explored and digging up stuff. I love when MMO’s find creative ways of making old zones relevant and enjoyable. I’ve dug up plenty of pretty decorations and other nice things. I enjoyed the implementation of this system and very much look forward to seeing what they add to it in 2021.


Hopefully, PvP performance and balance will get the attention it desperately needs in 2021. If ESO can get PvP fixed and do some Housing tweaks, it would be a near-perfect game. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the upcoming Gates of Oblivion chapter.

SWTOR – Echoes of Vengeance Story (Spoilers!)

While there was minimal content released in Star Wars The Old Republic this year, I was pleasantly surprised by the Echoes of Vengeance story released in Game Update 6.2. The culmination of multiple storylines from both The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic, this story gave us the epic conclusion we wanted from Knights of the Eternal Throne and tied up so many loose ends from many story threads from various mediums along the way. The best moments in the story, though, came from interacting with characters we haven’t seen in a long time. Getting to see Tenebrae’s original body was pretty damn cool too!

Wrath and Revan
Wrath and Darth Marr
The Wrath’s

The only disappointing thing about it is that there isn’t an Operations version of the big fight that happens towards the end of the story. The game overall has been fairly disappointing this year. Both of the new Events were a nice bit of fun but beyond that, there wasn’t much new to do. The quality of life improvements targeting especially Conquest and PvP were certainly welcome though.

Swoop Rally Event
Feast of Prosperity Event

With many new story threads now happening in The Old Republic, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the story takes us. Beyond that, the game needs significant attention and improvement in various areas too many to list in this article. With the Devs teasing great things for 2021, let’s hope The Old Republic can get together in time for its 10-Year Anniversary at the end of the Year.

Thank you, everyone, for reading this article! I’m looking forward to creating new content for you all in The Old Republic and beyond in 2021!

What were your MMO Gaming Highlights in 2020? What MMO’s are you excited for in 2021?

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ESO Jester’s Festival Event Guide!

Here is a Guide to Elder Scrolls Online’s Jesters Festival!


The Jester’s Festival takes you across all three factions as you celebrate and cause some mischieve and a little mayhem in each of the faction’s major towns.

To start the Jester’s Festival Quest, get an invitation for free from the Crown Store. Once you finish the Introductory Quest, you get a Pie of Misrule Memento (I talk more about that below).

There is a quest in each faction’s territory for you to complete. Once you finish each quest, you’re rewarded with a box which will contain at least 2 random event-exclusive items as well as consumables, recipes, valuable items and furnishings.

The first time you complete the daily quest for each Jester each day (regardless of character), you’ll receive a Jester’s Festival Stupendous Box instead! Fragments for a new Pet have been added this year (2020). Stupendous Box Rewards include:

  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Arms Style Pages
  • Fragments of two Mementos: the Festive Noise Maker or Jester’s Festival Joke Popper
  • Jokey Stealies to sell to vendors
  • Runeboxes containing the Cherry Blossom Branch or Jester’s Scintillator mementos
  • NEW fragments for the Sovereign Sow pet!
    • Guaranteed drop within the first Stupendous Gift Box you open each day!
    • This is the now the same porcine princess you save in the Jester’s Festival quest “A Noble Guest”

Jester’s Festival Pie

In 2019, Jester’s Festival Pie was added to Jester’s Festival Reward Boxes.

By adding these tasty missiles to your Quickbar, they become instruments of maniacal merriment, allowing you to throw them at any of Tamriel’s inhabitants, including NPCs, guards, or even your fellow players. Spare none your sticky, delicious wrath! Warning: Some targets, such as city guards, might object to your revelry.

Naturally, they’ve added additional Pie-throwing themed achievements.

  • The Three Fillings War – Throw 10 Pies at players that are in a different Alliance
  • The Upper Crust – Throw a pie at each of the Alliance Leaders
  • More Than You Can Chew – Throw 10 Pies at Guards
  • Dessert Domination – Complete the above Achievements
  • Messy Business – Kill 10 players while they are covered in pie in Cyrodiil

The Pie of Misrule

Like other Events in ESO, there is a Memento you can obtain that will grant that deliciously sweet double XP during the Event. Once you complete one of the Jester’s Festival Quests for the first time, you should get The Pie of Misrule memento in your collections. Use it (right-click on memento) and keep it refreshed every two hours to get Double XP.

Pie of Misrule Memento found in Collections. Click on image to enlarge.

Event Quests

Every locale that has festival quests has a Wayshrine unlocked close by for all factions. So getting to the festivities is pretty easy.

A Noble Guest

Ebonheart Pact – Ebonheart – Location: Stonefalls

Even the most honourable and upstanding residents of Tamriel will be compelled to break the law to complete this quest. But if you’re clever enough you won’t have to worry about getting a Bounty on your head. After all, Jester King Jorunn needs his new mouthwatering bride brought back to him in one piece.

This quest is certainly a lot of fun but it can get a little annoying. If you avoid getting a bounty on your head then this quest is a breeze. See my tips below on how to avoid getting a bounty.

Stonefalls – Brothers of Strife Wayshrine

Springtime Flair

Aldmeri Dominion – Vulkhel Guard – Location: Auridon

An idyllic and ever-so-pretty Auridon is the perfect setting to cause some mayhem. The uptight, grumpy citizens don’t stand a chance against the onslaught of foolish cheer and flower petals.

It is a pretty simple quest but it can be a pain to travel across the island if it’s your first time there. Don’t forget to discover the wayshrines along the way so the next time you do the quest it won’t take anywhere near as long (as peaceful and relaxing a gentle stroll on your steed across Auridon is).

Auridon – Vulkel Guard Wayshrine

Royal Revelry

Daggerfall Covenant – Daggerfall – Location: Glenumbra

Who doesn’t love Dazzlers?! Gather up some pretties and set off some sparkly explosions. How fun does that sound?! Afterall Daggerfall’s dreary grey scheme could really use some colour!

This is the most grindy of the three quests but it shouldn’t take you too long to gather (take from corpses) the stuff you need to make the Dazzlers then go set them off in Daggerfall.

Glenumbra – Daggerfall Wayshrine

Achievement and Quest Tips

Naturally like all events, this one has achievements. Some are pretty straightforward to get while others require a little more effort (and luck *cough* recipes *cough*). Note that achievements are unfortunately per character.

The quests, for the most part, are pretty straightforward to complete but I have included some tips that’ll make your life a bit easier.

Mudcrab Apple Stealing

Stealing Apples undetected is not easy. Most of the time, you will get caught. If you do get caught, you can go around Ebonheart to the where you steal the pig easily without getting caught by any guards and wait for your bounty to go away using this route (pictured below).

One easy way to stop getting caught, though, is to use an invisibility potion.

Reagent combinations you can use to craft your own Essence of Invisibility include (only listed 2 reagent combinations):

  • Blue Entoloma and Spider Egg
  • Blue Entoloma and Nirnroot
  • Nirnroot and Spider Egg
  • Namira’s Rot and Nirnroot
  • Namira’s Rot and Spider Egg
  • Namira’s Rot and Blue Entoloma
  • Dragon’s Bile and Namira’s Rot
  • Dragon’s Bile and Spider Egg
  • Dragon’s Bile and Nirnroot
  • Dragon’s Bile and Blue Entoloma

Stealing Pig Achievement Tip

Once you’ve stolen the pig make sure you take the south-east path back through Ebonheart when you head back to Jester King Jorunn. The Butcher won’t catch you if you go south-east and you won’t get a bounty on your head. If you take the south-west path, the Butcher will catch you and you’ll get a bounty on your head. (Click on image to enlarge).

How to get The Upper Crust Achievement

For this achievement, you have to throw the new Revelry Pie at the Alliance Leaders (Quickslot it). Here are their location depending on your progress throughout the various faction’s story.

NOTE You have to wait for the pie-throwing animation to finish before throwing the Pie at them. If it counts, you will get a bounty on your head! Getting this achievement with a lot of players around is unfortunately really tricky!

  • Joruun the Skald-King
    • Eastmarch – Windhelm
    • The Rift – Troletta Summit Wayshrine
  • Queen Ayrenn
    • Auridon – Vulkhel Guard or Skywatch
    • Greenshade – Marbruk
    • Reaper’s March – Dune
  • High King Emeric
    • Stormhaven – Wayrest
    • Bangkorai – South of Bangkorai Garrison or Hall of Heroes
Jorunn –
The Rift – Troletta Summit Wayshrine

How to get to other factions capital cities for the Dazzling Entertainer Achievement

So you want to get the Dazzling Entertainer achievement but haven’t been to the other factions capitals? Well, it’s pretty easy to get to the other factions capitals. Each faction’s capital city and major city has a boat or caravan that’ll allow you to travel to other factions capital cities free of charge. (Don’t forget to unlock each capitals Wayshrine while you’re there for easy travel in the future).

First up, here’s a list of each faction’s capital city and some of the major cities with a Caravan/Boat and who the navigators are:

  • Ebonheart Pact –
    • Capital: Mournhold – Location: Deshann – Navigator: Falvis Raram
    • Major City: Davon’s Watch – Location: Stonefalls – Navigator: Falvis Raram
  • Aldmeri Dominion –
    • Capital: Elden Root – Location: Grahtwood – Navigator: Selandilwen
    • Major City: Vulkhel Guard – Location: Auridon – Navigator: Selandilwen
  • Daggerfall Covenant –
    • Capital: Wayrest – Location: Stormhaven Navigator: Azoufah
    • Major City: Daggerfall – Location: Glenumbra Navigator: Azoufah

From any of these listed locations, you can get to the other faction’s capital cities.

Mournhold (Deshann) Undaunted Enclave Location

From the boat, it’s only a brief swim and short ride south to the Undaunted Enclave.

Elden Root (Grahtwood) Undaunted Enclave Location

From the Caravan, it’s only a short horse ride south to the Undaunted Enclave where you can set off your dazzlers.

Wayrest (Stormhaven) Undaunted Enclave Location

From the boat, it’s a bit of a ride north-west to the Undaunted Enclave.

That just about sums up most of the Event. The rest comes down to pure luck. So good luck and have fun!

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All Delve and World Boss Daily Locations in ESO

Last Updated – 1st December 2020

This is an overview of all the current World Boss and Delve Dailies available in Elder Scrolls Online. Information such as specific locations and prerequisites are included.

(If I’m missing any info or made any mistakes, please let me know ASAP!)

The Reach

In The Reach, the World Boss and Delve Quest Daily givers are in Markarth north, north-west of the Markarth Wayshrine.

The only prerequisite to pick up these dailies is to have the Markarth DLC. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different World Boss Dailies and 6 different Delve Dailies available per day. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do more Dailies in The Reach if players are willing to share them. Unfortunately, the maximum amount of dailies is 4 per day, 2 World Boss Dailies and 2 Delve Dailies.

  • Bralthahawn – Delve Daily
  • Gwenfe – World Boss Daily

Western Skyrim

In Western Skyrim, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in Solitude south of the Solitude Wayshrine.

The only prerequisite to pick up the dailies is to have the Elsweyr Chapter. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different Delve Dailies and 6 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 12 dailies you can do in Western Skyrim. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 12 quests if players are willing to share them.

  • Tinzen – Delve
  • Hidever – World Boss

Southern Elsweyr

In Southern Elsweyr, the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers are in Senchal south of the Senchal Wayshrine in the Senchal Market Square.

The only prerequisite to pick up these dailies is to have the Southern Elsweyr DLC. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different World Boss Dailies and 6 different Delve Dailies available per day. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do more Dailies in Southern Elsweyr if players are willing to share them. Unfortunately, the maximum amount of dailies is 4 per day, 2 World Boss Dailies and 2 Delve Dailies.

  • Guybert Flaubert – Delve
  • Bruccius Baenius – World Boss

Northern Elsweyr

In Northern Elsweyr, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in Rimmen south of the Wayshrine. Go underneath the walkway and keep going until you see the quest givers.

The only prerequisite to pick up the dailies is to have the Elsweyr Chapter. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different Delve Dailies and 6 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 12 dailies you can do in Northern Elswyer. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 12 quests if players are willing to share them.

  • Nisuzi – Delve Daily
  • Ri’hairr – World Boss Daily


In Murkmire, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in Lilmoth south of the Wayshrine, east of the Fighters and Mages Guild Halls.

The only prerequisite to pick up these dailies is to have the Murkmire DLC. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different World Boss Dailies and 6 different Delve Dailies available per day. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do more Dailies in Murkmire if players are willing to share them. Unfortunately, the maximum amount of dailies is 4 per day, 2 World Boss Dailies and 2 Delve Dailies.

  • Varo Hosidas – Delve Daily
  • Bolu – World Boss Daily


In Summerset, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in Alinor at Rinmawen’s Plaza south-west of the Wayshrine.

The only prerequisite to pick up these dailies is to have the Summerset Chapter. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different Delve Dailies and 6 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 12 dailies you can do in Summerset. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 12 quests if players are willing to share them.

  • Justicar Farowel – World Boss Daily
  • Justicar Tanorian – Delve Daily

Clockwork City

In Clockwork City, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in the Brass Fortress right by the Wayshrine.

You must have access to Clockwork City to be able to get the World Boss and Delve Dailies. The World Boss Daily does not require starting the storyline to access. The Delve Daily, however, is not obtainable until you’ve completed the one-off quests for each Delve found at each of the Delves respective entrances.

There are 2 different World Boss Dailies and 2 different Delve Dailies available per day. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do up to 4 Dailies in Clockwork City if players are willing to share them. Note there are different variations of the Delve Dailies you can get but you can still only do 2 per day, one for each Delve.

  • Clockwork Facilitator – World Boss Daily
  • Novice Holli – Delve Daily
The Brass Fortress


In Vvardenfell, you can find the World Boss and Delve Daily Quest givers in Vivec City in the Halls of Judgement.

Unlocking access to the Delve and World Boss Dailies requires completion of the ‘Divine Conundrum’ story quest. See my Morrowind Celebration Event Guide for more information and specifics.

There are 6 different Delve Dailies and 6 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 12 dailies you can do in Vvardenfell. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 12 quests if players are willing to share them.

  • – World Boss Daily
  • Omoril – Delve Daily

Gold Coast

On the Gold Coast, you can find the Delve Daily in Anvil and the World Boss Daily in Kvatch on Bounty Boards.

The only prerequisite is to have the Dark Brotherhood DLC. You do not need to do the Dark Brotherhood quest line to access these Dailies.

There are 2 different Delve Dailies and 2 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 4 dailies on the Gold Coast. While you can only pick up one quest from each bounty board per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 4 quests if someone is willing to share them.

  • Anvil Bounty Board Location – Enrick’s Public House
  • Kvatch Bounty Board Location – Trader’s Circle


In Vvardenfell, you can find the World Boss daily giver outside Orsinium in Skaler’s Hostel and the Delve Daily Quest giver at Morkul Stronghold in the Clan Longhouse.

You must have access to Wrothgar to be able to get the World Boss and Delve Dailies. You do not have to start the story to be able to pick up the Dailies.

There are 6 different Delve Dailies and 6 different World Boss Dailies making for a total of 12 dailies you can do in Wrothgar. While you can only pick up one quest from each quest giver per day, the quests are shareable. So you can do all 12 quests if players are willing to share them.

  • Arzorag – World Boss Daily
  • Guruzug – Delve Daily

Undaunted – Delve Daily

You can get the Undaunted Delve Daily by talking to Bolgrul in the Undaunted Enclave in Mournhold (Deshann), Elden Root (Grahtwood) or Wayrest (Stormhaven). There are a variety of different Dailies you can get taking you all over Tamriel (non-DLC areas) but you can only do one per day.

You have to get to level 45 to unlock the Undaunted Skill line. Once you’ve done that and done the introductory quest, then you should be able to pick up the Undaunted Delve Daily.

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Elsweyr PvP News and Info Round-Up

This past week the Press NDA was lifted and loads of new Elsweyr info has been revealed! The Devs have also done a couple of Livestreams. Here’s all the PvP information and news I could find for your convenience.

The PTS for Elsweyr will be launching on the week of April 15. Almost everything mentioned will be released with the Elsweyr Chapter and Update 22 on May 20th (PC early access). Since almost everything PvP related is tied to the base game, you will not need the Elsweyr chapter to experience these additions and changes when they launch.

Most of this information came from the Elsweyr Presentation Livestream (March 29) and the Elsweyr Q&A Livestream (March 30th).

Daedric Artifact – Volendrung

When a player picks up the Volundrung initially, they’ll get a ‘damage dampener’ so they can’t die straight away. A player carrying it will ‘glow’. You get 5 abilities plus an Ultimate.

  • AOE Cleave Attack + knockback (think Sauron FOTR)
  • Direct Damage Attack
  • Charge
  • Group Buff – Expedition, Restores Stamina
  • Keep Wall Destroy ability (takes15-20 seconds)
  • Ultimate – turn into a whirlwind/cyclone that does AOE damage, chain pulls people in (think Tazzy )

The Volendrung is currently going to spawn on the map every 5-6 hours per campaign. It will spawn in random locations, however, it has built-in parameters so it won’t spawn in a factions territory if they have Emperor or are winning the campaign etc. It should go to the ‘underdogs’.

The Volendrung will ‘live’ for 30 minutes at the minimum. So if someone dies with it in within the 30 minutes, someone else can pick it up. After 30 minutes you can still have it but the moment the person who has it dies, it will disappear.

The Volendrung will slowly kill you while you wield it so you have to keep feeding it. As time progresses, the feed rate increases making it harder and harder to hold onto it. You feed it by gaining Alliance Points from killing players and offensive/defensive ticks from attacking/defending Keeps. Repairing will not count.

If you try to pick up the Volendrung as an Emperor, you will get an error message (saying you can’t pick it up).

AP gain is the same.

There are also achievements attached to the Volendrung.

Alliance Lock and New Campaigns

Only the two 30-day campaigns will have an Alliance Lock. When you are about to enter an Alliance Locked campaign, you will get a message asking you if you are sure you want to enter that Campaign with that Alliance. If you say yes, then you can enter. When you look at the campaigns on other characters it will show the lock symbol with the faction each campaign is locked to.

They are getting rid of all the existing Campaigns and adding new ones. So everyone will have a clean slate and have to pick a new home campaign.

There will be four new Cyrodiil campaigns:

  • 30-day CP (Alliance Locked)
  • 30-day non-CP (Alliance Locked)
  • 7-day CP
  • Level 10-49 non-CP

They are also getting rid of the ‘Guesting’ function entirely. So you’ll just pick your home campaign then be able to go into any other campaign as you please. But your rewards etc. will still be tied to your home Campaign.

Siege and Structure Adjustments

They are going to increase the damage done by Siege in CP campaigns by 30%.

Towers at resources and the tops of Keeps will also no longer be destructible. This is being done purely to improve performance by helping with overhead and save on memory.

Imperial City

There will be two Imperial City Campaigns ( will not be an under 50 Campaign).

  • CP Enabled
  • Non-CP Enabled

There will be no Alliance Locking for Imperial City. You won’t be able to select an IC Campaign as a home campaign (there’s really no need for it since there are no leaderboards etc.).

Stuck in Combat Bug

They’re working on it. They’re looking at everything that puts players into combat and then evaluating and changing the parameters that put you into combat. This will take a while and is not expected to be in Update 22.


There won’t be a new mode or map. However, they are looking at revamping older maps so they change up a bit (like Eld Angvar) depending on the mode being played.

Elder Scrolls Online

Harrowstorm Warden Healer PvP Build and Guide

Update – Harrowstorm DLC (Last Updated 1st May 2020) build being refined and making gradual formatting changes.

Here is my Warden Healing PvP Build and Guide!

This Guide is currently focused on small/large scale Cyrodiil PvP. In future, it will be updated with Battlegrounds specifics.


Here are my various builds. If you’re more comfortable having the abilities in different spots, then go for it. Just make sure they correlate with the right weapon.

Large Group/Zerg Build

Front Bar – Deceptive Predator, Efficient Purge, Illustrious Healing, Enchanted Growth, Radiating Regeneration, Ultimate – Enchanted Forest.
Back Bar – Siege Weapon Shield, Corrupting Pollen, Race Against Time, Ice Fortress, Blue Betty, Ultimate – Permafrost.

Front Bar Flex Spot – On my front bar I have one flex spot. Typically I’ll slot Radiating Regeneration for more heals. Alternatively, you could use Time Freeze or Frozen Device for group utility. Other options could be Inner Light or a healing ability (Living Trellis or Healing Ward) if you prefer (see Flex Spots list below).

Back Bar Flex Spots – On my back bar, I have one flex spot. I usually use Siege Shields or Arctic Blast depending on zerg makeup.

UltimateHealing Thicket on the front bar and Permafrost on the back bar.

Key Abilities List

Front Bar

Deceptive Predator Invoke the spirit of agility to gain Major Expedition for 6 seconds, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%. While slotted gain Minor Evasion, reducing damage from area attacks by 10%. Falcon’s Swiftness Warden – Animal Companions
Efficient Purge Cleanse yourself and your group, removing up to 3 negative effects immediately. Purge Alliance War – Support
Illustrious Healing Summon restoring spirits with your staff, healing you and your allies in the target area for 1596 Health and an additional 1596 Health every 1 second for 12 seconds. Grand Healing Weapon – Restoration Staff
Enchanted Growth Seed a large area of mushrooms in front of you, healing you and your allies for 6552 Health. Any target healed gains Minor Intellect and Minor Endurance, increasing their Magicka and Stamina Recovery by 10% for 20 seconds. Fungal Growth Warden – Green Balance

Back Bar

Corrupting Pollen Summon a field of flowers which blooms after 6 seconds, healing you and allies in the area for 9823 Health. Enemies who enter the field are afflicted with Major Defile, reducing their healing received by 30%. An ally within the field can activate the Harvest synergy, healing for 9194 Health over 5 seconds. Healing Seed Warden – Green Balance
Race Against Time Bend time and space around you to gain Major Expedition for 4 seconds and Minor Force for 12 seconds, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% and Critical Damage by 10%. Activating this ability removes all snares and immobilizations from you and grants immunity to them for 2 seconds. Accelerate Guild – Psijic Order
Ice Fortress Wrap a thick cloak of ice around you and your allies. The ice grants Major Resolve, increasing your Physical and Spell Resistance by 5280 for 24 seconds. You gain Minor Protection, reducing your damage taken by 8% for 24 seconds. Frost Cloak Warden – Winter’s Embrace
Blue Betty Call a betty netch to your side, which restores 4416 Magicka to you over 25 seconds and grants you Major Brutality and Sorcery, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 20%. Every 5 seconds, the netch removes 1 negative effect from you. Betty Netch Warden – Animal Companions

Flex Spots List

  • Arctic Blast – Arctic Wind Morph (Winter’s Embrace – Warden)
  • Radiating Regeneration – Regeneration Morph (Restoration Staff – Weapon)
  • Siege Weapon Shield – Siege Shield Morph (Support – Alliance War)
  • Nature’s Embrace – Nature’s Grasp Morph (Green Balance – Warden)
  • Living Trellis – Living Vines Morph (Green Balance – Warden)
  • Frozen Device – Frozen Gate Morph (Winter’s Embrace – Warden)
  • Time Freeze – Time Stop Morph (Psijic Order – Guild)
  • Shimmering Shield – Crystallised Shield Morph (Winter’s Embrace – Warden)
  • Healing Ward – Steadfast Ward Morph (Restoration Staff – Weapon)
  • Energy Orb – Necrotic Orb Morph (Undaunted – Guild)
  • Inner Light – Magelight Morph (Mages Guild – Guild)


This gear set up works for both small scale and large scale Cyrodiil and Imperial City PvP.

Head Earthgore Light Impenetrable Health
Shoulders Earthgore Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Chest Kagrenac’s Hope Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat/Prismatic
Waist Kagrenac’s Hope Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Feet Kagrenac’s Hope Heavy Impenetrable Magicka
Legs Kagrenac’s Hope Heavy Impenetrable Tri-Stat/Prismatic
Hands Kagrenac’s Hope Light Impenetrable Magicka
Necklace Transmutation Jewellery Arcane Magicka Recovery
Ring Transmutation Jewellery Arcane Magicka Recovery
Ring Transmutation Jewellery Arcane Magicka Recovery
Restoration Staff Transmutation Two-Handed Powered Absorb Magicka
Sword or Axe Transmutation One-Handed Powered Absorb Magicka
Shield  Transmutation Shield Impenetrable Tri-Stat/Prismatic

Alternative back bar

Inferno Staff Transmutation Two-Handed Infused Absorb Magicka

I run 5 Heavy, 2 Light. Alternatively, you can run 5 Heavy, 1 Light, 1 Medium. As long as you’ve got 5 Heavy, you’re good to go.

If there are others in your group running Transmutation, you can swap it out for Jorvald’s Guidance, Sanctuary or Spell Power Cure (while keeping Kagrenac’s as your other set). I’d highly recommend working towards getting at least one of these sets to have in addition to Transmutation. My personal recommendation out of all these sets would be Jorvald’s Guidance.

For Weapons, when I’m Zerging, I use Sword and board. When I’m not Zerging and just Pug surfing, I sometimes use a Destro Staff for easier off-DPS capability.

Transmutation Elite Gear Vendor (Unidentified Elite Gear Containers – 20k AP each) in Cyrodiil at your faction’s Gate or Guild Stores.

Kagrenac’s Hope Crafted (8 Trait – Earth Forge (Fighter’s Guild Instance)) or Guild Stores.

Earthgore Veteran Bloodroot Forge Dungeon (Horns of the Reach DLC), Urgarlag Chief-Bane’s Undaunted Chest or rarely on the Golden Vendor in Cyrodiil.

Armor of the Seducer Crafted 3 trait (Deshann, Grahtwood or Stormhaven)
Jorvuld’s Guidance Scalecaller Peak Dungeon (Dragon Bones DLC)
Sanctuary Banished Cells I & II Dungeons
Spell Power Cure White-Gold Tower Dungeon (Imperial City DLC)


In PvP how you distribute your stats works differently than in PvE. Here are my Stats in Cyrodiil with food (see below for food I use).

Front Bar
Back Bar

The key stats you want to aim for in PvP (Cyrodiil) is:

  • 29-30k health (minimum)
  • 2500+ (ideally 2700) Crit resistance

To get my Health to 29k, I use a Health Enchant on my Head and two Prismatic Enchants (Chest and Legs). To get your Critical Resistance above 2500 your trait on all your armour should be Impenetrable.

In theory, I could reduce my Magicka Recovery by swapping to the ‘Increase Magicka’ Mundus and then use another Health Enchant to get my Health up a bit more while still staying at 30k Magicka. However, as a Warden, I should have Minor Toughness (more on that below) up almost constantly which brings my health up to 31.2k. So at this stage, I’m quite happy to stay where I’m at plus I like having high Magicka Recovery.

I like running with high Stamina for the obvious utility (sprinting, roll dodging, blocking, breaking free etc.), but if you prefer you could use one Health and one Magicka Enchant instead of the two Prismatic Enchants to increase your Health and Magicka.

Stats are going to vary slightly depending on Race. So you also have to take that into consideration as well when sorting out your stats and determining which Enchantments to use.

Attribute, Mundus Stone and Race


All points Magicka.

Mundus Stone

Atronach (Increase Magicka Recovery)


Honestly, you can be whatever Race you like. Personally, I’m a Nord. But if you wish to BiS for healing, Bretons and Argonians are currently the strongest races for healing.

Here are the key racial passives for Nords, for reference, to give you an idea on how they affect my build.

  • Reveler – Increases the duration of any consumed drink by 15 minutes.
  • Resist Frost – Increases Max Health by 1000.

Passive Skill Points

Priority Passives

  • All Warden Passives
  • All Restoration and Destruction Staff Passives
  • One Hand and Shield Passives – Fortress, Sword and Board, Deflect Bolts, Battlefield Mobility
  • Light Armour Passives – Grace, Evocation, Spell Warding (or ALL if you run 5 light, 2 heavy)
  • All Heavy Armour Passives (or just Resolve, Constitution, Juggernaut if you run 5 light, 2 heavy)
  • All Alliance War Passives
  • All Racial Passives
  • All Undaunted Passives
  • All Psijic Order Passives
  • Alchemy – Medicinal Use, Snakeblood
  • Provisioning – Gourmand

Other Passives

  • Medium Armour Passives – Wind Walker, Improved Sneak, Athletics
  • All Mages Guild Passives
  • Provisioning – Connoisseur

Champion Points – 810 Setup

  • The Tower – 101
    • Sprinter – 35
    • Warlord – 66
  • The Lover – 85
    • Arcanist – 85
  • The Shadow – 84
    • Tumbling – 61
    • Shadow Ward – 23
  • The Apprentice – 240
    • Blessed – 100
    • Elfborn – 100
    • Elemental Expert – 40
  • The Atronach – 830
    • Master-at-Arms – 30
  • The Ritual – 0
  • The Steed – 102
    • Resistant – 36
    • Ironclad – 66
  • The Lady – 168
    • Thick Skinned – 56
    • Elemental Defender – 56
    • Hardy – 56
  • The Lord – 0

Potions and Food

  • Food – Longfin Pasty of Melon Sauce
  • Potions –
    • Essence of Spell Critical
    • Essence of Immovability (Magicka, Health)
    • Essence of Immovability (Stamina, Speed)

I prefer Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce (or Capon Tomato-Beet Casserole) over Witchmother’s Potent Brew simply for the Stamina. It is better to have increased Stamina for sprinting, roll dodging, blocking, breaking free etc. in PvP. If you feel like you need more Magicka recovery though, feel free to use Witchmother’s or if you can afford it, Clockwork Citrus Filet.

How to use your Pots

Use the Spell Crit Pot to boost your Magicka or when low on health. Save you Immov (Mag) Pot for when you’re going through breaches or turtling with your group inside a keep (just keep popping it off cooldown). Use the Immov (Stam) Pot for keeping up with your group travelling between Keeps or scroll running when stuck in combat.

Guide – How to Play

Healing Rotation / Priorities

Your primary heals are Enchanted Growth and Illustrious Healing. Pretty much all of your other abilities, including your healing ones, are used as ‘buffs’ or for emergencies.

Enchanted Growth buffs you and allies resource regen so do try to keep it up. It comes in most handy to spam on scroll carriers and turtling.

Use Ice Fortress every 15-20 seconds rather than waiting 24 seconds for it to end (as it’s going to hit different people each time). Ice Fortress gives you and 11 allies a Physical and Spell Resistance buff so be sure to keep it up.

Keep Blue Betty and Deceptive Predator up as much as you can (remember Blue Betty is a free personal purge (you have to refresh it obviously!). Deceptive Predator is used more defensively and/or as a slight speed boost. Blue Betty you should try to get into the habit of always keeping up. This does take a little getting used to.

Use Purge throughout the group when moving about as needed. You’ll find yourself using Purge most often at doors/breaches/flags when multiple oils are being dumped. Use it every 3 seconds or so between Healing Springs/Enchanted Growth or wait even longer if there are other Purges going out. You’ll also use it frequently turtling a Keep to cap it or farm. Again, use it every few seconds.

Corrupting Pollen is used more as an offensive ability against ball groups. When they’re stacked tight and/or your group is pushing into them with Ultimate’s and Proxy Dets, spamming it every couple of seconds on the enemy adds a defile reducing their heals and gives friendlies a healing synergy if they need it. Another good situation for using Corrupting Pollen is on enemy R when you and/or friendlies are dumping oils on them.

Healing Ward (if being used) is used as more of an ‘oh shit’ heal if someone is low on health. Usually, I reserve it for when Crown is getting focused. If you prefer, you can use Living Trellis as your ‘oh shit’ heal instead. Nature’s Embrace while primarily used more for its movement utility can also be used to help to give a low health player extra heals. Just be ready to roll dodge (and use Deceptive Predator to get) out of the group.

Since Healing Thicket has a pretty low ultimate cost (92), you can use it pretty liberally, But typically, I use it on rams, pushing through breaches, Keep flag cap turtling (cause oil dumps and high incoming damage) or when a bomber or group is pushing into my group. So basically when you know there’s going to be a lot of incoming damage. You’ll be able to predict this better with experience.

Heal and Buff Placement

You should be placing your heals and using your buffs on Crown 80-90% of the time. This should, in theory, help encourage DPS to stack on Crown. Don’t waste your time healing stragglers who can’t be bothered to stick to Crown.

Illustrious Healing placement varies depending on the situation but for the most part, it should be placed slightly ahead of the group when you are moving or directly on Crown (as that’s where most of your group should be).

Since Enchanted Growth and Ice Fortress aren’t placeable abilities and hit random people, using them will require you to be in the middle of the group or on Crown for maximum effect. Enchanted Growth is a conal AOE heal that will heal friendlies in front of or next to you at random. Fortress hits up to 12 random friendlies around you.

Siege Shield is typically placed on Rams or other friendly Siege depending on how you and the enemy are Sieging. Just place it where most of the enemy Siege fire is concentrated. You should also use them on flags when flipping a Keep to help mitigate damage from enemy O.


Understanding how your key Passives work will help you better heal and use your abilities. Here are the key passives to keep in mind.

  • Animal Companions
    • Savage Beast – When you cast an Animal Companion ability while you are in combat you generate 4 Ultimate. This effect can only occur once every 8 seconds.
    • Flourish – Increases your Magicka and Stamina recovery by 12% if an Animal Companion ability is slotted.
  • Green Balance
    • Accelerated Growth – When you heal yourself or an ally under 40%, Health with a Green Balance ability you gain Major Mending Increasing your healing done by 25% for 3 seconds.
    • Nature’s Gift – When you heal an ally with a Green Balance ability, you gain 250 Magicka or 250 Stamina whichever resource pool is lower. This effect can only occur once every second.
    • Emerald Moss – Increases your healing done with Green Balance abilities by 2% for each Green Balance ability slotted.
    • Maturation – When you activate a heal on yourself or an ally you grant the target Minor Toughness, increasing their Max Health by 10% for 20 seconds.
  • Restoration Staff
    • Essence Drain – You gain Major Mending for 3 seconds after completing a fully-charged Heavy Attack, increasing your healing done by 25%. You also heal yourself or a nearby ally to the target for 45% of the damage inflicted by the final hit of a fully-charged Heavy Attack.
    • Cycle of Life – Restores an additional 30% Magicka when you complete a heavy attack.

Maturation is the most valuable of all these passives. Minor Toughness is the most important buff you can give your group and it is granted when you use ANY heal (not just Warden ones). So yes, it works with Illustrious Healing.

Your other Green Balance Passives are why you shouldn’t be too reliant on Illustrious Healing. While it is one of your primary heals, be sure to use Enchanted Growth as your secondary main heal so you can take full advantage of these passives.

The Savage Beast Passive is why you should keep up Blue Betty and Deceptive Predator as much as you can especially when you’re in combat. It will speed up your ultimate regen significantly.

Your Restoration Staff Heavy Attack passives are also important to keep in mind. When there are plenty of enemies about there really is no excuse not to weave in the odd Heavy attack to help manage you Magicka and take advantage of the Essence Drain Passive.

Positioning and Movement

You should be positioned on the outskirts of your group, avoiding the centre or front, for the most part. Think about it this way. When there’s a sizeable number of people taking a resource, you never stand right on the flag of a resource when it’s being capped right? You stand on the outskirts to avoid bombers. This is how you should generally position yourself whether in a Zerg or just hanging out with pugs.

When you do have to move into the group to Buff or Purge, just be sure to do so quickly. Ideally, you should be weaving in and out of the group fairly regularly to buff the group. You’ll get the hang of this with practice. If you find yourself on Crown and see a ball group barreling towards your group roll dodge out of their way so you can heal your group.

One important thing to remember about positioning is to always try to stay within range of Crown as that, again, is where you’ll be placing 80-90% of your heals. It is good to get into the habit of staying near Crown if your new to running in large groups though.

Dodging Zergs

The key to effectively dodging zergs and keeping yourself alive is learning to predict their path. This comes from experience not just from going against zergs but also running in zergs. The number one thing to keep in mind with zergs is they’ll generally go where the biggest clump of players are. As a healer, you generally should not be with the big clump of players but rather on the outskirts. This typically makes it a lot easier for healers to get out of the way of Zergs and survive longer. Also, roll dodge, Deceptive Predator and Race Against Time are your friends. Keep Deceptive Predator and Race Against Time up as much as possible

When Zergs move around, balled up, in the inner Keep, they are trying to gradually cap the flags. So try to move to the opposite flag they’re at to prevent them from capping it. This works better when there are other players around though.

Quick Tips

Magicka management shouldn’t be too much of a problem, for the most part, there’s usually a decent supply of enemies around for a quick resto heavy attack. But there will always be times when your Magicka runs low especially when sieging Keeps and there are fewer enemies to Heavy Attack (since they’re hiding behind the wall). In these situations, you have to be extra careful not to spam your key abilities too much since you’ll be refreshing your Siege Shields regularly as well as Purging. Be wary of using a Pot to bring your Magicka up though since you need to have an Immov Pot up for when the Keep is breached. If you think you’ll have enough time, then go for it, if not, then wait.

Remember to Heal and Buff yourself and friendlies when repairing doors/walls as bombers love to target repairers in large clumps. If not in combat, you can also do this on the Transitus. Be wary of spamming heals and buffs if stuck in combat around a Transitus, though, as this will likely increase the amount of time you and friendlies are stuck in combat. Instead, just be ready to buff and spam heals in case a bomber appears before you and friendlies can use the Transitus.

If you find yourself not being able to cast Illustrious Healing at all due to lag (or from spamming it too much), switch to using Enchanted Growth instead and Weapon Bar swap a couple of times in between casts. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to start using Illustrious Healing again. Try to avoid spamming Illustrious Healing too much. Wait 6-8 seconds before casting it again and spam Enchanted Growth if absolutely needed (you’ve got plenty of other buffs to keep up on your group mates). The only time you should be regularly spamming Illustrious Healing is to place it ahead of the group if you are moving around together in a tight ball group.

You can heal through doors of Keeps using Enchanting Growth to help out friendlies retreating from enemies. Illustrious Healing does not work this way. But it can be helpful to place it at the door as well to help top up those who make it inside. Also, be ready to give those who make it inside a Purge as well.

That completes the guide (for now)! This was fun to put together and I’m still getting the hang of a lot of the stuff I put in here. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to give me a holler in the Comments, on Discord (Xam Xam#5102) or in-game @XamXam777!

I’d like to thank my <Army of the Pact> Guild Mates and (former) GM Crow for teaching me so much about Cyrodiil PvP back in the day. I’d like to thank my Guildmates again for letting me tag along as I’ve returned and relearnt the game after my year-long break.

Elder Scrolls Online

Morrowind Celebration Event Guide

Travel to Morrowind the home of the Dark Elves to earn double rewards and Event Tickets!

The Morrowind Celebration Event begins on Thursday, February 7 at 10:00 AM EST and will run until Monday, February 18 at 10:00 AM EST.

Earn Double Rewards

Earn double rewards from the following activities.

  • Double drops from resource nodes
    • Including Jewelry seams, but does not include nodes spawned from Survey Reports and Fishing Holes
  • Double drops from all bosses (including the Halls of Fabrication Trial)
  • Double reward boxes from all Daily Quests in the zone

Event Tickets

Earn Event Tickets from the following activities.

  • One Event Ticket for the first World Boss Daily Quest completed each day
  • One Event Ticket for the first Delve Daily Quest completed each day

You can earn a total of two Event Tickets per day per account, with a possible total of 24 by the event’s end.

Daily Quest Giver Locations

World Boss Daily Quest Giver
  • Beleru Omoril
Delve Daily Quest Giver
  • Traylan Omoril

Note: To unlock the Dailies, you need to do the initial world story quest ‘Divine Conundrum’ found just outside Seyda Neen. Once you complete the quest go to the Notice Board near the Hall of Justice to get daily intro quest ‘A Call for Aid’. Completing this quest will give you access to the Dailies.

Don’t forget there is Plus Trial happening from Thursday, February 7 at 10:00 AM EST till Tuesday, February 12 at 10:00 AM EST so everyone can come to Vvarendfell and participate in the Event!

The Ashlander Dailies in Ald’ruhn also give double rewards but require some Vvardenfell world story progression to access. Note they do not reward Event Tickets.

Elder Scrolls Online

New Jester’s Festival Achievements 2019

There are a few additions coming to the Jester’s Festival this year. Not only are reward boxes changing but we are also getting some brand new achievements to pursue!


There are two new mementos to be earned from Jester’s Festival Boxes.

Dessert Domination Achievement

Complete three achievements to get this Achievement and Head Marking.

Achievements needed:

PvP Achievement

There is also one achievement that can only be earned in Cyrodiil. Easiest Emperor title ever?

Elder Scrolls Online

February Daily Login Rewards – Sun’s Dawn

Elder Scrolls Online’s Daily Login Rewards for February 2019!

The rewards will come up as a pop-up screen when you log in. All you have to do is manually claim each reward simply by clicking on it.

Alternatively, you can access the Daily Login Rewards via the Crown Store.

Sun’s Dawn Rewards (February 2019)

There are a total of 28 Rewards to claim over a period of 28 days in February.

Reward details are listed below.

  • 1 – Crown Fortifying Meal (2)
  • 2 – Crown Experience Scroll
  • 3 –  Crown Tri Restoration Potion (25)
  • 4 – Crown Soul Gem (3)
  • 5 – Crown Lethal Potion (50)
  • 6 – Gold (500)
  • 7 – Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll (1)
  • 8 – Crown Repair Kit
  • 9 – Crown Experience Scroll (2)
  • 10 –  Crown Tri Restoration Potion (50)
  • 11 – Tel Var Stones (250)
  • 12 – Crown Lethal Potion (100)
  • 13 – Gold (1,000)
  • 14 – Instant All Research (2)
  • 15 – Crown Repair Kit (2)
  • 16 – Crown Experience Scroll (3)
  • 17 – Crown Tri Restoration Potion (75)
  • 18 – Tel Var Stones (500)
  • 19 –  Crown Lethal Potion (150)
  • 20 – Gold (1,500)
  • 21 – Bardic Tavern-Singer’s Dress
  • 22 – Crown Repair Kit (2)
  • 23 – Crown Experience Scroll (4)
  • 24 Crown Tri Restoration Potion (100)
  • 25 – Tel Var Stones (1,000)
  • 26 Crown Lethal Potion (200)
  • 27 – Gold (2,500)
  • 28 – Gold (5,000)

Reward descriptions are below.

House Previews Wrathstone

Frostvault Chasm House Preview

Here is my preview of the Frostvault Chasm Home possibly being released with the Wrathstone DLC.


  • Location – Eastmarch
  • Style – Dwarven
  • House Type – Classic Home
  • Furnishing Style – Dwarven and Nord
  • Cost –
    • Unfurnished: Unknown
    • Furnished: Unknown

Loadscreen and Description

This side entrance to Frostvault leads down to a deep and spacious side grotto that was cut off from the main caverns long ago, though power still flows into it through conduits form the central source. Careful, these platforms have no handrails!


Location in Eastmarch

House Map



Chasm Platform