Contact Info

Last Updated – 10th March 2020.

Please note that I will strictly only respond to relevant queries about my website (especially if I have no idea who you are). Unsolicited money gouging or offering of services for payment and similar/other spam by presumed entities, companies or individuals will not be responded to.

Sponsorships are welcome.

Primary Contact Info

If you have any inquiries or questions about MMO Bits you can:

Social Media

*Note I am the following prominent Discords: SWTOR (Reddit partnered one), SWTOR Theorycrafters, Guildmaster Hotspot, Satele Shan Raiding Discord. I am also in the official Elder Scrolls Online Discord. You should be able to message me if you are in these Discords. Alternatively, you are welcome to join my Discord server (linked above).

Discord server invites and suggestions are welcome! Just message me an invite and I’ll consider joining.

Game Forum Usernames

  • SWTOR Username – Pandoras_Jar
  • ESO UserID – XamXam777

In-Game Names

Did you see me in a game? Maybe you did!

In SWTOR, I have the character name Xam Xam on all 3 English speaking servers (Satele Shan, Star Forge and Darth Malgus).

On my home server, Satele Shan, the following Xam Xam related character names are me.

  • Xami
  • Xam-Xam
  • Xam’bitsh
  • Xam’bam
  • Xåmira

On Darth Malgus, the following Xam Xam related character names are me.

  • Xam’bam
  • Xam Bam

On Star Forge, the following Xam Xam related character names are me.

  • Xam Bam
  • Xam-Xam

Any other character names you come across with ‘Xam’ in them are not me! (Eg. Xambassador definitely not me!)

In ESO, if you see the @XamXam777 account name, that’s me!