SWTOR PvP Gearing Guide

First Published on Xam Xam Says, 24th January 2017.

LAST UPDATED – 18th March 2018. (Up to date for Game Update 5.8).

Here’s my guide on how to gear through PvP in Star Wars The Old Republic! You don’t have to be fully reliant on gear drops from Galactic Command Crates, you can gear through completing Warzones too! But honestly, you should supplement this with doing Operations so you can gear even faster.


Under 70 PvP (10-69)

You do not have to worry about PvP gear or stats in the low-level PvP (10-69) bracket. There is a bolster system to boost your stats to max level. But if you feel inclined, you can do some Heroics (they are soloable) to get some quick and easy gear in between PvP pops if you so wish.

Level 70 PvP

There is now only one type of gear for both PvPer’s and PvEer’s making gearing a little easier. The new gearing system introduced in Game Update 5.0 is called Galactic Command. Basically, you can do any type of content you want earn Command levels and hopefully get good gear from crates that drop as you level.

But it is not the only means to get gear. You can also get gear through PvP and earn Unassembled Components which go towards buying gear. You can also buy Tier 1 (230) Gear directly from a Vendor with Command Tokens (in the same area as the other Vendors see image below). You can also still get set bonus gear from all tiers of Operations.

The Basics

There are currently four tiers of gear.

  • Tier 1-  230
  • Tier 2 – 236
  • Tier 3 – 242
  • Tier 4 – 248

For PvP, there are two steps for getting gear.  First, you need to earn Unassembled Components which are used to buy the Unassembled Gear Piece of your choice. Then, you turn in the Unassembled Gear Piece with Command Tokens to buy the corresponding gear for whichever class you choose. You get Unassembled Components from completing PvP matches of all types as well as the Weekly and one of the dailies. You get Command Tokens every time you rank up in Galactic Command. You also now get Unassembled components from disintegrating Gear from Command Crates with

Command Tokens show up in your Inventory in the Currency Tab. Unassembled Components are BoL and will show up in your Inventory.

Note: You have to log into all of your characters that have Galactic Command Ranks to get all the Command Tokens added to your Currency tab on all characters. The amount of Command Tokens you have is shared on all of your characters and shows up in each character’s inventory in the currency tab.

To see your Command Rank go to Content in the Menu Bar and click Activities. You will also be able to see your Command Stash. You earn Command XP (CXP) from doing pretty much anything in the game. The amount of CXP you earn PvPing is based on how many Medals you earn in a match.

You can earn Unassembled Components from multiple sources:

  • Disintegrating Gear with stats in it in
  • Completing Warzones.
  • NIM Operations (they drop from all NIM Bosses).
  • Daily Rewards for Flashpoints, Uprisings and Operations.
  • PvP Dailies and Weeklies.
  • Completing Ranked Arenas.
  • Ranked PvP Dailies and Weeklies.

Disintegrating Command Crate Gear for Components

Introduced in Game Update 5.6, you can now disintegrate any gear with stats in it and get Unassembled Components. Everything else that’s disintegrated still gives Command XP. Note that Mods, Enhancements and Armourings disintegrate into Command XP.

Here’s how many Unassembled Components you get for disintegrating Gear in each Tier:

 Tier 1 Tier 2Tier 3 Tier 4
Premium (Green)246N/A
Prototype (Blue)3578
Artifact (Purple)4689
Legendary (Gold)N/A7910

In the next section, I detail how many components you can earn through PvP.

Unassembled Components

Here are how many Unassembled Components you get for winning and losing for all types of PvP:

Regular Warzone Win20 Unassembled Components
Regular Warzone Loss8 Unassembled Components
Regular Arena Win20 Unassembled Components
Regular Arena Loss5 Unassembled Components
Solo Ranked Win20 Unassembled Components
Solo Ranked Loss10 Unassembled Components
Group Ranked Win25 Unassembled Components
Group Ranked Loss10 Unassembled Components

Here’s how many components you get from completing Dailies and Weeklies. Note the [Zero Tolerance] and [United we Stand] Dailies do not reward any Components:

Warzone Daily25
Warzone Weekly135
Solo Ranked Daily40
Solo Ranked Weekly250
Group Ranked Daily75
Group Ranked Weekly500

Here are the Unassembled Component Costs for all Tiers. (Note: while Tier 1 is a direct purchase, for Tiers 2, 3 & 4 you will need to turn in the previous Tier Armour Piece Shell along with Unassembled Components):

 Tier 2 (236)Tier 3 (242)Tier 4 (248)

You can find the vendors for spending Unassembled Components in the Supplies section of both factions Fleets.

Unassembled Pieces

And finally, to buy the Unassembled Piece, you will need to turn in the Unassembled Piece you bought with Unassembled Components as well as Command Tokens.

For reference here are how many Command Tokens you get per Command Rank (they drop in Command Crates):

Tier 1 5 Command Tokens
Tier 28 Command Tokens
Tier 3 12 Command Tokens
Tier 4 14 Command Tokens

You can find the vendors for turning in Unassembled Pieces in the Supplies section of both factions Fleets.

Here is the Command Token Cost for each piece of gear:

 Tier 2 (236)Tier 3 (242)Tier 4 (248)

Command Token Gear

As I mentioned above, you can buy Tier 1 (230) Gear directly for Command Tokens. However, in order to have enough Command Tokens to buy a full set a gear, you would have to have at least one character with a decent amount of Command Ranks. This is a good way to gear alts though. You can find the Tier 1 Vendors with the Unassembled Piece turn in Vendors.

Here is the Command Token Cost of Tier 1 Gear:

Tier 1 Gear SlotCommand Token Cost

Colour Crystals

One important thing to note is that the weapons you buy from the vendors do not have Crystals in them. The Crystal slot is empty. You can get Colour Crystals from a variety of places in the game including:

  • PvP Items Vendor – Jensen (Imp), Corr (Rep) located in the PvP Section of each Fleet sell War Hero (Mastery Stat) Colour Crystals for Credits (Valor 10 Requirement).
  • Cartel Packs (or search GTN) – Cartel Market Crystals will have a CM Symbol on them in the bottom left corner of their icon image.
  • Events – Rakghoul Event Vendor Jeelvic located in Cartel Bazaar on Fleet sells Black/Green Colour Crystals (all Stats) for Rakghoul DNA Canisters.
  • Eternal Championship Vendor – Piij located near the Eternal Championship entrance on Zakuul sells Purple & Cyan Colour Crystals (all Stats) for Eternal Championship Trophies.
  • Crafting – Artifice can craft some Colour Crystals (all Stats).

The advantage of getting Cartel Market Colour Crystals (whether you buy them off the GTN or get them through Packs) is that you can unlock them in Collections which is account wide. So once you unlock a Crystal in Collections, it will be available to claim for all the characters on your account across all servers.

Gearing Tips

Do some Operations to gear faster: Honestly, the quickest and easiest way to get gear especially if you have no set bonus gear at all is to do Story Mode Operations (to get 236 Gear) and/or HM (Veteran Mode) Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace (for 242 Gear). Make sure you keep the Gear Shells so you can upgrade them to higher tiered gear with Unassembled Components!

Use Legacy Gear: Put all your mods, armourings and enhancements into Legacy Gear. This will make gearing mirror class or same class alts a lot easier, cheaper and less time-consuming.

Alt Gearing: Get one Character to Rank 300 ASAP! Having at least one main character who you focus on gearing means that as you upgrade your main character’s gear, you can rip out their old mods and send them to an alt using Legacy Gear or just put the mods directly into your alts Legacy Gear. Any extra gear you get from Command Crates you don’t need can also be sent to your alts via Legacy Gear.

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All Warzones, regardless of level have a bolster system to boost your stats to a certain level. It is a system that automatically changes your stats to a predetermined level in a Warzone. The current Bolster (in all brackets) is set at gear level 242 (as of Game Update 5.5).

The advantage of this system is that you can still do fairly well in PvP with lesser gear. It makes the gear grind more bearable and you don’t feel as rushed to get to max tier.

You can read more about how Bolster works in Rambol’s Examining Bolster Guide.

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What Gear Should I get for my Class?

Each class and spec has its own gear set depending on your role. When you buy gear from the vendor it should default to the gear for your Discipline. It is important to use gear designed for your discipline as it contains a set bonus that is specifically tailored to your discipline.

Set Gear for Each Class
Bounty Hunter/Trooper
  • Mercenary/Commando
    • Bodyguard/Combat Medic – Combat Medic
    • Arsenal/Gunnery – Eliminator’s
    • Innovative Ordinance/Assault Specialist – Eliminator’s
  • Powertech/Vanguard
    • Shield Tech/Shield Tech – Supercommando
    • Pyrotech/Plasmatech – Combat Tech
    • Advanced Prototype/Tactics – Combat Tech
Imperial Agent/Smuggler
  • Operative/Scoundrel
    • Medicine/Sawbones – Field Medic
    • Concealment/Scrapper – Enforcer
    • Lethality/Ruffian – Enforcer
  • Sniper/Gunslinger
    • Engineering/Saboteur – Field Tech
    • Marksman/Sharpshooter  – Field Tech
    • Virulence/Dirty Fighting – Field Tech
Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight
  • Marauder/Sentinel
    • Carnage/Combat – Weaponmaster’s
    • Fury/Concentration – Weaponmaster’s
    • Annihilation/Watchman – Weaponmaster’s
  • Juggernaut/Guardian
    • Immortal/Defence – War Leader’s
    • Vengence/Vigilance – Vindicator’s
    • Rage/Focus – Vindicator’s
Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular
  • Sorcerer/Sage
    • Corruption/Seer – Force-Mystic’s
    • Lightning/Telekinetics – Force-Master’s
    • Madness/Balance – Force-Master’s
  • Assassin/Shadow
    • Darkness/Kinetic Combat – Survivor’s
    • Deception/Infiltration – Stalker’s
    • Hatred/Serenity – Stalker’s

These are the BIS Relics for all three roles:

  • DPS and Tanks
    • Serendipitous Assault (or Devastating Vengeance for select disciplines)
    • Focused Retribution
  • Healers
    • Devastating Vengeance
    • Focused Retribution
Colour Crystals

Typically Healers and DPS use Eviscerating (Critical Rating) Crystals to start out with. Some people may switch to Power (Hawkeye) Crystals or Mastery (War Hero) Crystals once they’ve maxed out their gear and have enough Critical Rating.

Tanks can go with Power (Hawkeye) Crystals or Mastery (War Hero) Crystals depending on your preference.

Note: there is a slight DPS increase when using Mastery Crystals over Power Crystals (DPS should get to their optimal Critical Rating before switching to Mastery (War Hero) Crystals).

Keep in mind that gear you buy will not be optimised (BIS), hence the next section.

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I go through the basic stats each role should aim for below. For a far more detailed breakdown of Stats (including all the math), see Rambol and Hottie’s Stats and Damage Calculation Guide.

Basically, you can start out by looking at the Optimal Stats for all 24 Disciplines Tables by Vicadin for PvE on the forums to get an idea of where you should be aiming your stats for your discipline. Keep in mind though that there are some differences in how you gear in PvE and PvP which I point out below.

When you get gear, you’ll notice the mods and armourings come with a set amount of Endurance, Mastery and Power. These are your primary stats. You do not need to worry too much about them, initially. Your priority should be to get BiS secondary stats for your discipline first. Secondary Stats include Critical Rating, Alacrity and Accuracy.


Critical -> Alacrity -> Accuracy -> Mastery

Accuracy – In PvP, Accuracy isn’t that important a stat (unlike in PvE where you must have 110% Accuracy). But for select classes, it can be beneficial to have a small amount of Accuracy (eg. Marksmen Sniper, Deception Assassin should aim for 105%). For most classes though, Accuracy is a stat you can pretty much ignore.

To determine if you need some accuracy for your class in PvP, look at what types of abilities you have. If most of the abilities in your rotation are ‘melee’ or ‘ranged’, then you should have 105% accuracy.

Alacrity – When it comes to Alacrity, Melee DPS should aim for either the ~800 or ~1850 Alacrity thresholds (except Carnage Marauders who need ~1500). Generally, most players go with ~800. That way, they can put their remaining Stat budget (that’s not in Critical Rating) into Mastery.

For a better understanding of how Alacrity works see Rambol and Hottie’s Stat Guide.

Critical Rating – For Critical Rating numbers, refer to the PvE Optimal Stat Distribution Tables as a starting point as it does vary depending on your discipline. But generally, you should aim to be below 1900 Critical Rating.

Mastery/Power – Once you reach your Classes’ recommended thresholds for Alacrity and Critical Rating, generally, you put the rest of your stats into Mastery or Power. Mastery is generally favoured due to the new tier of augments not having Overkill (Power) Augments.


Mastery -> Power -> Critical -> Alacrity

While you can use the PvE Optimal Stat Distribution Guide Tables as a starting point, generally Healers should aim for ~15.4% Alacrity then stack the rest of their Stat budget into Critical Rating. Healers do not need any Accuracy.


PvE mitigation stats are currently ineffective in PvP scenarios so gearing like you would for PvE is useless. Instead for PvP, you go for a ‘hybrid’ or ‘skank’ gear build as follows:

  • Tanking set bonus.
  • Shield offhand.
  • High endurance armourings and hilts/barrels.
  • DPS mods and enhancements.
  • DPS Relics.

Follow the DPS stat guidelines above and consult the PvE Optimal Stat Distribution Guide Tables for a rough idea on how to optimise your DPS stats. Note, you do not need to add any Accuracy as a Tank. Gearing this way will allow you to pull good DPS numbers while still being able to function as a tank.

To learn more about Tanking in PvP, read Hottie’s PvP Tanking for Dummies Guide.

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I hope this guide helped you! If you have any questions or suggestions let me know!