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  • SWTOR PvP Seasons One Guide
    Here is my guide to SWTOR PvP Seasons Rewards System. Includes details on how the system works, how to earn points, rewards and achievements.
  • SWTOR PvP Healing Tips and Tricks
    Here are my SWTOR PvP Healing tips and tricks to help you be a better healer, covering all the basics of healing in PvP.
  • [Parody] How to master the art of Number Farming in SWTOR
    [Parody] Check out Xam Xam’s masterclass on the art of number farming in SWTOR. She spills all the secrets to mastering the art of success in PvP combat.
  • My Honest Thoughts on the SWTOR PvP Revamp
    Xam Xam’s honest thoughts on SWTOR Game Update 7.2 PvP Revamp covering toxicity and other community issues and concluding with a PvP wish list.
  • Game Update 7.2 PvP Revamp Overview
    An overview of everything we know about the PvP Revamp coming to SWTOR in Game Update 7.2. Includes info from the 7.2 PTS and 7.2 Dev Stream!
  • SWTOR Collector’s Edition Vendor Guide
    A Guide showcasing all the items available for purchase on the SWTOR Collector’s Edition Vendor and how to gain access to it.
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