Latest Articles

  • Does SWTOR have a Future?
    SWTOR is potentially moving to a new studio. Here is an overview of the news and what it could mean for the future of the 11-year old MMORPG.
  • SWTOR Preliminary Game Update 7.3 Class Changes Overview
    An preliminary overview of the Class Changes coming to SWTOR in Game Update 7.3. These changes will be on the PTS. Includes some commentary.
  • SWTOR APAC Server Testing Overview
    SWTOR has opened up an AWS Test Server in the APAC region. Learn how to participate, rewards and what the developers want tested right here!
  • SWTOR PvP Season 2 – Piercing the Veil Guide
    An in-depth guide to SWTOR PvP Season 2. Includes details on how the PvP Seasons system works, how to earn Points, Rewards and Achievements.
  • SWTOR PvP Changes Coming in Game Update 7.2.1
    An overview of the changes coming SWTOR PvP in Game Update 7.2.1 including Medals, Matchmaking, Achievements and some map adjustments.
  • SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Reward Previews
    Here’s a look at some of the SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Rewards. Be warned most of the rewards look similar to the Seasons 1 Rewards.
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