Season of the Dragon

Dragons are invading Tamriel! A year-long adventure awaits players in Elder Scrolls Online spanning across four updates. Two Dungeon DLC’s, a Chapter and Story DLC.

Elsweyr Chapter – May 20th 2019

  • New Story – Continuation of the Season of the Dragon story
  • New Zone – Elsweyr
  • New Class – Necromancer
    • Heal Tree – Soul Mending*
    • DPS Tree – Elementalist*
    • Tank Tree – Bone Armor*
  • New Trial – Sunspire (length of MoL, 12 bosses all Dragons)
  • New PvP Changes –
    • Cyrodiil – New Artifact Weapons, counter to Emperor
    • Imperial City Separate Zone
  • New Quality of Life Features – Guild Finder
  • Free Character Slot

*Subject to change. Names on Stream are different to names on ESO Website.


Elsweyr is the next Chapter coming to Elder Scrolls Online featuring a massive new zone, brand new story, a new Class and a ton of other content. More details coming soon!

Necromancer Skill Trees

The Necromancer is a new full class coming to Elder Scrolls Online in the Elsweyr Chapter in June. Note skill tree and ability names are subject to change.

Wrathstone DLC

The Wrathstone DLC coming in Q1 features two dungeons which will kick off the Season of the Dragon Story. It will also feature some other content including some fantastic quality of life features as well as a new Battleground, two new houses and a bunch of new outfit styles and motifs.

Unnamed Dungeon DLC – Q3

Two new Dungeons. More info will be announced at E3.

Unnamed Story DLC – Q4

Similar scope to Murkmire. Conclusion of Season of the Dragon story. More info will be announced at E3.

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