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My 2021 Wishlist for Star Wars The Old Republic

For me, there are three key pillars that keep me engaged in a Massively Multiplayer Online game.

  • Player versus Player Combat
  • Character Customisation and Outfits
  • Player Housing

I want to play with and against other people in a variety of PvP scenarios and conditions, I want my characters to look good while doing so, and, I want my characters to have nice places I created for them to hang out in between fights.

Story and lore an important drawcard, of course, and maintaining that is important to the game’s feel and longevity. But the three pillars I mentioned above are what will keep me occupied the most in an MMO.

For my 2021 Wishlist for Star Wars The Old Republic, I wanted to focus on these three pillars. Content, fixes and quality of life improvements are needed for all three pillars in The Old Republic in its current state. With the game being as old as it is and with its ongoing track record of small content updates, I’m not optimistic that I’ll get to see most of this stuff. The game’s future is riding on the highly-likely 10-year anniversary expansion. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Fix the Rocket Out Stuck Bug Please

I’m sick to death of using Rocket Out in both PvP and PvE and getting stuck in terrain. This has been an issue since they added two charges to the ability in 6.0. Often when you press the ability once, it will do two Rocket Outs instead of one (consuming two charges), which causes you to get stuck. The terrain present makes no difference. It can be a completely flat area with no other objects around and you will still get stuck. Thankfully, a pull or knockback will get you out. But willing allies or foes are not always around.

I will not be actively PvPing again until this bug is fixed. At this point, it wouldn’t even bother me if Rocket Out went back to having just one charge (with it’s current or slightly shortened cooldown). If that’s what it takes to fix it, then so be it.

Bring Back Separate PvP and PvE Gear

For the next expansion, I would love to finally see the return of separate PvP and PvE gearing.

I want to PvP and have a currency system to buy the specific gear I want again.
I want to PVP and not rely on RNG drops to get gear.
I want to PvP and get gear at a comparable rate to PvE (via a currency system).
I want to PvP. I do not want to be forced to do PvE content I have no interest in, that makes me want to stab my eyes out, just to get the gear I need for PvP.

I want to PvP.

All Bioware has to do is rewind to 4.0. Not literally, of course, but look at how gearing was then and replicate it. Sounds simple? Hopefully.

The current gearing meta supports, indeed necessitates, having multiple sets of gear for endgame content. Endgame players already have multiple sets for different content. So adding separate PvP and PvE gear would make little difference to endgame players. If the gear is straight forward to acquire and less complicated then it currently is now (in terms of modifications), it should be less discouraging for new/casual players to have separate gear sets too.

Unranked PvP Rewards System Overhaul

I feel an overhaul of the rewards system is needed across the board for instanced PvP.

I have mixed feelings about the win condition requirement for weekly completion. When it was initially introduced, the quality of matches improved significantly. But it seems newer and/or very casual players are not a big fan of this change. They are getting discouraged by the lack of progress towards their weeklies despite getting a loot box with gear and tech fragments for every match completed. (So it’s not like they aren’t getting anything at all…)

Regardless, I would like to see an improved system that bases rewards earned on participation with bonus rewards for winning. Perhaps based on the medal system with some tweaking (the medal system could use some tweaks too) with extra bonuses for completing objectives. The win requirement for the weekly should still exist, of course. But I think a slight tweaking of rewards earned just from completing matches (based on performance, especially objectives) would make the blow of constantly losing less disheartening for players who oppose the win requirement.

But then again, an easier solution would be to add another weekly that is based on participation rather then wins. However, it should have fewer rewards than the ‘win’ weekly currently has. The rewards for completing the ‘win’ weekly should be increased in conjunction with this as well.

I would also like to see some more fluff rewards added to PvP that are accessible to unranked players as well. Even if it’s just adding stuff to the existing PvP Items Vendor and adding a high valor requirement for these new fluff items?

Cleanse Rework + Reducing Cleanse cooldown for Healers

There are a couple of major changes I feel are needed to improve cleansing in PvP.

I would like to be able to cleanse any effect that is cleansable regardless of what effect ‘type’ of it is. For example, as a Merc healer, I would like to be able to cleanse Whirlwind, a ‘force effect’. I don’t think the ‘effect type’ barrier should continue to exist in PvP. Period.

There’s also really no need for the Cleanse cooldowns to be as long as they are especially since we can’t cleanse damage effects (dots) in PvP. The fact that the cooldown is different for each class is also quite odd. Reduce the cooldown to 2-2.5 seconds. This way, only our resources are a barrier to regularly cleansing.

In theory, the simplest way to do this would be to incorporate the cleanse cooldown into the healer discipline trees. This way, healers can benefit from having a more effective tool at our disposal and DPS can still use it on occasion with the current cooldown time.

Would I cleanse every single bloody slow or snare? Of course not! Hell, it would be quite impossible to do so. At least with a reduced cooldown, I don’t always have to save my cleanse for CC’s or slows/snares on myself. Instead, I can use it on myself or teammates more regularly in situations where it would be beneficial for them to not be hampered with a slow or snare. Eg. when carrying the Huttball. Options are always good and a good healer will be able to capitalise on this change and bring greater value to their team.

We need a counter to the ridiculous amount of slows, snares and CC’s (crowd control) in the game. Cleanses can be part of the solution to address the stagnant combat in the game.

(I can’t speak for how these changes could affect PvE as it’s not my area of expertise).

You can learn more about how cleansing works in PvP, currently, in my ‘PvP Healers Guide to Cleansing‘ Guide.

CC Break Rework

As I alluded to above, the combat in The Old Republic is quite slow and stagnant compared to other more modern MMO’s. Another way to address this would be to reduce the cooldown of CC break abilities in PvP quite significantly. I think the absolute maximum cooldown for a CC break should be 30 seconds but ideally, it should be shorter than this. We also have the issue as with cleanses, where the cooldown varies depending on the class. The cooldown needs to be the same for all classes.

A new Warzone Map and/or Game Mode + Open World PvP

I would consider a new warzone map to be the least of my priorities. But it’s something I wouldn’t say no to assuming other fixes had happened first. Where would be the ideal setting? I would love to see a warzone set on Oricon with lava rivers you could knock players into. A new map with obstacles and traps in it that isn’t a Huttball game mode could be a lot of fun.

As for a new game mode, I’d still love to see the classic ‘Capture the Flag’. I have fond memories of playing ‘Capture the Flag’ in various early 2000’s FPS games such as Unreal Tournament 2004 and Star Trek Elite Force.

I am also gradually becoming open to the idea of adding deathmatch to Warzones. You wouldn’t need to create new maps for it, just use the existing maps and give them a deathmatch mode (except Voidstar that may need some tweaks). A map with obstacles and traps would work great for a deathmatch mode.

What I would really like to see though, is Bioware take a good look at open-world PvP and seeing what could be done to increase participation and incentivise it. Adding separate PvP and PvE instances and removing voluntary flagging destroyed organic open-world PvP in The Old Republic. These days, players/guilds just organise to trade kills with each other to earn the achievements. It’s not real PvP just players being boring and risk-averse which is a detriment to the game. When players do try and engage in open-world PvP they’re accused of being griefers.

Achievements alone are not enough incentive for organic play, clearly. Interesting titles admittedly can help, Oricon being the main example of this, but there have been no new legacy titles added to any open-world PvP achievements since Yavin IV.

I can’t really think of a solution beyond adding in a currency system for killing other players in the open world with some fluff rewards to buy and more titles to earn (but this could easily be exploited). It’s a shame Outlaw’s Den never had any fluff rewards attached to it.

ETA on Vandin and Quesh Huttball Map Fixes

An update from the developers on what is happening with the fixes for these maps and an ETA on their return would be nice.

Space Barbie – Character Customisation and Outfits

Character Customisation

Yes, I ask for these every year I do a wishlist post and I will keep asking until I get them.

  • New hairstyles – please! More medium/long length hairstyles would be a godsend.
  • Body tattoos – we have plenty of skimpy outfits which would be great for showing off tattoos! Just use the existing face tattoo’s as starting points?
  • More blonde hair colours – I want Lana’s KOTFE+ blonde hair, please.
  • Ability to choose dark side corruption level ‘look’ – for example, if you’re Dark Side V, you can choose to have the Dark Side II corruption ‘look’.

More character customisation options overall would be most welcome as the system has become quite stale. The pipe dream of course is to see our character model graphics updated to be more in line with KOTFE/KOTET characters. But alas, I don’t see that happening.

Weapons in the outfit designer ETA?

Forever stuck using Legacy Weapons. That’s the altaholic life. We can only dream of having weapons in the Outfit Designer at this point. It’s a feature long requested by players and a feature the Devs want to give us. Hopefully, one day, they will find a way.

Player Housing

Significantly increased accessibility to stronghold decorations

There are already a fair few Stronghold decorations in the game. However, accessibility to decorations is a major issue that desperately needs to be addressed. I have not been able to finish my Rishi or Alderaan Strongholds because it is near impossible to get the decorations I need to complete them. They are either sourced from the Cartel Market and/or exorbitantly expensive on the GTN.

A starting point obviously would be to add every single Cartel Market sourced decoration ever made available for individual purchase for Cartel Coins through a separate interface. This could be done within the Stronghold Editor itself (similar to how ESO does it) or attached to the Cartel Market.

Add a Cartel Market Button to this UI that leads to a seperate interface showcasing all CM decorations available for direct purchase.

Another idea could be adding a vendor that works similar to Kai Zykken only, they sell Cartel Market sourced Decorations instead. This vendor could have a rotating stock of Cartel Market only decorations that are on sale for a limited time each week that cost Credits and Prefabs. I think this would be a fantastic way to make Cartel Market Decorations more accessible and give us an alternate way to spend our Prefabs.

Add new decorations to the Prefab vendors or add a new Prefab vendor

For real, the prefab vendors haven’t received an update since they came out. A couple of additional vendors have been added since Strongholds were introduced but that’s about it. The slate of decorations available has become stale and I find myself stocking prefabs with no way to spend them beyond buying more Jedi Fountains. An additional vendor that has pretty Cartel Market quality decorations where we can spend all types of prefabs would be appreciated.

A New Stronghold

The likelihood of getting a new Stronghold this year is fairly high. I would like to see them release a small Stronghold maybe Nar Shaddaa sized at the most.

I’ve always wanted to see a Stronghold on Oricon. The simplest way to do this would be to take the Dread Palace Operation and turn it into a Stronghold (and add a little outdoor space). But instead of just being able to outright purchase it, make it something you earn from completing the Oricon dailies (slowly) and the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace Operations (fast). Similar to how we had to earn the ‘tokens’ to unlock the Umbara Stronghold (when it was first released).

I’ve also liked the idea of having a Stronghold on Voss too. I’d like to see a small Dromund Kass/Coruscant sized two-storey house or a mini estate of some kind with balconies and a front and backyard all walled in. It could be ‘located’ on the outskirts of Voss-Ka so it has views of Voss-Ka and beyond.

Other Stuff

There’s a couple of other systems to do with open-world content I’d love to see improved and I’d love to see more content added to older planets.

Kill credit/loot outside of Group

Every other MMO I have played since I started playing The Old Republic has a ‘shared credit’ system. This means that if you and someone else are killing the same NPC in the open world and are not grouped, you both get credit for the kill, XP, loot etc.

It’s long past time that The Old Republic implements this system into the game. There would be no need to worry about anyone ninjaing bosses or mobs from you anymore as everyone who got a hit on it would get credit for killing it.

The only obstacle I can see to this kind of system would be faction locking, especially on shared planets? It may be tricky to implement without making PvE cross-faction.

More hidden achievements and secret things to discover pets, mounts, outfits, decorations, lore etc.

I want more reasons to go back to older planets to find little trinkets and other hidden things. Secret Pets, Mounts, Outfits, Decorations etc. I’d gladly do a series of missions or solve puzzles to earn pretty decorations!

World Bosses

In line with giving us reason to go back to older planets, make doing World Bosses meaningful beyond Conquest! Better loot and rewards even if it’s just cosmetic to start with would be fantastic! Maybe change up the mechanics on some of the vanilla world bosses to make them more interesting/harder to kill.

Even the light vs. dark bosses don’t get killed much because there’s little incentive beyond achievements. Honestly, they need to drop loot comparable to SM/HM operation boss at the very least. Tech Fragments, gear pieces, large amounts of credits etc. Also, have them spawn more frequently to give everyone a chance to taking them down so large conquest guilds don’t monopolise them (as happened when they were forced released).

Also, why isn’t there a World Boss on Rishi?

Given the significance of this year for The Old Republic, it will be interesting to see what content and improvements they will eventually come out with. I’m not expecting most of my wishes to be granted, of course, but I hope the community finds some of my ideas relatable or interesting.

What is on your wishlist for The Old Republic? Do you think it will be a big year for the game?

News Star Wars The Old Republic

Game Update 6.2.1 Launching February 16th

The Old Republic Developers have announced that Game Update 6.2.1 will be released on Tuesday, February 16th.

This update features:

  • Ranked PvP Season 13 Conclusion
  • Amplifier Changes
  • Uprising Changes

The rewards and tier breakdowns for Season 13 were previously announced and the Amplifier and Uprising Changes were available for testing on the PTS in January.

Other minor additions and bug fixes will be included in the Patch Notes which will be released on Monday, 15th February.

Events News Star Wars The Old Republic

SWTOR In-Game Events for February 2021

Event schedule for February 2021 in Star Wars The Old Republic. Includes the return of Bounty Contract Week.

Rakghoul Resurgence on Alderaan

  • Date: February 9 – February 16, 2021 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
  • Requirement: Levels 25

The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (T.H.O.R.N.) has issued an official level-2 emergency alert concerning an outbreak of the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan. Quarantines have been put in place to restrict traffic of the plague off-world, but exceptions will be made for individuals with priority clearance.

T.H.O.R.N. is recruiting qualified volunteer emergency responders to travel to affected areas to combat the spread of the Rakghoul plague. More information about the outbreak can be found by checking the News Terminals on the Republic or Imperial Fleet!

T.H.O.R.N. wishes to remind you that plague symptoms can be treated if they are identified in the early stages of infection. Whether or not you have travel plans, please consult your nearest trusted medical supply droid and get vaccinated!


  • Reputation with THORN
  • Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set
  • THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets
  • Outbreak Response Weapons
  • Alliance Contact – Doctor Lokin
  • Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback Mounts
  • Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets
  • …and more!

Bounty Contract Week

  • Date: February 23 – March 2, 2021 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 4:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
  • Requirement: Level 15+

For a limited time, the Bounty Brokers Association has opened its doors to anyone willing to take on their dangerous contracts, offering an opportunity for both seasoned and rookie hunters to prove their skills and bring crime syndicates and violent gangs to justice!

Each day, you can sign up for one standard Henchman contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract, and each may take you to a separate planet. Complete five standard contracts to unlock Kingpin missions with bigger loot! Head to the fleet now, invite your friends and visit representatives of the Association to get started on your contracts!


  • Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association
  • Bounty Tracker’s Armor Set and Contract Hunter’s Armor Set
  • Assassin’s Bowcaster and Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster weapons
  • Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, and Drink Server Probe Mini-pets
  • BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount
  • … and more!

News Star Wars The Old Republic

Bioware Seeking Feedback on Accessibility in SWTOR

The Bioware Developers are currently seeking feedback on ‘Accessibility’ in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Hi all,

Just like the title suggests, we would love to hear your suggestions for accessibility. I know that some threads already exist such as this one from Sewolf ( and I will be adding them here as I find them. Additionally, if y’all see any others, feel free to link them here or add your own suggestions below.

We cannot guarantee that every suggestion is going to be implemented, but we do want to hear about what can improve the game in terms of accessibility.

Suggestions can be posted in the thread ‘Accessibility Suggestions‘ started by Community Manager Jackie Ko. Alternatively, if you don’t want your feedback public for privacy reasons etc. you can DM me on Twitter (Rach_Games) or Discord (Xam Xam#5102) with suggestions/feedback and I will discreetly pass them on to the Community Team.

Please spread the word about this to your friends and Guilds! This is something I know Bioware cares about. If you have given feedback about this in the past, feel free to post links or repost in that thread too to make things easier for Jackie!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Accessibility in gaming is an important issue so let’s see what we can do to make The Old Republic more accessible to all gamers!

If you’d like to give SWTOR a go, use my Referral Link! You’ll get a free 7 Day Trial and all the perks a subscriber has. For more information, check out this link:

Join the MMO Bits Community Discord and help the community grow! Get a heads up on content and access to announcement channels.

News Star Wars The Old Republic

SWTOR DPS Guard Changes – A Step in the Right Direction?


Recently, Bioware Gameplay Designer, Chris Durel, announced changes coming to Guard for DPS on the Forums. These changes will be tested on the PTS first.

Hi all,

I wanted to communicate some changes we are making to guard for 6.1.4 that are going to be live on PTS soon. We’ve heard your feedback about Guarding in PVP and we are hoping to address some of those concerns with this change.

We’ve added a 50% damage penalty to DPS disciplines while they are guarding allies. The full text of the new DPS guard is:

“While active, the guarded player takes 5% less damage and generates 25% less threat. In addition, so long as you remain within 15 meters of the guarded player, 50% of all incoming damage from enemy players is transferred back to you.
You deal 50% less damage while guarding.”

All this means is that while you guard allies as a DPS discipline, you do less damage while you are guarding that ally. It’s worth noting that this only applies to the DPS disciplines, Tank disciplines do not suffer this penalty and can freely guard as usual with no penalty.

The purpose of this change is to discourage the use of guard in every situation in PVP. While we feel like guarding is a useful skill and important to the advanced classes that have access to it, it has become clear that it is being abused in PVP by guarding and guard switching with no penalty. This makes PVP unbalanced towards the disciplines that have access to guard.

With this change, we are hoping that guard is used more thoughtfully in PVP while still retaining its usefulness in certain situations. We’d love to hear your feedback on this change, specifically if you think it helps the PVP experience overall if the penalty feels fair, and after you get your hands on it if there’s any noticeable difference to guarding and team composition in PVP.


Basically, they are reducing the damage you do as a DPS while Guarding. While these changes are aimed at addressing Guarding in PvP, it will affect PvE as well.

Theorycrafters Discord – Chris Schmidt, Game Design Director


DPS guarding in PvP has been an issue for many, many years now. DPS being able to guard is very powerful in PvP. Not only are they protecting someone but they are also able to dish out a lot of damage unhindered. It can effectively change the outcome of matches in the hands of the right players. It is nice to see the developers finally addressing this issue. I believe it makes sense for there to be some sort of sacrifice for DPS to use a ‘tanking’ ability. Reducing DPS output makes sense and is overall a good first step.

Will this actually fix the problem?

Even with a reduction in damage output, a Guard will still be quite valuable in Ranked PvP scenarios. If anything it could prolong ranked matches where even skill match up is present. For regs, it will probably be used less but will still, again, be useable in certain scenarios nonetheless.

I guess the question for the developers is do they want DPS to be able to Guard at all?

If they don’t want DPS to guard, wouldn’t it be better to just chuck the Guard ability in Discipline trees? I guess this would take more development effort but might be a better long term solution.

How will this affect PvE?

In certain encounters and scenarios, it is not unheard of for DPS to guard in more difficult Operations content. This is why you’ve probably seen some PvEers complaining about this change. Yes sometimes DPS will Guard in easier content but realistically, this change should not have a negative impact on easier content eg. Flashpoints or Story Mode Operations (content should still be clearable despite DPS loss).

Either way, this change is a positive step in the right direction for PvP. Hopefully, it will get tested thoroughly on the PTS. At this stage, I don’t see this happening without further rewards and incentives from Bioware.

News Star Wars The Old Republic

Season 12 Ranked Rewards

The Season 12 Ranking Brackets and Rewards have been announced on the Developer Tracker!

I previously revealed an exclusive look at the Season 12 Mount which you can view here – Exclusive New Season 12 Ranked Mount

The article associated with the end of Season 12 is on the way, but we wanted to get this information out sooner. Season 12 of Ranked PvP is slated to end in June with Game Update 6.1.2. As this season wraps up, here’s the ratings breakdown, including the win requirement to qualify for certain reward tiers.

Bronze Tier

Solo Requirements: 1225 – 1299 rating and 25 wins
Group Requirements: 1250 – 1399 rating and 25 wins

  • Bronze Season 12 Flair
  • Bronze Season 12 Battle Flag
  • Bronze Season 12 Decoration
  • Bronze Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Clever”
  • 7,500 Ranked Tokens

Silver Tier

Solo Requirements: 1300 – 1499 rating and 50 wins
Group Requirements: 1400 – 1599 rating and 50 wins

  • Silver Season 12 Flair
  • Silver Season 12 Battle Flag
  • Silver Season 12 Decoration
  • Silver Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Sly”
  • Bronze Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Clever”
  • 15,000 Ranked Tokens

Gold Tier

Solo Requirements: 1500+ rating and 100 wins
Group Requirements: 1600+ rating and 100 wins

  • Gold Season 12 Flair
  • Gold Season 12 Battle Flag
  • Gold Season 12 Frame Decoration
  • Gold Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Slick”
  • Silver Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Sly”
  • Bronze Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Clever”
  • 30,000 Ranked Tokens

Platinum Tier – Top 96 (Top 3 of each Advanced Class on the leaderboard)

Solo Requirements: 200 wins
Group Requirements: 200 wins

  • Platinum Season 12 Flair
  • Platinum Season 12 Title – “(Playername) The Cunning (Advanced Class)”
  • 45,000 Ranked Tokens
  • All previous tier rewards (not including token grants)

New Rewards

While competing throughout the Ranked Season, players earned tokens that can be traded in for rewards. Tokens are not season-specific, so if there’s an expensive reward you really have your eye on, you can save up across multiple seasons. This season’s rewards fall into two categories: the new Rombuk Mount (pictured below) and Replica Season 4 items.

With the end of Season 12, we have another batch of replicas of previous Ranked Season rewards. These items look and function the same as the originals, but are branded “Replica” to maintain the prestige of the original Season rewards. This season we have another Replica set of items available for purchase: Replica Swashbuckler Weapon Set and Cutter Mount.

We understand there has been some confusion about replica rewards. To help address any confusion regarding seasonal rewards from this point forward, we will now start announcing the seasonal rewards at the start of each season.

For some reason, Season 3 Rewards have been skipped. No official explanation for why this is the case has been revealed by Bioware.

News Star Wars The Old Republic

Season 12 Ranked PvP Mount Exclusive

Hey everyone,

The folks at Bioware kindly gave me (and Kogass) this exclusive concept art of the upcoming Rombuk Season 12 Ranked Mount to share!

Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

More details about Season 12 Rewards will be revealed by Bioware soon! In the meantime, be sure to tune into Kogass’ Twitch Stream today (27th May ~5 pm Central Time) for discussion of the Mount!

News Star Wars The Old Republic

Conquest Changes coming in Game Update 6.1.1

Dan announced some changes to Conquest coming in Game Update 6.1.1 on the Developer Tracker! A date for this has not been set.

Hello everyone!

With the upcoming Game Update 6.1.1, we will be changing how some aspects of Personal Conquests work. Our main goal for these changes is to make Personal Conquests relevant to any character, not just an activity for players at max level. Our second goal was to add some quality of life improvements that help players in the right direction through clearer menu navigation.

More Objectives

We feel the current Personal Conquest system has too high of a reliance on the automatic conversion of EXP to Conquest points. While this is helpful to allow players to experience content of their choosing, players who wanted to focus on their Conquest objectives found themselves lacking enough objectives to meaningfully contribute during a session.

If players were opting to farm the same enemies over and over again to meet their Personal Conquest goal, what does that really say? As we took a step back, we saw this as more of a systemic issue that we wanted to address. Starting with Game Update 6.1.1, the Conquest system will only take base EXP and convert it to Conquest points. Any Experience Boosts will no longer grant additional Conquest points. To counteract this Conquest point deficit, we are adjusting the objectives in a few ways – adding more objectives to various game systems, increasing the repeatability of some objectives, and making them more relevant to your character’s level.

More Repeatable Objectives

Players have expressed frustration with the repeatability of Conquest Objectives, particularly Weekly objectives. Weekly objectives feel frustrating because they can be completed only once on a single character, forcing players to choose which character gets the lucrative amount of Conquest points. We know the preferred solution for players would be to allow conquest completion per character, but unfortunately, this is a much larger technical change that cannot be quickly addressed. In the meantime, to address this issue we will be adding more repeatable and Daily objectives to allow greater flexibility in how Personal Conquests can be completed.

Level Relevant Objectives

The way we plan on making Personal Conquests more accessible to all characters, not just ones at end-game content, is by breaking up Conquest objectives into three level ranges: levels 1 – 49, levels 50 – 70, and levels 71+. This way a level 50 character won’t be asked to kill enemies on Ossus or complete a Master Mode Flashpoint. In a couple of days we’ll post an update in this thread with a full breakdown of a specific Conquest’s Objectives.

Level Relevant Rewards

Currently, Personal Conquest rewards are mostly relevant at level 75. As part of creating separate level ranges, we wanted to ensure that the rewards players receive from a Personal Conquest are immediately impactful, no matter your character level. In order to achieve this, we have changed the rewards granted to players, depending on their level range. Players will notice that the rewards at level 71+ are not changing.

Levels 1 – 49

  • Mission EXP boosts
    • These will be a new type of boost. These will offer bonus experience from Missions only and they’ll be stackable with other boosts. They will also have a shorter duration of 30 minutes per boost.
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (15k)
  • Gathering Lockbox

Levels 50 – 70

  • Mission EXP boosts
  • Companion Gifts
  • Credit Certificate (20k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Heroic Box (Level-Dependent Gear)

Levels 71+

  • Credit Certificate (25k)
  • Gathering Lockbox
  • Solid Resource Matrices
  • Tech Fragments
  • Small Conquest Equipment Crate

These rewards are locked in once the Conquest begins. For example, if a character starts the Conquest at level 45 and reaches level 50 half-way through the week, they will still get rewards for the level 1 – 49 range. The following Conquest will then update to the next tier of rewards. There are no plans to change Guild Invasion rewards.

Better Navigation within Conquests

In order to make progressing towards your Conquest goal simpler, we are introducing a system that will allow you to move from the Personal Conquest window right to your objective. This means if a Conquest objective requires you to complete a specific mission, you’ll be able to receive the Mission and travel to the Mission location right from the Personal Conquest window! We can bring you to the specific Flashpoint or Operation required, open up the crafting window for crafting related objectives, or grant you the Mission needed to complete objectives. This will help players get right into the action and prevent issues of not knowing where to go for an objective.

When will these Conquest changes be coming to PTS?

Currently, the changes being implemented with Game Update 6.1.1 will not be making it to PTS. Our upcoming PTS build will instead be focusing on Game Update 6.1.2, which will consist of Master Mode Dxun, new Set Bonuses, and Class changes. Given the nature of these changes, the team would like the hands-on testing focused on these.

With that in mind, what do you think of these quality of life changes? Do you feel like your experience completing Conquests will be improved? Also, are there any activities or content that aren’t properly represented in Conquest objectives currently?

Everything listed above is subject to change based on internal testing as well as player feedback in this thread. We will post an additional update in a couple of days to give an example of what a Conquest’s entire objective list would look like.

SWTOR Class Guides

6.0 Corruption Sorcerer PvE Guide by Dark

Written by Dark. Edited by Dantiko and Xam Xam.

Last Updated – 12th April 2020: Corrected tactical description errors.


My name is DarkShieldSix. I have mained Sorc healing for my entire career while playing SWTOR.  I joined the NiM community two-and-a-half years ago and was thankfully trained by some of the best raiders at the time. Sorc Healing has always had an amazing foothold in every fight. Sadly, in this patch, Sorc healing is considered the weakest of the heal specs, BUT don’t let this stop you from using the force to heal your allies. As stated, Sorc healing is still viable, even for HM Dxun. Picking the correct target to heal is now more important than ever as our force regen is slightly less compared to previous patches. Remember, we bring one of the best abilities to the stage: Static Barrier.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message on discord! bmaster1218#1181

Gearing and Stats

Force Harmonization
Increases the healing done by Force abilities

Force Harmonization is the ONLY way to go.  It increases all healing done by force abilities and is everything you could ask for.

Set Bonus
Empowered Restorer’s Alacrity +2% Dark Heal’s critical chance is increased by 10%
Dark Heal heals more if you have a Consuming Darkness or Reverse Corruption stack and consumes 1 stack upon use
Revitalized Mystic’s Alacrity +2% Reduces the cooldown of Innervate by 1.5 seconds Healing a target with another ability while Resurgence is active on them has a chance to cause an extra Resurgence tick for half. Refreshing Resurgence on a target refunds some force
Name of the Gathering Storm Mastery +2% Force Speed makes your next Force attack deal 20% more damage and Force attacks deal 20% more damage while Polarity Shift is active Activating Force Speed reduces the cooldown of Polarity Shift by 10 seconds. Using Polarity Shift immediately after adds 10 seconds to its duration

Currently, two set bonuses exist for Sorc healing; Revitalized Mystic and Empowered Restorer. The set Gathering of the Storm is used by some healers. As with the other two sets available you will need to work with each one to find out what is best for your playstyle.

Revitalized Mystic

Let’s start with what I believe is the better of the two sets – Revitalized Mystic

The BIGGEST reason for this set being the most important falls on the 4-piece which is a 1.5-second cooldown reduction on Innervate.  Innervate is hands-down the core ability for a Sorc.  With this ability, we gain stacks of Force Surge when Innervate critically heals.  When the stacks are used with Consuming Darkness, it increases your force regen. 

The 6-piece is also slightly helpful as this allows you to use Resurgence on an ally more than once to gain a bit of the force used from the ability back.  Also, using any healing ability after on that target creates a slight chance that resurgence will tick for half of what it normally ticks for. 

Empowered Restorer

Our Second healing set – Empowered Restorer

The 4-piece and 6-piece effect of this set boost the powers of Dark Heal. The 4-piece makes Dark Heal have a 10% higher crit chance, while the 6-piece makes Dark Heal do 20% more healing while under the effects of Weary or Reverse Corruptions and consumes 1 stack of either.

The issue with this set is it relies heavily on Dark Heal as the primary way of healing. Dark Heal cost-effectiveness allows 11 casts from max force at its cost of 63 force. At the same time, all the healing is single target. Giving yourself Weary stacks reduces force regen by 2 per stack capping at 4 stacks. Normal force regen sits at ~9.2/s (with 1.3gcd), meaning you have 1.2/s force regen with 4 Weary stacks, effectively having no force regen for its duration. Cleansing all stacks requires 4 casts of Dark Heal, costing 252 force to accomplish while having the reduced force regen from the stacks. This leaves a lot of people Force deprived, as Innervate has a roughly 8-second cooldown to gain more force with consuming darkness and reverse corruptions.

Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm set is meant to be used as the DPS set for the Sorc Class. However, some people believe this set to be extremely helpful in the end-game due to it allowing you much better off-DPS as a healer. Its a very situational build, and is not recommended for beginners as this focuses maximizing the usage of force speed and Polarity Shift. Due to this, it may be difficult to find when to correctly time Polarity Shift and will result in effective healing to become basically non-existent. A major side-effect of this set is the reduced force regen as Innervate is on the longer cooldown outside of Polarity Shift. I recommend to anyone attempting this build to practice in Hard Mode and possibly Story Mode to get used to the timing of Polarity Shift’s cooldown so it may be better used in tight spots consistently and not once or twice.

Tactical Information
All for One Revivification heals more the less allies it affects.
One for All Revivification heals more for each ally it affects.
Healing Volts Damaging an enemy with Volt Rush causes your ally closest to the enemy to be healed, scaling with how many Energized charges you have.

Of these tacticals, I use All for One 100% of the time.  Revivification has always been an extremely powerful healing ability and is always used on at least 3-5 people. Having the extra healing based on the number of people affected by the ability can have a huge effect on your raid healing.


Now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  Stats are a huge part of the game and it changes how much a player does.  I will be giving the Best-In-Slot gearing:

  • Stim: Advance Kyrprax Proficient Stim (Accuracy + Crit)
  • Hilts: Superior Versatile Hilt 80
  • Armorings: Superior Versatile Armoring 80
  • Mods: Lethal Superior Mod 80R-2. While the Mod 80R-2 are an extremely rare drop, using regular Mod 80 is just as fine until you can replace them.
  • Enhancements/Tertiary Stat Pieces:
    • Alacrity: 2x Superior Nimble 80 enhancements and 1x Superior Nimble 80R-14 + 6x Advanced Alacrity Augment 74 + Sha’tek Quick Savant Earpiece and Sha’tek Quick Savant Implant (2x)
    • Crit: 4x Superior Adept 80 enhancements + 8x Advanced Critical Augment 74 + 2x Crit Crystals for Lightsaber and Offhand
  • Relics: 
    • Focused Retribution and Serendipitous Assault Relics (new content)
    • Devastating Vengeance and Primeval Fatesealer Relics (old content)

Overall Stats with all Mod 80 is as follows (Please note this includes you having all Datacrons across the planets and fleet):

  • Mastery – 12,316
  • Endurance – 16,330
  • Power – 9,616
  • Critical – 2,779 – 43.63%
  • Alacrity – 3,206 – 15.39%
  • Accuracy – 264 – 102.73%

This set-up of stats goes well with the Revitalized Mystic set and runs at a 1.3 GCD. Force regen base is 9.2/s.

This set-up works for players who like good control on force management while still pumping out top heal numbers in fights. The extra chance to crit is not as massive as people realize when you’re able to continuously heal throughout a fight without stopping. 


This guide is for PVE, so I will not be talking about PVP Utilities.

As a Sorc healer, there are 9 Utilities you will always take every single boss fight except for two fights; Styrak and Warlords, both bosses found in SnV.

Firstly, the 9 Utilities you will always take:

Force Suffusion Overlord heals you and 7 affected allies.
This utility allows you to damage enemies and heal your allies; very helpful.
Sith Defiance Increase damage reduction by 3%.
DR is extremely important especially when you have to Sorc Tank.
Corrupted Flesh Reduces damage taken from all periodic effects by 15%.
Again, DR is important because you are a light armour user.
Empty Body Increases all healing received by 5%.
The second part of this doesn’t matter as you don’t steal life. I think this stands for itself.

Suppression Using Cloud Mind increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
It’s one of 3 DCDs we have, extremely important.
Dark Resilience Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Extrication (pull) by 25% for 6 seconds (In raiding this rarely takes place). Additionally, increases the healing done by Unnatural Preservation by 30%.
This is massive for self-healing when you find yourself in a pinch.

Shapeless Spirit Reduces all damage taken while stunned by 30% and reduces damage taken from area effect by 30%.
When raiding you will be rarely stunned, however, a lot of bosses have Area Effect damage and again, DR is extremely important.
Force Mobility Thundering Blast, Innervate, and Force Leech may be activated while moving.
Having extra mobility during a cast as a healer is amazing and is 100% a must.
Unnatural Vigor Unnatural Preservation increases your damage reduction by 15% for 6 seconds. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of Unnatural Preservation by 5 seconds.
This is another one of our DCDs as a healer.

These 9 Utilities will grant you the best chance in a raid for every boss with the 2 exceptions of Styrak and Cartel Warlords.

Additional Utilities

Cartel Warlords

During Cartel Warlords in SnV NiM it’s important to take:

  • Emersion [Heroic] – Using Force Speed removes all movement-impairing effect on you and grants immunity to them for the duration. 

During the First Phase of Cartel Warlords, the boss Captain Horic throws out a grenade that places a green debuff on you.  This debuff slows you and deals damage. With Emersion, you give yourself a second CC break, as it will remove this debuff. You must sacrifice Unnatural Vigor for this, but as a healer, in this fight, you should take very small amounts of damage.


During Styrak in SnV NiM you may be asked to knock back adds that spawn during the Lighting Manifestation phase, requiring you to take: 

  • Electric Bindings [Masterful] – Using Overload binds its targets, immobilizing them for 5 seconds. 

With 6.0 this strategy comes with great risk, as its difficult to run 110% accuracy.  However, it is still possible so long as you stun an add that resists your bind. You must sacrifice Dark Resilience.  Most of the fight you spend grouped with allies, so you can get AOE healed, making the increased healing from Unnatural Preservation not needed.

Abilities and Passives

Healing Abilities

As a healer we have 7 main abilities:

Heals up to 8 targets in the area with a healing over time buff for 10 seconds
Resurgence Heals one target and places a healing over time buff for 15 seconds.
While channelling heals a target and consumes 60 force over the duration.
Roaming Mend Places a healing buff on target and heals them once they take damage. The buff then transfers to a new ally within range. The buff will bounce 3 times for a total of 4 heals.
Dark Heal After a quick channel heal a target
Dark Infusion After a slightly longer channel then Dark Heal, heal a target for a significant amount.
Static Barrier Surrounds the target in a lightning shield that lasts 30 seconds and absorbs a high amount of damage. Protected targets become deionized and cannot benefit from Static Barrier again for 20 seconds.

Corruption Discipline Passives

Tree Buffs that are important to mention:

Force Bending – This Buff affects your healing abilities after using Resurgence based on the ability:

  • Dark Heal: Critical chance increased by 60%.
  • Dark Infusion: Activation time reduced by 0.25 seconds.
  • Innervate: Critical chance increased by 25%.
  • Revivification: Force cost reduced by 20%.
  • Roaming Mend: Immediately roams to and heals each target, without waiting for the target to take damage first.

Reconstruct – Increases the duration of Re25surgence by 6 seconds. In addition, Resurgence increases the target’s armor rating by 10% for 45 seconds.

Force Surge – Innervate critical heals grant 1 charge of Force Surge, which improves the effectiveness of your next Consuming Darkness or Revivification:

  • Consuming Darkness: Restores an additional 5 Force and consumes 1 charge and does not make you Weary.
  • Revivification: Consumes 5 less Force per charge and reduces activation time by 0.25 seconds for each of the first two charges, or makes it activate instantly with the third charge. Consumes all charges.

Dark Concentration – Crushing Darkness, Lightning Strike, Dark infusion, and Revivification grant Dark Concentration, which causes your next Dark Heal to activate instantly and consume no force.  This effect has a 10-second cooldown.

Reverse Corruptions – Force Barrier now purges all Weary stacks. In addition, spending a charge of Force Surge on Consuming Darkness grants Reverse Corruptions which increases force regen by 2 for up to 10-seconds as long as you are not affected by Weary, otherwise it removes a stack.  Using Consuming Darkness without a Force Surge stack removes Reverse Corruptions buff early.

Twisted Force – Innervate channels and ticks 10% faster, and Roaming Mend now gives 3% internal and elemental damage reduction to its targets for 45 seconds.

Sustaining Darkness – Static Barrier grants 10 charges of Sustaining Darkness to its target.  Directly healing a target with this buff removes one stack. When static barrier ends or when the barrier is broken the target is healed by an amount multiplied by the number of stacks remaining.

How to Heal Effectively

This part of the guide is extremely important on the player side. Healing effectively all comes down to experience in fights. Knowing when damage is going to be coming out and when to start executing the heals needed. What can be helped is how to use abilities effectively and timely, so they do more when used.

Firstly, people will say hard casting Revivification is not helpful. This is wrong.  Revivification is fine to be hard cast. The important thing to note about Revivification is you need to hit 3 or more people in it. It’s not useful when it hits less than that amount of people. Also, Resurgence with Revivification helps, as it reduces the cost of the ability. 

Secondly, Resurgence is the second most important ability you have as using it buffs all your other healing abilities. The best Combos for Resurgence in priority is as follows:

Resurgence + Innervate – The increase crit chance on Innervate makes getting Force Surge easier

Resurgence + Roaming Mend – Roaming Mend focuses its bounce on people who have a less HP.  Using this on low HP targets grants a huge AOE burst heal.

Resurgence + Revivification – the lowered force cost helps but isn’t as important as the others.

Using Resurgence with Dark Heal or Dark Infusion is ill-advised as the extra buffs to both are not important and waste the buff given for lesser output. Remember, Resurgence boosts the armor of the target, so keeping this buff up on tanks is extremely helpful to them for DR.

Thirdly, Roaming Mend, while a powerful ability alone, its true power comes from being able to bounce freely after Resurgence is used. It’s highly recommended using Roaming Mend after Resurgence.

Fourth, using Dark Heal alone is not very cost-effective.  Dark Infusion, while on a slightly longer channel, heals for a significant amount more and costs less. Also, Dark Infusion allows Dark Heal to be free casted. Combining these two abilities together can be a strong burst heal as well.

Fifth, remember we take the improved Overload Utility and using this during AOE healing moments is very helpful. While that’s when it’s used most often, the heal and damage is very cost-effective to use when multiple people need a slight touch-up.

Sixth, Using Static Barrier is a huge boost to effective healing and can be used in two important ways. The first way being shielding a tank from incoming damage. This reduces the overall damage they take, and it heals them once the barrier pops. This is a great Two-for-One ability. Secondly, you can shield a DPS or yourself when there’s incoming damage, or when the damage has to be taken and you can’t afford healing in that moment. 

Seventh, we’ll talk about Force management. As a Sorc, we have a large pool of resource, and if you’re not careful after about 3 rotations of healing, you’re out for the count. Controlling your force during the course of a fight will increase your healing and will allow you to heal endlessly in moments where healing is supposed to be stressed. During the normal parts of the fights without too much damage output, keeping track of your force is essential.

Between 600-450 Force you are in a position that allows you to heal nicely without much backlash if things get hairy.

Between 450-200 Force your position becomes a bit more stressful. Being brought this low means people are either taking damage that’s not needed, or it’s meant to be a stressful part. If unneeded damage is being taken, speak up! It is your job to keep track of raid damage as a healer. If it’s meant to be stressful, go into Force Management mode. Use 2 stacks of Force Surge on Consuming Darkness to replenish force.  If you have 3 stacks of Force Surge, keep the last stack for when the buff of Reverse Corruptions about to end to refresh it. This will give you excellent force management while still allowing you to do your job in stressful moments.

Between 200-0 Force is the worst moment you can find yourself in. The only time you should be this low is during a burn phase that comes with massive raid healing. To deal with this, using Polarity Shift and Recklessness will help.  Recklessness will make your first 2 heals crit and hit harder. It is best to use on Innervate to get some Force Surge stacks and use Consuming Darkness to get a Reverse Corruptions stack. Polarity Shift boosts alacrity and, in turn, increases force regen. After you have done that, it is best to use Resurgence into Revivification. The reduced cost will be extremely helpful here and the hard cast will be reduced by Polarity Shift. Now, if you find yourself this low on force and it’s not a burn phase, using Resurgence into Innervate into Consuming Darkness on ALL Force Surge Stacks. and you repeat until Force is back to 450+. It’s important to keep your resource together so that you are an asset to the team rather than a sandbag. 

In closing remarks, Sorc healing is fun and right now it’s more so because it’s currently “weaker” than other specs. Sorcs still have the ability to pull more healing on most fights if abilities are used correctly and you preemptively prepare for the damage that comes out. Sorcs play a vital role in team comps with Static Barrier protection, high burst heals and good AOE healing with All for One, low cooldowns, and easy force management for sustained heals as well. On top of this, Sorcs have the ability to do it all continuously. Remember my fellow healers, never be afraid to tell your DPS to stop standing in stupid. It’s your job. Now it’s finally time to say: May the Force be with You, Always!

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught Mek-Sha Guides

Mek-Sha [Heroic 4] Turf War and ‘The Don’ Achievement Guide


The Turf War Heroic has been replaced with a new Heroic mission ‘We’re Wanted Men’.

If you previously obtained all the Turf War Achievements prior to the heroic’s removal in Game Update 6.1.1, the achievements have transferred over to the new ones for the new mission. So you do not have to redo the mission to get the achievements. See the Tweet below for preliminary info on the We’re Wanted Men’ Heroic. (Click on the Tweet to see full thread)

A new heroic, Turf War was added to Mek-Sha in Game Update 6.0.1. Here is a guide to how to complete it and the corresponding achievements.

Before we get started though, there are a couple of things to keep a note of and a couple of key requirements in order to be able to do the Heroic to get the Achievement.

  • Your character must have completed the Onslaught story to be able to pick up [Heroic 4] Turf War.
  • Completing [Heroic 4] Turf War will only count towards <The Don> achievement for the person in the group who buys and uses the contract. However, everyone in the group who has the Heroic mission will still get Mission completion credit and rewards.
  • Once you complete the achievement and get the reward, you only get it on one character. There is currently no way, that I know of, to get the reward on your other characters even if you used those characters to get the achievement. So make sure the final heroic you do that’ll finish <The Don> Achievement is on the character you want the reward on.

This heroic is similar to the Golden heroic on Dantooine in that you have to pay credits to complete it. However, with Turf War you still have to put some work in first (kill mobs) to complete the heroic.

<The Don> Achievement

The Achievement can be found under Achievements -> Location -> Mek-Sha -> Heroic Missions.

  • Enlist the Dar’manda Gang to Help (x10)
  • Enlist the Dire Skull Gang to Help (x10)
  • Enlist the Harido Wald Gang to Help (x10)
  • Enlist the Nova Blade Gang to Help (x10)

In order to get <The Don> Achievement, you need to complete the heroic 10 times per encounter scenario totalling 40 times. The total cost of getting the achievement, assuming you completed it 20 times using the discounted contracts, is 37,860,000 million Credits (320,000 + 37,500,000). See Contracts section for additional info.

There are two additional achievements that go with this achievement.

  • Enlist the Dar’manda Gang to Help (x1)
  • Enlist the Dire Skull Gang to Help (x1)
  • Enlist the Harido Wald Gang to Help (x1)
  • Enlist the Nova Blade Gang to Help (x1)
  • Enlist the Dar’manda Gang to Help (x5)
  • Enlist the Dire Skull Gang to Help (x5)
  • Enlist the Harido Wald Gang to Help (x5)
  • Enlist the Nova Blade Gang to Help (x5)

<The Don> Achievement Reward

The reward for completing the achievement is the ‘Street Cred’ item. Once you complete the Achievement, the reward will arrive in the mail shortly after on the character you finished the achievement on.

When you activate it, it creates a grey-purple-black visual effect on your character that lasts for five minutes. You can remove it, if you wish, by clicking it off of your buff bar.

[Heroic 4] Turf War

With tensions running high among the gangs of Mek-Sha, the standing of your allies hangs in the balance. Luckily, local crews are always looking to drum up business–recruiting muscle from other gangs to your cause should be no trouble.

This heroic is identical for both factions. Choices made during the Onslaught story can impact the pricing of the contract purchased at the end of the Heroic.

Since completing the heroic only counts towards <The Don> Achievement for one person, it is better to solo this heroic. It is also easier to have multiple characters who have completed the story so you can get the achievement faster.

I was able to complete all four encounters as both a DPS (unoptimised, no set bonus gear) with a level 50 healing companion and as a healer (mostly BiS) with a level 50 DPS companion.

Choose a Gang to Help

Go to Slugfall Cantina, speak to representatives of gangs that have offered assistance, and recruit a crew to temporarily help keep things in order on Mek-Sha. Choose carefully: siding with one gang will surely draw the ire from their rivals.

Go to the Slugfall Cantina and talk to the gang representative you wish to ally yourself with. Click on a gang representative and go through a brief KOTOR-style conversation.

Harido Wald
Nova Blade & Dire Skull

Keep in mind that choices in the story can have an impact. It is better to choose the gang you allied with in the Onslaught story. See Contracts section for more information.

Defeat Rival Gang Leaders

The crew representative has asked you to take out the other gang leaders in an all-out bar brawl. Defeat the leaders and prove you’re worth fighting for.

Once you have chosen which gang to help, go into the instance and defeat the other gang leaders. When you enter, you will find the gang leaders ready to attack each other. The one you’re allied with will be green and will help you defeat the other gang leaders. There are some minor variations in how the encounter plays out depending on who you’ve allied with.

Before we get into specifics, there are a couple of things to remember for all encounters.

  • There is an RNG element to all encounters. The behaviour of the gang leaders varies–as in who they choose to attack varies each time. Each encounter is always different. Sometimes they’ll all attack you, sometimes they’ll attack each other and ignore you, sometimes one leader will attack you while the other leaders attack each other etc. etc.
  • Don’t panic if you die. If all the leaders are in combat, then the fight will continue. You can rezz in the room or rezz to a med centre and come back. If you are too close to the gang leaders, especially the Nova Blade or Dire Skull one when you die there is a good chance their AOE abilities will kill you before you can heal up. If you rezz to a med centre, keep in mind that if one of the gang leaders dies while you’re out of the instance, you won’t get credit for the kill and you will have to reset the phase.
  • If the gang leader you’re allied with dies in the encounter, it does not affect the outcome of the heroic at all.

The Nova Blade allied encounter is the easiest while the Harido Wald allied encounter is the most annoying.

Before we get into the individual encounters, let’s look at some of the tools you get to help you and the debuffs the gang leaders have.


There are four different items you can use to aid you in defeating the gang leaders. The most important one is the Basket of Fruit. Click on each one to gain a temporary item that will appear in your temporary ability bar. Each item only has once ‘use’ so once you’ve used an item, you need to pick it up again to be able to use it again.

  • Basket of Fruit – Fruit Throw (Nova Blade)
  • Chair – Chair Slam (Harido Wald)
  • Water Glass – Douse (Dire Skull)
  • Bottles – Bottle Smash (Dar-manda)
Chair Slam – Fruit Throw – Douse – Bottle Smash

The Gang Leaders have the following buffs on them.

  • All Gang Leaders
    • Boss Immunity – Immune to incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.
    • Steadfast – Immune to physics and knockbacks.
  • Dar’manda
    • Infused Strength – Increased Damage
    • Infused Strength
  • Dire Skull
    • Drunken Rage – Increased Alacrity
    • Drunken Rage
  • Harido Wald
    • Loaded Rejuvenation – Passively Regenerates Health
    • Laced Rejuvenation
  • Nova Blade
    • Liquid Courage – Damage Immunity
    • Liquid Courage

Some of the gang leaders also have some ability buffs.

  • Dar’manda
    • Armour Field – Armour increased (30 seconds).
  • Harido Wald
    • Protected – Armour rating increased.
  • Nova Blade
    • Charged Weapon – Melee attacks have a chance to deal additional energy damage (1 minute).
    • Energy Shield – Energy damage resistance increased.

The only gang leader you really need to worry about is the Nova Blade one given his damage immunity. The other gang leaders are fairly harmless and some of the tools you use against the other gang leaders don’t always work anyway. Harido Wald’s health regeneration is pretty minimal and you should be able to out-DPS it.

Now let’s get into the specifics about each of the encounters. Dar’manda and Dire Skull allied encounters are pretty similar. But the general rule for all encounters (where you are not allied with the Nova Blade gang leader) is to kill the Nova Blade gang leader first.

Dar’manda Allied Encounter

It is best to kill the Nova Blade Gang Leader first to avoid losing the tools (Fruit Basket) needed to defeat him. Sometimes killing one of the other gang leaders before the Nova Blade one can cause the tools to no longer be clickable which makes it near impossible* to defeat the Nova Blade.

Click on a Fruit Basket to get a piece of Fruit. Throw a piece of Fruit at him to make him no longer immune to damage. Using the Thro Fruit temporary ability on the Nova Blade will remove is damage immunity buff temporarily. After around 5seconds, the damage immunity buff will come back and you’ll have to throw fruit at him again.

It is best to try and engage him on his own. Most of the time, clicking on the fruit basket closest to the door will aggro him. You can them move him into the corner away from the other gang leaders. Get him to at least 50% health before engaging the other gang leaders. Move him into the middle of them to try and get the other gang leaders to aggro to him (since he regularly does AOE attacks).

Once the Nova Blade gang leader is dead, kill the other gang leaders in any order you see fit.

Dire Skull Allied Encounter

It is best to kill the Nova Blade Gang Leader first to avoid losing the tools (Fruit Basket) needed to defeat him. Sometimes killing one of the other gang leaders before the Nova Blade one can cause the tools to no longer be clickable which makes it near impossible* to defeat the Nova Blade.

Click on a Fruit Basket to get a piece of Fruit. Throw a piece of Fruit at him to make him no longer immune to damage. Using the Thro Fruit temporary ability on the Nova Blade will remove is damage immunity buff temporarily. After around 5seconds, the damage immunity buff will come back and you’ll have to throw fruit at him again.

It is best to try and engage him on his own. Most of the time, clicking on the fruit basket closest to the door will aggro him. You can them move him into the corner away from the other gang leaders. Get him to at least 50% health before engaging the other gang leaders. Move him into the middle of them to try and get the other gang leaders to aggro to him (since he regularly does AOE attacks).

Once the Nova Blade gang leader is dead, kill the other gang leaders in any order you see fit.

Harido Wald Allied Encounter

For this encounter, it is crucial that you defeat the Nova Blade Gang leader first to avoid losing the tools (Fruit Basket) needed to defeat him. If any of the other leaders die first, the clickable items around the room will no longer be clickable. Making it almost* impossible to defeat the Nova Blade Gang leader.

Click on a Fruit Basket to get a piece of Fruit. Throw a piece of Fruit at him to make him no longer immune to damage. Using the Thro Fruit temporary ability on the Nova Blade will remove is damage immunity buff temporarily. After around 5seconds, the damage immunity buff will come back and you’ll have to throw fruit at him again.

It is best to try and engage him on his own. Most of the time, clicking on the fruit basket closest to the door will aggro him. You can them move him into the corner away from the other gang leaders. Get him to at least 50% health before engaging the other gang leaders. Move him into the middle of them to try and get the other gang leaders to aggro to him (since he regularly does AOE attacks).

Once the Nova Blade gang leader is dead, kill the other gang leaders in any order you see fit.

Nova Blade Allied Encounter

For this encounter, you can pretty much just sit back and let the Nova Blade Gang Leader do all the work. Since the other gang leaders will be barely able to damage him it should be pretty straight forward. The only issue you’ll have is if all the other gang leaders decide to attack you and/or your companion. But remember, don’t panic if you die!

*Even though the Nova Blade Gang leader is immune to damage, the other NPC’s can still occasionally get an attack through so it is possible to eventually defeat him but it will take a very, very long time depending on his HP when the fruit basket disappears.

Obtain and Sign an Employment Contract

Now that you’ve earned the support of the gang, seal the deal by signing an employment contract with the gang negotiator.

Once you have defeated the Gang Leaders, a gang negotiator NPC will appear who will sell you a Contract. You have to purchase and use the contract to complete the heroic.

Contract Costs

The cost of the contract varies due to choices made in the Onslaught story.

So if you allied with Harido Wald during the story, the contract you get from them at the end from the heroic is considerably cheaper than they normally are, likewise if you allied with Dar’manda.

Dar’manda 18,000 Credits 1,875,000 Credits
Dire Skull 1,875,000 Credits
Harido Wald 18,000 Credits 1,875,000 Credits
Nova Blade 1,875,000 Credits

Once you have purchased the contract, click on it in your inventory to complete the heroic.

Note, you cannot buy another contract and as soon as you ‘use’ it, the negotiator disappears preventing you from buying another contract. You also cannot purchase another contract if you already have one in your inventory.

Heroic Rewards
  • Credits – 31,385
  • Renown – Varies
  • Light/Dark Side Points – Varies
  • Locked Supply Crate: Smuggled Goods

That concludes the guide. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask!