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SWTOR – Upcoming Guild Conquest Changes

David Staats, Systems Designer at Bioware Austin, has announced some further changes to Conquest specifically around Guilds that will be implemented in an upcoming update.

There are two key changes.

  • New Character Grace Period
    • New characters invited to the guild will not be able to earn conquest points for the guild straight away but will continue to earn conquest for personal rewards.
  • Character and Guild Separation
    • When a character is removed from a guild, their conquest point contributions are removed as well. If they leave on their own, the contributions to the guild remain.

For details, please read David’s full post from the Official SWTOR Forums below.

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you all know of some updates we are making to Conquest as it pertains to Guilds and Guild Contributions. This update will specifically touch two main aspects of Guild Conquests – when a new character joins a Guild, and when any characters are removed from a Guild – and how Conquest Points will be handled.

New Character Grace Period

When a new character has accepted an invite into a Guild, that character will begin a Grace Period with the Guild. During this time, that new character can still earn their own Personal Conquest goals and rewards, but their Conquest efforts will not be calculated into the Guild’s Conquest efforts until the next Conquest event. As such, new characters will not immediately appear in a Guild’s Conquest Leaderboards, and will not be eligible for the Guild’s Invasion Reward.

When new characters view the Guild Invasion screen, they will see a message indicating that they are currently unable to contribute towards their new Guild’s Conquest score, and must wait until the next Conquest event. Similarly, when viewing the Guild Roster page new characters who are unable to contribute will be indicated as such, allowing Guild Leadership to get a better picture of who cannot actively contribute.

It is important to note that this Grace Period is per character, and not account. If a player already has a character in a Guild, and is bringing an alternate character into the Guild, the Grace Period only applies to that alternate character, and not all characters from that Legacy. Equally as important to note is that this Grace Period will also apply to all new Guilds being formed.

Joining a Guild is an important aspect of our game, and we want to ensure that both the Guild and new members are given time to assess each other properly, without the pressures of reward systems potentially interfering in that period.

Character and Guild Separation

When a player is removed from a Guild by the Guild, their Conquest contributions will now be removed from that Guild as well. In the event the character leaves a Guild on their own accord, the points they contributed to a Guild’s Conquest will remain with the Guild for that Conquest.

When removing characters, Guild Leadership will now be provided with a notification informing them that removing the member will result in a loss of that member’s Conquest contributions. Again, it is important to note that this is per character, and not account.
We want to ensure that character and Guild separation is done in a healthy and amicable way.

As always, thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback regarding how the current system was being used. We feel these changes will allow players and Guilds to build healthier relationships when experiencing this aspect of SWTOR, and are aiming to have these changes in an update in the near future.

One detail that is not clear, however, is whether the grace period and conquest weekly reset will be mutually exclusive. For example, if you join a guild on Monday will you then be able to contribute to the guilds conquest as soon as conquest resets on Tuesday? Or will there actually be a grace period extend a few days regardless of if there’s a reset? Will this mean a new character will have to wait to until the following Tuesday to contribute points to the guild?

What do you think of these changes? Do you think they will help solve some of the recent Conquest issues and abusive practices by mega guild towards players?

Game Update 5.10

Guild Levelling System Guide

The Old Republic is introducing a Guild Levelling System in Game Update 5.10 that is tied to Conquest. Guild Levels are earned via Conquest Points. The Guild Levelling System provides a number of benefits and Perks for your Guild. You can read more about the Guild Perk system in my Guild Perks Guide.


What is Guild Levelling and How Does it Work?

Similar to a player character, Guilds will now earn Guild Experience. As Guilds hit the next Guild XP target, they will level up. Guilds start at level 1 and can theoretically, level infinitely. Currently, the max Guild Level on the PTS is 101. However, there is currently no benefit to levelling beyond level 65.

Guild XP is earned by players in the Guild earning Conquest points. Players will earn 2 Guild XP for every 1 Conquest points earned. Eg. If a player reaches their Personal Weekly Conquest target of 15,000 Conquest points, they would earn 30,000 Guild XP for their Guild.

Currently, there is a weekly Guild XP cap of 8,000,000 (or 4,000,000 Conquest points worth).

Every time a Guild levels up, a few things happen:

  • They receive a fixed amount of Guild Commendations (these are used to purchase Guild Perks)
  • The amount of XP, CXP, and Reputation earned by the Guild increases. These values start at 5% XP, 5% Rep, and 0% CXP and they steadily increase until they cap at 15% XP, 15% Rep, and 10% CXP.
    • This is a new benefit as players can now reach higher bonuses to XP and Rep than ever before, without relying on Guild size. Plus we have introduced a new bonus to CXP which did not exist previously.
  • At specific Guild Level breakpoints, Guilds will qualify to purchase higher Tiers of Guild Perks.

What Are The Devs Goals?

First and foremost, we wanted to add a whole new set of incentives for players to be a part of a Guild. SWTOR is a social game at its core and so we want to do all that we can to encourage people to play together. However, we also understand that many players like to play with just their small circle of friends in small Guilds, and so the system needed to work for everyone.


Second, one of our goals for Conquests was to work as a system to incentivize players to be rewarded for playing any and all content in SWTOR. By tying Conquests and Guild Leveling together it means that by simply playing the game, you will be earning Guild XP for your Guild. Whether you want that to be a focus of your Guild to level as fast as possible, or to just let it happen, you should be gaining Guild levels as you play.

The Numbers

Here are some of the specific numbers for Guild Leveling. Disclaimers:

  • These numbers are based on Weekly Conquest data, and so we likely won’t see any big changes until they see how everything plays out on live servers. The Devs will be monitoring Conquest every week along with listening to your feedback to look for areas to make changes.
  • The Devs built these targets with two key pieces of information. The current amount of Conquest points that Guilds are earning across all yield sizes and the continued potential for Conquest point gains based on the additional Conquest changes coming in 5.10 and the added Conquest point potential from Perks.

Reminder – 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP

For context on XP vs Leveling, going from level 1 to level 2 requires 1,000,000 Guild XP. Going from 2-3 requires another 1,010,000 -or- 2,010,000 total (for the math lovers out there, this curve is not necessarily incremental). They expect Guilds which are hitting Small Yield Planetary targets will be gaining around 3 or so levels a week. This can vary greatly based on Guild size and activity.

Here are some key Guild levelling milestones:

  • Level 6 – Guild reaches 10% bonus XP and Reputation
  • Level 12 – Guild qualifies for Tier 2 Guild Perks
  • Level 32 – Guild qualifies for Tier 3 Guild Perks
  • Level 40 – Guild has capped XP and Reputation Gains at 15% bonus
  • Level 49 – Guild qualifies for Tier 4 Guild Perks
  • Level 51 – Guild has capped CXP Gains at 10% bonus
  • Level 64 – Guild qualifies for Tier 5 Guild Perks (current highest tier)
  • Level 65+ – Guild will continue to earn Guild Commendations but there is no gameplay benefit beyond level 64. There will be cosmetic rewards that may be introduced in a later patch tied to Heraldry that will take Guild Level into account.
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Guild Improvements and PvP Challenges coming in Game Update 5.10

Here is my write up of the Guild improvements and Changes revealed on the recent Star Wars The Old Republic Cantina Livestream.

Guild Progression

Guilds will now level up as they complete Conquest. This is done by invading planets and completing conquest objectives. Levelling up your Guild gets you Guild Perks.

Guild Perks

Guild perks are temporary buffs or improvements that benefit every member of your Guild and are slotted onto your Guild Ship*. They are temporary so you’ll have to change out for new perks as old perks expire. Perks will be purchased via a new Guild Currency + Credits. Guild currency earned from gaining Guild levels and completing your planetary yield in Conquest. The number of perks you can have is determined by the number of rooms you have unlocked.

A couple of examples of perks that could be implemented:

  • Increase it mat gathering yields
  • Increased XP from particular activities

The goal of these changes is to help you specialise your Guild as you see fit.

*Guild Ship acquisition is going to be made a little more simplified to make it a little easier for Guilds to get Ships.

Conquest Improvements

A bunch of tweaks happening to how Conquest currently works.

  • More consistent Objectives across all Conquests
  • Less emphasis on Daily Repeatable Objectives but instead on weekly repeatable and infinitely repeatable with no legacy limits.

Guild Heraldry

Unfortunately no longer coming in Game Update 5.10. But will definitely be coming out in a later update.

Guild Landing Page

New interface to show various info about your Guild at a glance.

Guild Mangement

  • Guild Inspect
    • Click on another player and inspect their Guild. Info visible will include guild level and perks are as well as a brief description of the Guild written by the Guild. Guild GM’s will be able to edit the publicly visible description as they see fit.
  • Logging
    • Bank withdrawals/deposits
    • Guild invites
    • Guild kicks/leavers
    • Conquest participation (a possibility)
  • Guild mail
  • Ban by Legacy
    • Behind the scenes, they have unique identifiers for each personal account so even if they change their legacy name or someone else has the same legacy name as them, it will only affect the person banned.
  • More Guild Ranks and more options for what each rank can do and have access to.

PvP Challenges

Will allow you to challenge other groups to a PvP match as you see fit. All you have to do is preform the groups than right click on a persons’ name and click challenge. A menu/lobby will pop up which will show you various options for queuing and the team compositions which will be visible to all members of the group. You get to choose between a Warzone, Arena or Starfighter then you can select a specific map to play.

  • Minimum of 2v2, maximum dictated by the game type.
  • Groups and Guilds can challenge each other.
  • Stat tracking
    • If members of the group are in the same Guild, stats will be tracked and visible including wins and losses in different game types. Guilds can choose if they’re stats are tracked.

Note there are no rewards and this is completely outside of regular warzone and arena queuing so you can not complete dailies or weeklies from participating in this new mode.