Star Wars The Old Republic

New Life Day Event 2020 Rewards

Life Day 2020 has commenced in Star Wars The Old Republic!

Here’s a look at the new rewards they added to the Life Day Vendor.

Embracing WookieeDecoration – Personnel60 Parcels
Hand WarmingToy – Regen75 Parcels
Snowfallen GizkaPet60 Parcels
Snowfallen Wampa CubPet60 Parcels

PSA – Snow Covered Parcels

If you have Snow-Covered Parcels from previous Life Day Events in your Legacy Bank or Inventory, you will need to add them to the Currency Tab to be able to use them. All you have to do is mail them to an alt, then log onto the alt and take the Snow-Covered Parcels out of the mail. They will then be automatically be added into your Currency Tab under Event Currencies.

Embracing Wookie
  • Item Type – Personel Decoration
  • Cost – 60 Snow-Covered Parcels

Hand Warming
  • Item Type – Toy Regen
  • Cost – 75 Snow-Covered Parcels

Snowfallen Gizka
  • Item Type – Pet
  • Cost – 60 Snow-Covered Parcels

Snowfallen Wampa Cub
  • Item Type – Pet
  • Cost – 60 Snow-Covered Parcels