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Bioware Seeking Feedback on Accessibility in SWTOR

The Bioware Developers are currently seeking feedback on ‘Accessibility’ in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Hi all,

Just like the title suggests, we would love to hear your suggestions for accessibility. I know that some threads already exist such as this one from Sewolf ( and I will be adding them here as I find them. Additionally, if y’all see any others, feel free to link them here or add your own suggestions below.

We cannot guarantee that every suggestion is going to be implemented, but we do want to hear about what can improve the game in terms of accessibility.

Suggestions can be posted in the thread ‘Accessibility Suggestions‘ started by Community Manager Jackie Ko. Alternatively, if you don’t want your feedback public for privacy reasons etc. you can DM me on Twitter (Rach_Games) or Discord (Xam Xam#5102) with suggestions/feedback and I will discreetly pass them on to the Community Team.

Please spread the word about this to your friends and Guilds! This is something I know Bioware cares about. If you have given feedback about this in the past, feel free to post links or repost in that thread too to make things easier for Jackie!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Accessibility in gaming is an important issue so let’s see what we can do to make The Old Republic more accessible to all gamers!

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MMO Gaming Highlights 2020

As we all know, 2020 IRL was not the best year and this translated, to an extent, into the gaming verse’. Nonetheless, there were some great moments in MMO gaming, for me, in 2020 I want to discuss that make me really excited for 2021!

Before we get started, full disclosure, these are the three MMO’s I played in 2020.

  • New World (Preview Event)
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Star Wars The Old Republic

New World (Preview Event)

The main MMO Gaming highlight of 2020, for me, was getting to participate in the New World Preview Event. I was incredibly impressed with how immersive and complete the game was. I was instantly sucked into the lore of the game with compelling quests and the incredibly beautiful zones and scenery. 

Destroying Corruption Breach

What really got me hooked though, was the incredibly immersive crafting system. Everything in the environment has a purpose and would disappear once you harvested it including massive trees and large rocks. You could even pick up twigs and stones and use them to craft stuff.   

Trade Skills

The combat was a bit more challenging than other MMO’s I’ve played but highly rewarding and enjoyable! Combat and skill lines are completely tied to weapons which I think is fantastic and should make things easier to keep balanced. The player housing system has a lot of potential but could use some tweaks (but shouldn’t be as high a priority IMO) and the settlement and guild systems look interesting. The lore (and the setting of the game) is very intriguing. The PvP systems seem fun but I did not get to participate in those beyond flagging to do some of the open-world PvP quests. Would’ve loved to participate in a Faction War!

Faction Wars

There were a couple of issues, of course. The poor enemy NPC AI behaviour and large aggro fields got frustrating at time. Enemy NPC’s that were aggroed by another player (who was running away from them) would aggro to you if you were close by and could easily catch you unawares and result in your death. It isn’t exactly fair to a player to get aggro on enemy NPC’s that they did not attack simply because they (the player) are close by (or in the path of a player running away from the NPC’s). So yes, NPC aggro could use some refining.

Questing progression was quite confusing, initially. Once you completed some of the initial quests and get to your first settlement, you are quickly overwhelmed with quests. It wasn’t clear which quests you should do first and more often then not you were sent to areas beyond your level where the NPC’s would 2-shot you. Later on, it became obvious I needed to do the main questline as quickly as possible so I could my Azoth Staff. I was disappointed the questline abruptly ended once you got the staff though. Hopefully, there will be more of a ‘main’ storyline at launch. Quest pathing and perhaps a breakdown of quest types and their purpose should somehow be introduced. More clear labelling of level requirements for quests would be beneficial too.

Travelling was also very tedious. You had to walk everywhere. Yes, there was a currency (Azoth) you could use to teleport to discovered settlements but this same currency was also used for crafting so you can burn through Azoth very fast. I found the lack of Mounts quite surprising. Hopefully, they will be added to the game prior to launch.

Character close-up

Regardless of these issues, I’m very much looking forward to news of the game’s launch date and am hoping to get the chance to participate in more betas. This game has so much potential and already has so much to do in it. I can not wait to go back to Aeternum and discover it’s secrets!

Elder Scrolls Online – Greymoor Chapter

I thoroughly enjoyed the Greymoor chapter in Elder Scrolls Online this year. While other parts of the game were severely bugged and unbalanced (Cyrodiil & PvP in general), the story offered a pleasant and intriguing respite from the major issues plaguing the game. 

As someone who mainly plays Nords, I loved being able to go to Western Skyrim and experience Nord stories. The Western Skyrim and Blackreach Zones were incredibly beautiful and well designed. The main storyline was intriguing with an excellent cast of new characters. Getting to see old friends again was wonderful. I got to hang out with my BFF Lyris Titanborn and Count Verandis Ravenwatch was delightful, as always!

Western Skyrim

Another wonderful addition to the game this year was the Antiquities system. Again, another nice diversion that has you going back to old zones previously explored and digging up stuff. I love when MMO’s find creative ways of making old zones relevant and enjoyable. I’ve dug up plenty of pretty decorations and other nice things. I enjoyed the implementation of this system and very much look forward to seeing what they add to it in 2021.


Hopefully, PvP performance and balance will get the attention it desperately needs in 2021. If ESO can get PvP fixed and do some Housing tweaks, it would be a near-perfect game. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the upcoming Gates of Oblivion chapter.

SWTOR – Echoes of Vengeance Story (Spoilers!)

While there was minimal content released in Star Wars The Old Republic this year, I was pleasantly surprised by the Echoes of Vengeance story released in Game Update 6.2. The culmination of multiple storylines from both The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic, this story gave us the epic conclusion we wanted from Knights of the Eternal Throne and tied up so many loose ends from many story threads from various mediums along the way. The best moments in the story, though, came from interacting with characters we haven’t seen in a long time. Getting to see Tenebrae’s original body was pretty damn cool too!

Wrath and Revan
Wrath and Darth Marr
The Wrath’s

The only disappointing thing about it is that there isn’t an Operations version of the big fight that happens towards the end of the story. The game overall has been fairly disappointing this year. Both of the new Events were a nice bit of fun but beyond that, there wasn’t much new to do. The quality of life improvements targeting especially Conquest and PvP were certainly welcome though.

Swoop Rally Event
Feast of Prosperity Event

With many new story threads now happening in The Old Republic, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the story takes us. Beyond that, the game needs significant attention and improvement in various areas too many to list in this article. With the Devs teasing great things for 2021, let’s hope The Old Republic can get together in time for its 10-Year Anniversary at the end of the Year.

Thank you, everyone, for reading this article! I’m looking forward to creating new content for you all in The Old Republic and beyond in 2021!

What were your MMO Gaming Highlights in 2020? What MMO’s are you excited for in 2021?

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Initial Alderaan Noble Estate Stronghold Feedback

The upcoming Alderaan Noble Estate Stronghold is looking magical so far! Here is my feedback for the developers and my initial impressions of the Stronghold.

Developer Feedback

This is the same feedback I have provided on the forums. However here, I include screenshots and videos to illustrate my points. Here’s the link to my feedback on the forums –

What is your general feeling on the Stronghold?

I really like this stronghold overall. It really captures the thematic elements of Alderaan beautifully. The mountains, the snow, green fields, the waterfalls and stream. The building structures themselves are also really nice. The detail in the interiors is impeccable especially the windows (stained glass or otherwise). I also like that you can climb up some of the mountains and there hidden little nooks and crannies to explore.

Are there any specific rooms you like or don’t like, and why? Please be specific.

I’m not a big fan of the Killik cave. Maybe if it were further away from the main building I wouldn’t mind it but it just doesn’t look right having the Killik Mounds so close to the main building. I do like the idea that someone else suggested of removing all the Killik stuff from the cave including the yellow mounds on top. Instead, you could turn those elements into decorations (that aren’t already decorations) and those who want to have a Killik cave can make it a Killik cave with decorations. This way players can use the cave how they see fit.

I also like the idea that someone suggested of giving the Noble Interior adjacent rooms (ie. the Study, Drawing Room, Guest Chambers) their own personality. This could be done by making one or two of the rooms bigger, varying the shape of the rooms or even adding windows to one or two of them. I do recall Organa Castle having some nice circular type rooms as seen in the Smuggler, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior stories.

I don’t really know how I feel about the Throne Room. I like the concept but I feel the execution is a little underwhelming. This is probably because the room is quite small for a Throne Room. I don’t really like the placement of the throne structure. Yes, it looks really nice but honestly, I’d rather have a full window to take advantage of the beautiful waterfall views. Maybe if it were bigger, had a high ceiling and columns or something to make it feel grander or throne ‘roomy’ I’d like it more.

The grand interior room with the stained glass window is quite lovely. However, I would like to see the upper area/roof either turned into a balcony area or even windows added (not stained glass, just normal windows like those in the Retreat). There isn’t really that much point to having large wall hooks that high up especially when your eye is drawn straight to the stained glass window. Maybe if we had some kind of window decorations I wouldn’t mind it as much.

Does the Stronghold feel too big? Too small? Why?

I think the size of the Stronghold is just fine in terms of scale. I would expect a Stronghold on Alderaan to be large. It doesn’t need to be any bigger than it is though. I would honestly be disappointed if it was a small Coruscant/Drommund Kaas sized Stronghold. There are plenty of other planets where a small Stronghold would work. It would not work on Alderaan.

If you could change one thing about the Stronghold, what would it be?

Add a training dummy room (similar to the one in the Rishi Stronghold)! Put it where that fake door is in the Retreat perhaps? This Stronghold is probably going to be highly desirable as a Guild Stronghold. It would make sense to add the utility and convenience of a training dummy to this stronghold especially if you guys can’t increase the cap on Guild strongholds.

Does the increased hook density feel too cluttered?

Not really? Though hooks are quite sparse in the open field area at the front entrance of the stronghold. The interiors are overall well done in terms of hook placement but could use some minor tweaks. Having a lot of hooks in the interiors gives players plenty of decorating options.

The main tweaks I’d like to see include adding ceiling hooks to the lower ceiling areas in the stained glass window room. I’d also like to see hooks added to the floor of the ruins. It’s also a little bizarre that the front entrance doesn’t have hooks either.

Add Ceiling Hooks in these places indicated with my terrible paint job plus on the opposite side and at the back too.
Where are the floor hooks?
Lack of wall hooks on entrance wall is strange as indicated by poor paint job.

Does the number and placement of hooks feel too restrictive given the Stronghold’s decoration cap?

I would like to see the cap increased but at the same time it does line up with the Rishi Stronghold which has 12 expansions and a decoration limit of 1600 while Alderaan has 9 expansions and a decoration limit of around ~1060(?) (didn’t note exact limit unfortunately before PTS went down). Maybe if hook placement is tweaked a bit, then we can look at decoration limits.

Anything else you want to add?

First of all, can we please please please get some stained glass window decorations?! You could do scenes from a variety of planets too. Maybe do some more Alderaan ones. A waterfall, some ruins or just snowy mountains and forest. A Tatooine stained glass window with the twin suns setting would be incredible! A Voss one would like amazing too, Rishi, Yavin, Hoth, Tython or some underwater ones inspired by Manaan. There are so many possibilities!

If doors serve no purpose ie. don’t open up to anywhere, then they should be removed. There are a couple of fake doors in the Retreat (see below images) that should be removed or lead to some additional rooms (preferably the latter).

Potential Dummy Parse Room Location behind this door?
Fake doors that lead to nowhere make me sad.

If possible, I would also like to see a small PvP area added to this Stronghold. It could be out of the way so those who aren’t interested in PvP feel no need to enter or otherwise utilise the space (unlike in the Rishi Stronghold where the spaces are front and centre). I’ve even found a nice location for it. There is a nice hidden area up in the mountains you can climb to by the waterfall in the front area of the stronghold. It would need to be flattened a bit and some hooks placed up there but I think it could make a nice little, out-of-the-way duelling space. At the very least, some hooks should be added to this area.

Something else that bothers me is the placement of rugs and ceiling lights that are part of the Stronghold and cannot be removed. I would prefer to see these removed especially the rug in the Throne Room. Players should be able to choose what rug or rugs they use in that space.

Throne Room Rug
Throne Room Hooks

Slightly unrelated but, I would like to see more tree, bush, plant, hedge and flower decorations (without the damn pots) too! This would be the perfect stronghold for them.

Overall Impressions

Alderaan Noble Estate has a really relaxing, serene feel to it. It has plenty of potential for players and guilds to craft their own spaces and utilise the Stonghold in a variety of ways.

This Stronghold does somewhat closely envision what I had hoped an Alderaan Stronghold would be like. The only major difference is that I was hoping for a full-on castle modelled after House Organa, Panteer or Thul’s with multiple floors, balconies and a variety of rooms. But I do appreciate that it may not quite fit lore-wise and having a Noble’s Estate instead does make more sense. I would still like to see the interior spaces with more rooms of varying sizes.

The only major criticism I have is that it almost has the same issue as the Manaan Stronghold has. A lot of potential unused building space. There seems to be a lot of areas that could be more rooms that are only partially utilised as such. It is not as big an issue with Alderaan because there are so many spaces already and they are well utilised but you can see that there is space for more. You’re just seeing these large buildings and the interior rooms that we get are quite minimal compared to the potential space. It is especially obvious when you travel from the Estate Interior to the Mountain Retreat area and look back.

What the developers have come up with is excellent nonetheless and I look forward to seeing what happens in the PTS testing cycle in January.

The Alderaan Nobles Estate will be back on the PTS in January. I look forward to further testing of this Stronghold!

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught Onderon Guides

Onderon Imperial Dailies Guide

Imperial Only

Here is my Onderon Dailies Guide. Onderon is a new planet introduced in Star Wars The Old Republic for Game Update 6.0. You will gain access to the Dailies when you’ve completed the entire Onslaught storyline.


Imperial Dailies

All Imperial Dailies can be picked up just outside the Royal Hunting Lodge.

Royal Hunting Lodge

[Daily] A Simple Discourse

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Daily Location – Southern Cave -> Central Cave -> Northern Cave


(Southern Cave) Use the Comm Protocols

You can click at either spot indicated on the map.

Defeat the Revealed Jedi Knight/Untamed Conspirator.

(Central Cave) Use the Comm Protocols

Defeat the Revealed Jedi Knight/Untamed Conspirator.

(Northern Cave) Use the Comm Protocols

Defeat the Revealed Jedi Knight/Untamed Conspirator.

[Daily] Advancing Science

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Daily Location – Oasis -> Untamed Territory -> Ancient Sith Crypt

Bonus – Egg Hunt: Harvest Flirron Eggs

Harvest Orlax Glands (x4)

Kill Orlax to loot Glands (they’re not a guaranteed drop).

Harvest Pterathki Pheromones (x4)

Kill Pterathki to collect pheromones (they’re not a guaranteed drop).

Harvest Grefna Venom x6

Kill Grefna to collect Venom (not a guaranteed drop)

Bonus – Egg Hunt

Collect Flirron Eggs

[Daily] Forgotten Treasures (Bonuses)

Quest Giver – Archaeologist Maheyya
Location of Daily – Ancient Sith Crypt

Go to the catacombs and hunt down these lost treasures.

  • Locate Holocron Fragment
  • Locate Ceremonial Urn
  • Locate Ancient Sith Sword
  • Locate Ritual Basin


Map of the Ancient Sith Crypt

Bonus – Recovering the Data: Collect Data from Expedition Members

Bonus – Unearthing the Past: Find Ancient Tablets

Locate the Sith Holocron

Defeat the Sith Spawn

Return to the Sith Holocron.

Click the glowy Holocron to complete the mission.

[Daily] Good Hunting

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Daily Location – South of Royal Hunting Lodge (Pritarr) and north-west of Proving Grounds (Arkonok)

Go to one of the locations indicated on the map to lure a Pritarr or Arkonok.

Once you’re standing in the right spot, the Beat Lure will become clickable. Click on it to summon the mob, then kill it.

[Daily] Proving Your Worth

Quest Giver – Royal Guard Commander
Location of Daily – Untamed Lair

Light a Torch with the Ceremonial Fire

Click on the Brazier to light a torch.

Note – there is a timer on the Torch. It lasts for 2 minutes.

Light the Ceremonial Fire

Go inside the Untamed Lair to light the ceremonial fire (by click on the Pyre).

Defeat the Untamed Champion

[Daily] Recording History

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Location – Various

  • Scan Statue of Freedom Nadd
  • Scan the Lair of the Untamed
  • Scan the Proving Ground
  • Scan Iziz Royal Palace


[Daily] Rooftop Rumble

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Location of Daily – Hunting Lodge

Accessing the relay requires proper comm protocols. Recover a copy from a suspected Republic drop site.

Obtain Communications Protocol

Walk/jump up the ladder to get to the Communications protocol.

Obtain Communications Protocol

Kill the mob that spawns and loot the communication protocol from the mob.

Slice Communication Relay

Kill the mobs that spawn. Then click on the Communication Relay again.

[Daily] Royal Reconnaissance

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Location of Daily – Shoreline and surrounds south and west of Iziz

Click on the yellow squares to plant the Surveillance Devices. Sometimes mobs will span when you’ve planted the surveillance devices.

[Daily] Tamed

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Location of Daily – Untamed Lair

Bonus – Cracking the Crib: Free Zakkag Young (x6)

Click on a cage to free the little ones.



Loot Key from the Beastmaster

Loot the key from the Untamed Beast-Lord

Unlock the Beast Pen Door

Click on the door to unlock it

Defeat the Zakkegs

Defeat the beasties inside.

[Daily] To Catch a Killer

Quest Giver – Ambassador Dhur-Ell
Location of Daily – Hunting Lodge

Search for clues in the hunting lodge estate that will lead you to the murder.

Find evidence to locate the Assassin

Click on the green circle to advance the mission.

Continue Searching for Evidence

The damaged droid can spawn in more than one location. Click on the droid to advance the mission.

Continue Searching for Evidence

Click on the green circle to advance the mission.

Continue Searching for Evidence

Confront the Assassin inside the instance.

[Daily] Two Birds with One Stone

Quest Giver – Onderon Mission Board
Daily Location – Northwest of Proving Grounds

  • Gather Evidence to Plant (Armor)
  • Gather Evidence to Plant (Datapad)
  • Gather Evidence to Plant (Weapon)

Spawn location does vary slightly but it should be close to where they are in the images below. If you are having trouble finding the items, you may have to switch to a different instance.

Bonus – Cutting the Supply Line: Destroy Republic Supplies

Supply Crates are found in the vicinity of the mission items (‘evidence’). See images below.




Also, Supply Crates


Oh look, a Supply Crate!

Plant Evidence of Republic Activity/Damage the Shrines


Clicking the red circle destroys the shrine. Clicking the green circle plants the evidence. Doesn’t matter which order you do it in.


My New PC Build and Set-Up

Hey everyone,

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I have finally got a new PC to replace my almost 6-year-old Laptop. It honestly feels amazing to finally have my own PC!

My brother helped me pick out the parts and build the PC. My main goal was to have a PC that could play SWTOR and ESO at max graphics and perform well (and look pretty!) on a decent budget.

I got all the parts from PC Case Gear. The go-to website in Australia for computer parts.

Here are the specs:

  • CPU – Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9500 CPU @ 3.00 GHz
  • RAM – Corsair Vengeance LPX16 GB RAM (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4
  • Motherboard – ASUS Prime Z390-P Motherboard
  • Graphics Card – ASUS GeForce GTX 1660 TUF Gaming OC 6GB
  • SSD – Crucial P1 M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB
  • Power Supply – Corsair TX650M Gold 650W Power Supply
  • Monitors – BenQ GL2580HM FHD 25in TN EyeCare Monitors
  • Keyboard – Cougar Aurora S RGB Membrane Keyboard
  • Mouse – Logitech G600 (been using this for years)
  • Case – Cougar Turret RGB TG Mid Tower Case
  • Fans – Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 ( 3 came in the Cougar Vortex ARGB Cooling Kit other 2 came with Case)

It was quite nerve-racking at times putting it together with all the delicate parts. It certainly doesn’t help that my hands aren’t very steady. The most annoying part though was getting all the RGB fans to work and the corresponding remote that controls them to work. I choose the case first before the keyboard. I got a Cougar keyboard to ensure that the RGB lighting would match the RGB fans that come with the case.

So far, it’s running really well! SWTOR looks pretty again and is so smooth. It makes my high 250-300 latency in PvP more noticeable since I’m barely lagging anymore. But otherwise, everything is very smooth and pretty.

ESO is absolutely beautiful and runs so damn smooth! What a difference! The real test will, of course, be Cyrodiil but I won’t have time for that anytime soon…

The next step will be setting up OBS so I can record gameplay and possibly stream (after I get all these 6.0 Guides sorted out that I’ve been hammering away at). You’ll hear more about my content creation plans soon.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated money this year. Your contribution went straight into getting this new PC so I really appreciate you! I’d also like to thank my brother for helping me put the PC together!

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

[UPDATED] How to Prepare for Game Update 6.0

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Expansion, ‘Onslaught’, (Game Update 6.0) is launching on October 22nd. With it comes a bunch of new content and changes to existing content. Here are my tips on how you can be prepared for Game Update 6.0!

Note – Some of the ‘specifics’ are subject to change since they’re based on information from the PTS. But the overall tips should still be relevant regardless.

UPDATED – 19th/20th October with additional info revealed this week on the Developer Tracker and NEW TIPS!

UPDATE – 22nd/21st October I just learned that you can circumnavigate the 2-hour timer on buying gear by putting crystals in weapons. So buy weapons to spend your Unassembled Components and Masterwork Data Crystals!

Currencies that will be Obsolete when 6.0 Launches

The following currencies/items will be converted into Credits when 6.0 Launches.

  • Unassembled Components
  • Command Tokens
  • Masterwork and Monumental Crystals
  • Alliance Recon Data
  • Command Point Consumables
  • Command Gear Pieces

Command Token to Credits Conversion Rate – 1 Command Token = 5 Credits. All other conversion rates are unknown (but will likely be similarly small).

Items that cost Masterwork and Monumental Crystals on the Ossus Vendors will have a Credit Cost instead.

Renown and Galactic Command

Since Renown is replacing Galactic Command, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Galactic Command Rank is resetting to 0 for all characters.
  • No reason to stockpile Command Crates either as they will not convert into Renown crates and Command Tokens will become credits (see above).
  • All Legacy Perks for GC will now affect Renown. The Commanding Legacy Perk has been adjusted, it no longer stacks but is a 25% increase for Renown gain across the Legacy.
  • The Achievements for earning Command Rank 300 on Classes will become Feats of Strength with Onslaught’s launch.

Note that unlike Galactic Command, Renown will be an entirely supplementary system for gearing.

Tip 1 – Save up your Credits

This expansion is going to be expensive! Costs of various items already in the game are going to go up and new additions are going to be quite expensive too.

  • Removing Mods from your armour is going to cost more (especially Legendary ~97,000 Credits).
  • Crafting Materials from the Crew Skill Trade Vendor are going to cost more. (Edit – Musco has since come out and said that crafting item cots are being reduced)
  • Adding Augment slots to your gear with Augment kits is going to cost 100,000 Credits.
  • Amplifiers a new supplementary stat system on armour cost credits to reroll (change stats). Reroll cost starts at 10,000 Credits. (See my Amplifiers Guide for more details on how this system works).
New Grade 11 Mats start at 3,500 each.

Tip 2 – Hold onto your Grade 10 Crafting Mats

The new tier of Crafting was a very painful grind on the PTS. To get a leg up in Endgame Content in 6.0 without having to rely on the new crafting system, save your Grade 10 mats so you can craft 228 Augments and Augment Kits. All other Tiers of 5.0 era Augments will have their stats reduced in 6.0.

Tip 3 – Turn in Unassembled Pieces

If you happen to have any unassembled pieces sitting on your toons, turn them into the vendors on the fleet, let the 2-hour cooldown timer go down, then vendor them. There will be no way to turn these in when 6.0 launches. They will instead be converted to credits likely at ar ate lower than what you can vendor them for.

Tip 4 – Save up your Jawa Scrap

The new Grade 11 crafting materials will cost 200 Jawa Scrap each for all tiers (Premium, Prototype, Artifact). The price of other crafting materials has also been raised. The cost of materials is now based on their crafting Level. So Level 3 materials cost 3 Jawa Scrap each. Likewise, Grade 7 crafting mats now cost 7 Jawa Scrap each.

Tip 5 – Spend your Command Tokens on CXP Boosts

When 6.0 launches, existing CXP boosts will be converted into Renown Boosts (which stack!). Renown is replacing Galactic Command and will work as a supplementary gearing system with similar mechanics to Galactic Command. Since Command Tokens will be converted to Credits (at a very small rate) it is far better to just buy the CXP boosts. That way you’ll be able to level your Renown faster once you hit level 75.

Command Token to Credits Conversion Rate – 1 Command Token = 5 Credits.

Claim the ‘Credit Chit’ from your Renown Stash then sell it to a Vendor to get your Credits.

Tip 6 – Spend your Unassembled Components

Unassembled Components aren’t going to be worth anything in 6.0 and there will be no vendors you can spend them at. So it is best to spend them now.

Your best bet is to spend them on weapons then add crystals to them. This will get rid of the 2-hour timer enabling you to vendor them immediately rather than waiting for 2-hours!

There will be a conversion rate for Unassembled Components likely similar to Command Tokens.

Tip 7 – Get Achievements

In 6.0, some achievements will be no longer obtainable. These achievements will be moved to a new Achievement Category “Feats of Strength” when 6.0 launches. The main achievements that have been moved to this category are the Galactic Command Achievements.

For more details, see my Feats of Strength Achievement Guide.

Everything as we know it is going to change. There is a lot of new content coming with 6.0 along with plenty of changes to existing content that are going to shake up the entire game. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you have any tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments below or on Twitter!

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

6.0 Ability Charges Guide

In Game Update 6.0, the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers are introducing a new combat system to the game, tied to select Abilities called, Charges.

What are Charges?

Charges basically allow you to use select Abilities more than once, depending on the number of Charges they have. For example, if an ability has 2 charges on it, you can use the Ability twice.
You have to have at least 1 Charge to be able to use an Ability with Charges.

When you use an Ability with a Charge once, it uses up one Charge and the Charge timer goes on ‘cooldown’. When the cooldown timer is up, you will gain another ‘Charge’. If you use all the Charges the Ability has, you have to wait for the cooldown timer to complete to be able to use the Ability again.

We are introducing new tech in Onslaught which will allow abilities to have multiple charges, meaning you can use them more than once (per charge) and the cooldown will simply add a charge up to the maximum.

What Abilities, Set Bonuses & Tacticals have Charges?

The following Classes have Abilities with Charges or have Set Bonuses or Tacticals which give Abilities Charges.

Mercenary Ability – Rocket Out 2 20 seconds
Mercenary 6 Set Bonus – Notorious (Power Surge) 2 1 minute
Powertech Tactical – Second Hand (Grapple) 2 45 seconds
Powertech 6 Set Bonus –  Double Charge (Jet Charge) 2 15 seconds
Bounty Hunter 4 Set Bonus – Woads Instinct (Thermal Sensor Override) 2 2 minutes
Operative Ability – Exfiltrate 2 10 seconds
Operative 4 Set Bonus – Debilitator (Exfiltrate) 2 6 seconds
Operative 6 Set Bonus – Debilitator (Debilitate) 2 45 seconds
Sniper 6 Set Bonus – Precise Targeter (Laze Target) 3 1 minute
Sorcerer Ability – Volt Rush 3 10 seconds
Assassin Tactical – Herra’s Persistance (Phantom Stride) 2 30 seconds
Sith Warrior Ability – Rabid Furor 4 30 seconds
Sith Warrior Set Bonus – Nimble Master (Force Charge) 2 15 seconds

How Charges Look on your UI

Charges appear on the bottom right corner of an Ability. When one Charge gets used, the number is reduced and a Cooldown timer to get the Charge back is visually indicated on the Ability in the form of a ‘clock hand’ which rotates clockwise.

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

6.1.2 Imperial Set Bonuses Guide

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Set Bonuses currently available as of Game Update 6.1.2.


Set Bonuses that drop from the Dxun Operation (including NIM) and Corellia Flashpoint or are Crafted, are not available for direct purchase on the Set Bonus and Tactical Vendors on your factions Fleet. They, however, have a chance to drop from Unidentified Gear Boxes from the Spoils of War Vendor

All Classes

All classes will be able to equip these Set Bonus items.

AvengerEndurance +2%Increases your damage dealt by 3% while you Guard another player 
BerserkerCritical Rating +2%Increases Damage dealt by 5% increases Damage taken by 10% 
The EntertainerEndurance +2%Using a Rest and Recharge ability buffs nearby allies for increased XP, mastery, and endurance. Last 1 hour. 
Name of the Final BreathReduces Damage Taken by 2% while health is below 50%Reduces Damage Taken by 3% while health is below 50%Increases Defense by 10% while health is below 50%
Name of Dying PrecisionIncrease Critical Rating by 112 while health is below 50%.Increases Critical Rating by 230 while health is below 50%Increases Critical Rating by 10% while health is below 50%
Rapid ResponseIncreases Alacrity by 3% while health is below 50%Increases Alacrity by 5% while health is below 50%Increases Alacrity by 10% while health is below 50%
PreserverShield Rating +2%Passively regenerates 1% of maximum health every 10 seconds 
Stationary GritAlacrity +2%Increases damage dealt by 3% while not moving or increases Armor Rating by 10% while moving 
TaskmastersAlacrity +2%Significantly increases the attack and activation speed of your Companion 
Trishin RetortPower +2%Shielding an attack causes your generator to overdrive. Deals X weapon damage up to 8 enemies within 2 meters 
The VictorDefense Rating +2%Defeating enemies heals you for 20% of your maximum health. 5 Second CooldownIn addition to the heal effect you gain a brief bonus to movement speed when defeating enemies
StimulatedAlacrity +2%Increases Mastery by 100 while under the effects of a stimpack 

Generic Set

This gear set has not set bonus.

Amplified ChampionThis equipment shell is enhanced with additional powerful Amplifier opportunities.


Amplified ChampionConquest Crates
AvengerPvP Crates
BerserkersOperation Bosses
Dying PrecisionOnderon Reputation Vendor
PreserverCorellia Flashpoint Bosses
Rapid ResponseDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
Stationary GritDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
StimulatedFlashpoint Bosses
Taskmaster’sDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
The Entertainer’sDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
The Final BreathDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
The VictorConquest Crates
Trishin’s RetortDaily/Weekly Mission Crates

Sith Warrior

Descent of the FearlessMastery +2%Whenever you gain or use a Furious Power ability charge while in combat, your damage is increased by 10% for 10 secondsDealing damage has a 10% chance to build a Furious Power ability charge. Can only occur once every 5 seconds
Nimble MasterAlacrity +2%Force Charge gets two charges 
Perfect FormMastery +2%Vicious Slash and Massacre deal 5% more damageVicious Slash, Massacre, and Sweeping Slash add Vicious Thirst stacks to their targets stacking up to 5 times. Killing an enemy with Vicious Thirst stacks increasing your damage by 3% per stack for 10 seconds
The UndyingEndurance +2%After executing Mad Dash you gain 20% damage reduction for 6 seconds 
TormentedPower +2%After Force Choke stun effect finished, it slows its target and every target nearby it for 6 seconds 
Force BoundAccuracy Rating +2%Enemies affected by Intimidating Roar have greatly reduced accuracy for 6 seconds after Intimiadting Roar wears off. 


Name of Flawless RiposteMastery +2%Retaliate no longer has a cooldownTaking damage during Endure Pain grants Retaliator stacks, increasing the damage of your next retaliation by 10% per stack
Fulminating Defense+2% EnduranceThreatening Scream gets two charges.Endure Pain increases Elemental and Internal damage reduction by 75% for 3 seconds.
Lord of PainEndurance +2%Threatening Scream’s cooldown is reduced by 5 secondsThreatening Scream increases your damage reduction by 2.5% for each enemy it hits. This effect lasts 10 seconds


Comet Champion+2% MasteryKilling an enemy generates 2 Rage and grants you a speed boost for 1 second, stacking up to 5 times.Activating Berserk deals kinetic damage to up to 8 enemies within 5 meters around you.
Dashing Blademaster’sAlacrity +2%Mad Dash’s cooldown is reduced by 10 secondsActivating Mad Dash while under Force Camouflage makes it critically hit and slows and target it damages
Name of the Culling BladeMastery +2%Activating Dual Saber Throw grants Dispatcher’s Challenge, making your next Vicious Throw critically hit. This effect cant occur more than once every minuteUsing Dual Saber Throw with Furious Power grants Dispatcher, finishing the cooldown of Force Charge and making your next Vicious Throw usable on any target

Comet ChampionMarauderNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
Culling BladeMarauderDxun Operation Bosses
Dashing Blademaster’sMarauderOperation Bosses
Descent of the FearlessSith WarriorDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
Flawless RiposteJuggernautDxun Operation Bosses
Force BoundSith WarriorCrafting – Synthweaving
Fulminating DefenseJuggernautNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
Lord of PainJuggernautOperation Bosses
Nimble MasterSith WarriorPvP Crates
Perfect FormSith WarriorPvP Crates
The UndyingSith WarriorConquest Crates
TormentedSith WarriorPvP Crates


Name of Dire RetaliationEndurance +2%Overload increases your damage reduction by 10% for 10 seconds. Getting attacked during this time causes your next Force attack to critically hit. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds. 
Name of the ControllerEndurance +2%Killing the enemy affected by Whirlwind before its cooldown ends resets the cooldown of Whirlwind 
SoulbenderMastery +2%Electrocute’s stun lasts an additional 2 seconds 
DeceleratorsMastery +2%Force Slow now has 2 charges. Using Force Slow on an enemy already under the effect of Force Slow slows them by an additional 20% and extends the duration 


Name of the Gathering StormMastery +2%Force Speed makes your next Force attack deal 20% more damage and Force attacks deal 20% more damage while Polarity Shift is activeActivating Force Speed reduces the cooldown of Polarity Shift by 10 seconds. Using Polarity Shift immediately after adds 10 seconds to its duration
Endless OffensiveMastery +2%Volt Rush deals 10% more damageEnergize now stack up to 3 times. Force Speed immediately recharges one Volt Rush ability charge
Empowered Restorer’sAlacrity +2%Dark Heal’s critical chance is increased by 10%Dark Heal heals more if you have a Consuming Darkness or Reverse Corruption stack and consumes 1 stack upon use
Revitalized Mystic’sAlacrity +2%Reduces the cooldown of Innervate by 1.5 secondsHealing a target with another ability while Resurgence is active on them has a chance to cause an extra Resurgence tick for half. Refreshing Resurgence on a target refunds some force
Undying Protector+2% MasteryActivating Force Barrier heals all allies around you.Activating Force Barrier puts a barrier on nearby allies, absorbing damage for up to 8 seconds and granting them an additional 25% elemental damage reduction while active.


Ballast Point+2% EnduranceDeflection grants Ballistic Immunity for 6 seconds, giving you immunity to movement impairing effects, knockdowns, and physics.Increases Elemental, Internal, Kinetic and Energy damage reduction by 3%.
Death KnellMastery +2%The cooldown of Recklessness is reduced by 15 secondsWhenever you consume a charge of Recklessness you gain a stack of Reckless Slaughter, increasing melee damage done by 10% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Shadow PurgerEndurance +2%Severing Slash immobilizes the target for 2 secondsUsing Severing Slash while under Force Shroud lowers the targets accuracy and extends the duration of Force Shoud by 2 seconds
Rebuking AssaultEndurance +2%Each target hit by Severing Slash grants 1% Damage Reduction for 10 secondsEach target hit by Severing Slash extends Deflection’s duration by 1 second
Name of Efficient TerminationEndurance +2%Spike’s stun and slow effects last for an additional secondUsing Spike grants you 10% damage reduction for 6 seconds.
Saber MasterEndurance +2%Reduces the cooldown of Overcharge Saber by 20 secondsKilling an enemy during Overcharge Saber refreshes the duration of Overcharge Saber. Can occur up to 5 times during one Overcharge Saber
Name of Murderous RevelationMastery +2%Overcharge Saber and Force Cloak reset the cooldown of Phantom StrideUsing Phantom Stride from stealth grants Shadowcraft, increasing your critical hit chance by 100% for 6 seconds

Ballast PointAsassinNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
ControllerInquisitorCrafting – Synthweaving
Death KnellAssassinConquest Crates
DeceleratorsInquisitorPvP Crates
Dire RetaliationInquisitorConquest Crates
Empowered Restorer’sSorcererConquest Crates
Endless OffensiveSorcererDxun Operation Bosses
Efficient TerminationAssassinConquest Crates
Gathering StormSorcererOperation Bosses
Murderous RevelationAssassinPvP Crates
Rebuking AssaultAssassinDxun Operation Bosses
Revitalized Mystic’sSorcererConquest Crates
Saber MasterAssassinConquest Crates
Shadow PurgerAssassinOperation Bosses
SoulbenderInquisitorDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
Undying ProtectorSorcererNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes

Imperial Agent

The Slow RoadMaster +2%Frag Grenade slows its primary target and all targets around it by 30% for 6 seconds 
Quick ThinkerMaster +2%Any enemy who attacks you during Adrenaline Probe is stunned for 2 seconds 
Probe TechEndurance +2%Shield Probe creates a small shield around surrounding allies 
Escape ArtistAlacrity +2%Flash Bang now heals any allies nearby for a small amount and resets the cooldown of countermeasures 


Ballistic Concentration+2% MasteryWhen you deploy Ballistic Shield, each group member within it grants a stack of Ballistic Concentration, increasing your energy regeneration rate by 1 for 20 seconds. Max 8 stacks.Each stack of Ballistic Concentration also increases the damage you deal by 5%.
Established FootholdMastery +2%The cooldown of Entrench is reduced by 10 seconds. You gain 2 energy per second while Entrench is activeWhile Entrenched, you build stacks of Entrenched Offense, increasing damage by 3% per stack while you remain Entrenched. Stacks up to 5 times. Breaking cover or Entrench being removed removes this
Outlaws ParlayMastery +2%The energy cost of Takedown is reduced by 3Killing an enemy within 3 seconds of damaging them with Takedown resets the cooldown of Takedown and gives you a 5% damage buff. This stacks up to 3 times and lasts 10 seconds
Precise Targeter’sMastery +2%Reduces the cooldown of Target Acquired by 15 seconds and activating Target Acquired restores 15 energyLaze Target gets 3 charges and its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds
RepositioningAlacrity +2%Reduces the cooldown of Cover Pulse by 5 secondsEvasion finishes the cooldown of Covered Escape and increases you and your allies movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds


Aggressive TreatmentAlacrity +2%Toxic Haze refunds all its energyToxic Haze heals any allies standing inside it by a minor amount
Name of AuthorityMastery +2%Toxic Haze refunds a Tactical AdvantageActivating Noxious Knives reduces the cooldown of Toxic Haze by 3 seconds. Every enemy affected by Toxic Haze takes 20% more damage from Noxious Knives
DebilitatorMastery +2%Exfiltrate’s cooldown is reduced by 2 secondsDebilitate gets two ability charges
SuperiorityMastery +2%Infiltrate maxes out your Tactical Advantages when activated.Tactical Superiority now consumes up to 2 Tactical Advantages and scales it’s Critical Chance buff with amount consumed, up to 20%
TacticiansMastery +2%Tactical Overdrive additionally resets the cooldown of Backstab, Sever Tendon, and Toxic Scan. Gaining a Tactical Advantage increases your Critical Chance by 15% for 10 seconds. Can only happen once every 10 secondsTactical Advantage gets an additional stack. Having a Tactical Advantage increases your damage and healing by 5%

Aggressive TreatmentOperativeOperation Bosses
Ballistic ConcentrationSniperNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
DebilitatorOperativePvP Crates
Escape ArtistImperial AgentCrafted – Armourmech
Established FootholdSniperOperation Bosses
Name of AuthorityOperativeDxun Operation Bosses
Outlaws ParlaySniperDxun Operation Bosses
Precise Targeter’sSniperConquest Crates
Probe TechImperial AgentDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
Quick ThinkerImperial AgentPvP Crates
RepositioningSniperPvP Crates
SuperiorityOperativeNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
TacticiansOperativeConquest Crates
The Slow RoadImperial AgentConquest Crates

Bounty Hunter

Squad Leader’sMastery +2%Whenever you take damage with Energy Shield, a weaker shield is applied to nearby allies for 3 seconds 
Hunter Killer’sMastery +2%Stealth Scan also applies Stealth Protection to you, scanning a small area around you 
Game PlanMastery +2%When your Kolto Overload’s Health Monitor is triggered for the first time, it deals damage back to the enemy who damaged you 
Woads InstinctMastery +2%Thermal Sensor Override gains 2 charges 


Apex PredatorMastery +2%Activating Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan increases the critical chance of your next Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times but is removed on 6th stack.Dealing damage with Power Shot or Tracer Missile and healing with Rapid Scan grant a stack of Power Step, stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, your next Power Shot, Tracer Missile, or Rapid Scan is more effective and generates no Heat.
Concentrated FireMastery +2%Damaging an enemy or healing an ally has a 10% chance to generate a stack of Supercharge. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.Activating Supercharged Gas makes your next Rail Shot or Mag Shot, or Emergency Scan critically hit or heal.


Mastery +2%Power Surge grants Precision Targeting, increasing armor penetration by 10% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once a minute.Power Surge grants an additional charge.
Rapid ResponseMastery +2%Activating a healing ability has a 15% chance to grant Combat Medic’s Critical Bonus which causes your next Rapid Scan to be a critical. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.Healing an ally with Rapid Scan applies Restorative Drive to them for 10 seconds. Each enemy defeated by this ally increases your healing by 2% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Tech Medic Mastery +2%Onboard AED becomes an instant-cast.Kolto Shot leaves Lasting Meds on its target, restoring x health over 18 seconds.


Emergency PowerEndurance +2%Energy Shield’s duration is increased by 5 seconds.Activating Power Yield grants a shield that absorbs 1,000,000 damage. Lats up to 3 seconds.
Meteor BrawlerEndurance +2%Flaming Fist and Rocket Punch’s Heat cost is reduced by 4. Flaming Fist and Magnetic Blast increase damage dealt by 10% for 15 seconds, this effect cannot occur more than once every 30 secondsActivating Energy Shield gives you Firefall for the duration of Energy Shield. During this time, dealing damage with Searing Wave, Flame Burst, Magnetic Blast, Rocket Punch, or Flaming Fist builds up to 7 stacks of Firefall. When Energy Shield ends, it detonates dealing elemental damage to all enemies around that scales with Firefall stacks. After it explodes, your heat-using abilities cost 50% less heat for 20 seconds
Right PriceMastery +2%Explosive Fuel increases damage done by 20% while Ion Gas Cylinder is being utilized and increases damage reduction by 10% while Ion Gas Cylinder is not being utilizedEach time you take damage while under Power Yield the cooldown of Explosive Fuel is reduced by 3 seconds
StrategistEndurance +2%Carbonize’s cooldown is reduced by 10 secondsCarbonize vents 5 heat for each enemy it hits
Veteran Ranger’sMastery +2%Searing Wave makes all targets Vulnerable to Shoulder Cannon for 5 seconds. While Shoulder Cannon loads missiles you restore 2 heat per second.Each Shoulder Cannon rocket has a 75% chance to trigger an additional rocket

Apex PredatorMercenaryDxun Operation Bosses
Concentrated FireMercenaryPvP Crates
Emergency PowerPowertechDxun Operation Bosses
Game PlanBounty HunterPvP Crates
Hunter Killer’sBounty HunterConquest Crates
Meteor BrawlerPowertechOperation Bosses
NotoriousMercenaryOperation Bosses
Rapid ResponseMercenaryNIM Dxun, Unidentified Boxes
Right PricePowertechConquest Crates
Squad Leader’sBounty HunterDaily/Weekly Mission Crates
StrategistPowertechPvP Crates
Tech MedicMercenaryConquest Crates
Veteran Ranger’sPowertechDxun Operation Bosses
Woads InstinctBounty HunterCrafting – Armourmech

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Andynul for helping me gather all the information.

Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

Feats of Strength Achievements Guide (PTS)

A new category of Achievements is being introduced in Star Wars The Old Republic’s newest Expansion, Onslaught called ‘Feats of Strength’. This category is specifically for Achievements that are no longer obtainable or will no longer be obtainable when 6.0 launches.

PTS Version – 1.5


The Activities section contains the Play to Give Achievement from 2018 as well as the Onslaught PTS Achievements.

This section contains Achievements that are currently available to get on live servers (until 6.0 launches).

  • Play to Give: 2018
  • Public Activist (Phase 1)
  • Eye for an Eye


The Advancement section contains all the Galactic Command Achievements from 5.0. They have added Legacy Titles to all of these Achievements.

All of these Achievements are obtainable until 6.0 launches.

  • Upper Echelon
  • Commanding Agent
  • Commanding Inquisitor
  • Commanding Hunter
  • Commanding Warrior
  • Commanding Smuggler
  • Commanding Consular
  • Commanding Trooper
  • Commanding Knight
  • Resolute Commander

Dark vs. Light

All of the Dark vs. Light Event Achievements are in this section.

None of these Achievements are obtainable.

  • Dark vs. Light
    • Heroic Level
    • Champion Level
    • Legacy Level
    • Valient Level
    • Eternal Level
    • Legendary Level


All of the Eternity Vault and Karragga’s Palace Nightmare (Master Mode) Achievements are in this section.

None of these Achievements are obtainable.

It includes all the individual Boss kills in 8-Man, 16-Man, the surviving Achievements and the Speed Run Achievement.

I’ll keep this updated throughout the 6.0 PTS Cycle as best I can.

6.0 Class Changes Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

6.0 Sniper Changes, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

Listing of all the Set Bonuses and Tacticals Items available for Snipers.

Updated for Onslaught.

New Ability

Hololocate – Activating this ability marks your current location for 10 minutes. When this ability is activated again, if you are within 60 meters of the marked location, you instantly return to the marked location. Holo-locate goes on cooldown for 120 seconds when used to return to the marked location. You get this ability at level 72.

New Utility Changes

Instead of 4 Tiers, Utilities are now divided into 3 Tiers (Skillful, Masterful and Heroic) and there are now a total of 9 points to spend. You have to spend at least 3 points to access the next Tier up. To access the Masterful Tier you have to spend 3 points in Skillful. To access the Heroic Tier you have to spend 6 points in Skillful and/or Masterful. There are 8 Utilities in each Tier.

Click on image to enlarge.


Ballistic Dampers Entering Cover grants 3 charges of Ballistic Dampers. Each Charge Absorbs 30% of the damage dealt by an incoming attack This effect cannot occur more that once every 1.5 seconds. Ballistic Dampers can only be gained once every 6 seconds.
Snap Shot Entering Cover makes the next Snipe or Lethal Shot activate instantly. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.
Imperial Demarcation Reduced the cooldown of Leg Shot by 3 seconds.
Vital Regulators While in cover, you heal dfor 2% of your total health every 3 seconds.
Imperial Efficiency Increases the damage dealt by Suppressive Fire by 25%.
Calculated Pursuit You gain 4 charges of Calculated Pursuit upon exiting cover, which allow Snipe and Lethal Shot to be activated while moving. Each use of Snipe or Lethal Shot consumes 1 charge, and consuption of the first charge triggers a 20 second rate-lmit on this skill. This effect lasts up to 15 seconds, but reentering cover removes the effect prematurely.
Crippling Diversion Diversion slows all targets by 50% for as long as they remain in the area.
Lumbering Impact Shatter Shot reduces the movement speed of the target by 50% for 10 seconds. In addition, when Flashbang ends at leaves behind Flash Powder that reduces the target’s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds.


Seek Cover When Entrench ends or you leave cover while Entrnech is active, you gain Seek Cover, which increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement imapriing effects. Lasts 6 seconds.
Stroke of Genius Activating Cover Pulse makes the next Snipe or Lethal Shot activate instantly and increases your chance to resist Force and Tech attacks by 20% for 6 seconds.
Reestablish Range Countermeasures purges all movement-imparing effects when activated and grants Reestablish Range, increasing your movement speed by 75% for 6 seconds. Additionally, the final shot of Series of Shots and Penetarting Blasts knocks back the target if they are in within 10 meters.
Series of Snares Each shot fo Series of Shots and Penetrating Blasts slwos the target by 20% for 3 sweconds. The effect can only stack up to 4 times.
Augmented Shields Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Shield Probe by 30%.
Debilitating Shots Increases the duration of any effects applied by Shatter Shot by 5 seconds. In addition, when Lag Shot’s immobilise effect wears off the target’s movement is slwoed by 75% for 3 seconds.
Hold your Ground Reduces the cooldown of Shield Probe and Cover Pulse by 5 seconds, and Escape by 30 seconds. In addition, when you exit cover you gain a Cover SCreen that increases your ranged defence by 20% for 6 seconds.
Evacuate Reduces the cooldown of Main and Flash Bang by 15 seconds.


Executioner Flashbang and Maim grant Executioner, allowing your next Takedown within 10 seconds to be used regradless of the target’s remaining health and deal 15% addtional damage.
Controlled Chaos For every target initially affected beyond the first Diversion grants a charge of Controlled Chaos, inceasing armor penetration by 10% per charge. This effect alsts 8 seconds.
Defensive Safeguards When Ballistic Shield is activated you gain a charge of Defensive Safegaurds for each enemy inside your Ballsitc Shield, up to 4. This effect alsts 20 seconds and each charge increases your damage reduction by 5%, In addition, while inside your Ballsitic Shield, you heal for 1% of your maximum health every second and youa re immune to being pulled or knocked back.
Pillbox Sniper Reduces the cooldwon of Entrench by 15 seconds and Cover Pulse knocks targets back an addtional 5 meters.
Tactical Retreat Covered Escape heals you for 10% of your maximum health. Additionally, the duration of Evasion is increased by 2 seconds.
Siege Bunker Reduces all reas affect taken by 60% when entrnch is active.
Deployed Shields Reduces all damage taken while in cover by 5% and reduces the cooldown of Ballsitic Shield by 30 seconds.
Over-prepared Reduces the cooldown of Imperial Preparation by 45 seconds and increases your damage reduction by 15% for 15 seconds after activating Imperial Preparation.



MG-2 Polygrade Dispersal Caps Cluster Bombs deal damage to all enemies around their target
Operation Bosses
T0-R0 Ionic Discharge Explosive Probe now only triggers from EMP Discharge and deals 50% more damage
Daily/Weekly Mission Bosses
Ruthless Interrogation Series of Shots refreshes Interrogation Probe and ticks its damage every time it hits. Electrified Railgun does 50% more damage
Flashpoint Bosses


Refraction Point Penetrating Blast does splash damage to targets around the primary target and causes your next Followthrough to deal splash damage as well Flashpoint Bosses
B-0 Differential Targeting System Activating Covered Escape or returning to your marker with Hololocate makes your next Ambush activate instantly and deal 30% more damage
Fllashpoint Bosses
Agitating Energies Corrosive Dart deals more damage and dealing damage with Followthrough and Penetrating Blast refreshes its bleed effect on its target and ticks its damage
Operations Bosses


Ultraviolet Blast Weakening Blast finishes off all of your poison effects at once, dealing all their remaining damage. Weakening Blast’s cooldown is increased by 6 seconds
Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
Airborne Agents Corrosive Grenade spreads Weakening Blast’s effect. Lethal Shot does splash damage to all targets affected by Corrosive Grenade
Flashpoint Bosses
Exploited Weakness Weakening Blast deals 100% more damage. Dealing damage with Lethal shot causes the target to take poison damage over 18 seconds
Operation Bosses


All Sniper Specs

Sniper Siege Enemies take 10% more damage while under Suppressive Fire. Does not affect Operation bosses
Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
Kolto Bombardment Orbital Strike heals allies in the area whenever it ticks
Conquest Crates
Technical Debt Shatter Shot applies Tech Debt to its target. Whenever the target is healed, so are you for a small amount Crafted – Artifice
CS-3 Velocity Holo-Dampener Hololocate increases your damage reduction by 15% for 10 seconds when you return PvP Crates

Gear Sets and Bonuses

Imperial Agent

The Slow Road Master +2% Frag Grenade slows its primary target and all targets around it by 30% for 6 seconds  
Quick Thinker Master +2% Any enemy who attacks you during Adrenaline Probe is stunned for 2 seconds  
Probe Tech Endurance +2% Shield Probe creates a small shield around surrounding allies  
Escape Artist Alacrity +2% Flash Bang now heals any allies nearby for a small amount and resets the cooldown of countermeasures  


Established Foothold Mastery +2% The cooldown of Entrench is reduced by 10 seconds. You gain 2 energy per second while Entrench is active While Entrenched, you build stacks of Entrenched Offense, increasing damage by 3% per stack while you remain Entrenched. Stacks up to 5 times. Breaking cover or Entrench being removed removes this
Outlaws Parlay Mastery +2% The energy cost of Takedown is reduced by 3 Killing an enemy within 3 seconds of damaging them with Takedown resets the cooldown of Takedown and gives you a 5% damage buff. This stacks up to 3 times and lasts 10 seconds
Precise Targeter’s Mastery +2% Reduces the cooldown of Target Acquired by 15 seconds and activating Target Acquired restores 15 energy Laze Target gets 3 charges and its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds
Repositioning Alacrity +2% Reduces the cooldown of Cover Pulse by 5 seconds Evasion finishes the cooldown of Covered Escape and increases you and your allies movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds


Where to get the new Set Bonuses (besides Vendors).

Escape Artist Imperial Agent Crafted – Armourmech
Established Foothold Sniper Operation Bosses
Outlaws Parlay Sniper Dxun Operation Bosses
Precise Targeter’s Sniper Conquest Crates
Probe Tech Imperial Agent Daily/Weekly Mission Crates
Quick Thinker Imperial Agent PvP Crates
Repositioning Sniper PvP Crates
The Slow Road Imperial Agent Conquest Crates


Charges basically allow you to use select Abilities more than once, depending on the number of Charges they have. For example, if an ability has 2 charges on it, you can use the Ability twice. 
You have to have at least 1 Charge to be able to use an Ability with Charges.

When you use an Ability with a Charge once, it uses up one Charge and the Charge timer goes on ‘cooldown’. When the cooldown timer is up, you will gain another ‘Charge’. If you use all the Charges the Ability has, you have to wait for the cooldown timer to complete to be able to use the Ability again.

Snipers have a Set Bonus with Charges.

Sniper 6 Set Bonus –Precise Targeter (Laze Target) 3 1 minute

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Andynul for helping me gather all the info to put into this Guide.