Mek-Sha Sightseer Achievement Guide

Here is my Mek-Sha Sightseer Achievement Guide. Updated – now includes the scannable locations since they fixed them in 6.0.1! Sightseer Achievement Enjoyed a full tour of all Mek-Sha has to offer. Browse Deals at the Bazaar Kiosk Enjoy Complimentary Mek-Sha Meltdown Enter Slugfall Cantina Dancefloor Find the Friendly Frond (Scan) Make Wish at Watering

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Onderon Hidden Achievements Guide

Here is my Onderon Hidden Achievements Guide Do not read any further if you’d prefer to discover them for yourself! Updated with Sensile Blossom Locations. Flirron-Friend Find the Flirron Hatchling and feed it Tasty Morsels. Feed the Flirron Hatchling one Tasty Morsel to discover the hidden achievement. You will need to feed the Flirron Hatchling

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