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PvP Content and Changes Coming in 2019

The developers have surprised us by announcing a couple of major changes coming to PvP in 2019. Specifically to Cyrodiil and Imperial City. These changes are slated to come out with the Elsweyr Chapter in June. Additionally, there will be a new Battleground Map in the Wrathstone Dungeon DLC and performance improvements in Cyrodiil which […]

Elder Scrolls Online

The Season of the Dragon – Elder Scrolls Online’s Big Content Announcement Coming Soon!

It all started when Twitch Streamer Classy Katie posted this on Twitter. Adventurer, I have followed your progress with interest and deemed you worthy of rendering assistance. Knowledge has come into my possession that will help me end the misguided Three Banners War and restore peace to Tamriel. You shall accompany me. Be ready to […]