Rishi Hideout Stronghold Guide

Star Wars The Old Republic’s latest Stronghold, located on Rishi, is quite a unique Stronghold. Similarly sized to Yavin with 1500 hooks, it also boasts a brand new feature, PvP Areas. These areas are designed for and contain the tools for PvP Combat as well as the usual hooks.


Unlock Costs

The Rishi Stronghold is made up of three separate areas with a total of 11 expansions. The Total Cost is 15,620,000 Credits.

  • Initial Purchase Cost – 2,500,000
  • Expansion Cove – 2,000,000
  • Hillside Room – 825,000
  • Sun Room – 825,000
  • The Overlook – 120,000
  • Patrol Carrier Expansion – 1,500,000
  • Reactor Room – 975,000
  • Port Quarters – 825,000
  • Starboard Quarters – 825,000
  • Captain’s Quarters – 825,000
  • Bridge – 1,200,000
  • Training Room – 600,000
  • Sky Deck – 2,600,000
Little Extra’s to look out for
  • Speedy
  • Inconspicuous Marker



Here are some Screenshots, with hooks showing, of the Rishi Hideout.

Cove Expansion
The Overlook
Patrol Carrier

PvP Areas

There are two designated PvP Areas –

  • ‘4 v 4’ Arena
  • ‘8 v 8’ Arena
4 v 4 Arena

There are consoles located throughout this area that close the force shields.

8 v 8 Arena

There are 3 different Hook Configurations for this area.

  • Arena
  • Large/Medium Breakdown
  • Star Ships

The Arena Configuration has a brand new Hook called ‘Hook: Sky Deck Arena’.

There is currently only one decoration available for this hook called the ‘Large Training Area’ (pictured below).

Combat Scenarios and Scoreboard

There are two different Combat Scenarios you can initiate:

  • Team Death Match
  • Huttball

Orange and Purple Consoles are used for Team Assignment. All you have to do is click on the console and you are assigned that team.

Once you initiate a scenario (be sure to assign teams first!), you get spawned at the starting areas to the east and west of the PvP Area. There is a 30-second countdown then the match starts!

There is a Scoreboard that keeps score of your chosen scenario.

Bolster Terminal

There is a bolster terminal you can click on on the Skydeck and the that will give you bolster called the Bolsterizer.

Observation Droid

Also on the Skydeck, there is a console you can click by the Bolsterizer that allows you to control an Observation Droid. This allows you to get a birds-eye view of the action happening in the PvP area. It spawns you in the Arena area but you can travel anywhere on the Skydeck using it.

The Droid cannot be seen by other players and you can not see other players observation droids. If you do get in the middle of the action, it does take damage and get debuffs but absorbs all the damage. There is no ‘collision’ with other players, you straight through them.

You cannot go into the Arena area if the forcefields are up. So players using the Droid need to be inside the arena before combat simulations are commenced.

You can interact with the Arena controls and click on other players while using the Droid.

To disconnect from the Observation Droid click on the Disconnect Ability that shows up on your UI.

Note: If you go too close to the Elevator door, it will automatically disconnect you.

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