If you enjoy Xam Xam’s content here on MMO Bits or on her Twitch Stream, here are a few ways you can support her ability to continue making content!

To learn more about Xam Xam and MMO Bits, check out the About MMO Bits Page.

Follow Xam Xam on Social Media

Just simply following your favourite content creators on various social media channels can be super helpful and open up opportunities for them later on! So please consider following Xam Xam on all the socials you have!

Here are the main ones she is most active on and/or wants to buildup more followers.

See Linktree for links to all her socials

Donate Bits (Cheer) or Subscribe to my Twitch Channel

Twitch Channel –

Subscriber benefits:

  • Ad-Free viewing
  • Shiny emotes!
  • Exclusive Discord Channel Access includes early access and exclusive content (link your Twitch account with Discord)
    • Tier 1 Subs get the same benefits as $5 Beskar Patrons
    • Tier 2 & 3 subs get the same benefits as $10 Darksaber Patrons

Cheerer (Bits) Benefits:

  • Exclusive Emote (1k Bits) -> Beep

If you can’t afford to subscribe or cheer (Bits), simply following me on Twitch and/or lurking in my Streams whenever I’m live, always helps! Regular chatters may also get the VIP Badge on.

Subscribe/Donate Monthly via Patreon & Ko-Fi

You can support Xam Xam with a small monthly payment via Patreon or Ko-Fi. Just $1 a month can go a long way! All funds from Patreon and Ko-Fi go towards the costs of running this website and buying tools & services to improve my content.


Here is a brief overview of the tiers. Patreon and Ko-Fi tiers are identical.

Blaster Pistols – $1

  • Access to VIP Lounge in Xam Xam’s Community Discord.
  • Early Access to select Articles and Guides before they’re released and access to a channel to discuss early access content.

Beskar – $5

  • All rewards from the previous tier + 
  • Exclusive VIP Channel Access Chat with Xam Xam directly in an exclusive Beskar channel and get access to content Taskboards and Goals.

Darksabers – $10

  • All rewards from the previous tiers +
  • VIP Badge on Twitch
  • You may ask for one Guide or Blog Post about a specific topic per month and I will create it (within reason). The topic can be MMO gaming related or be more specific to SWTOR, ESO or New World!

One-Off Monetary Donations

There are two ways you can tip/donate money to Xam Xam to help her improve her content:

All donations/tips will go towards the cost of maintaining this website and buying tools & services to improve my content.

Whitelist this Website!

Please consider whitelisting this website if you use an Adblocker. Revenue from the Ads shown on this website is used to help pay for the cost of running this website. Note: Ad revenue alone does not fully cover the cost of running this website.


Join the Xam Xam’s Community Discord Server to get instantly notified of new articles and guides published on MMO Bits plus chat with Xam Xam in the various text channels.

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