SWTOR Underworld Syndicate Reputation Guide

The Underworld Syndicate is a new reputation track, introduced to Star Wars the Old Republic in Game Update 7.0, tied to Season 2 of Galactic Seasons. It features a unique method of increasing reputation. In this guide, I cover everything you need to know about the Shadow Syndicate Reputation track in SWTOR.


The Shadow Syndicate is run by Fen Zeil, the new Galactic Seasons 2 Companion. You are introduced to the Shadow Syndicate when you do their introductory mission.

Unlike other reputation tracks in the game, the Shadow Syndicate Track is hidden by default. To unlock it, you have to turn in Underworld Syndicate Plans.

Underworld Syndicate Plans

Underworld Syndicate Plans are a new Currency that can drop from any mob in the game. They do however have a higher chance to drop from underworld mobs such as Exchange, Hutt and Black Sun aligned enemies. You can find these enemies on Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine and Quesh. This currency is bind on legacy.

You use this currency to increase your reputation with the Shadow Syndicate.

SWTOR Underworld Syndicate Plans

How to increase your Reputation with the Shadow Syndicate

You use Underworld Syndicate Plans to increase your reputation with the Shadow Syndicate. You turn them into Qi’us Dnar, located on the Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa. Here’s a map of her location.

SWTOR Qi'us Dnar location on Nar Shaddaa

When you speak to her, the dialogue options allow you to choose how many Underworld Syndicate Plans you turn in. Here is a table showing how much reputation you get for turning in Underworld Syndicate Plans.

Underworld Syndicate Plan Reputation Trophy Reputation Points
1 Shadow Syndicate Note of Appreciation 25 Points
5 Shadow Syndicate Note Commendation 100 Points
10 Medium Shadow Syndicate Commendation 250 Points
20 Large Shadow Syndicate Commendation 500 Points
100 Large Shadow Syndicate Commendation x5 2500 Points

Once you turn in a plan/s and gain some reputation with the Shadow Syndicate, you will be able to see the Shadow Syndicate Reputation Track in your Legacy.

The weekly reputation cap is: 5000

SWTOR Shadow Syndicate Reputation Track

Jawa Intel

There is a Jawa found in the Cartel Bazaar on your factions fleet with whom you can trade Jawa Scrap for Jawa Intel. Jawa Intel is a boost that increases the chance of Underworld Syndicate Plans dropping from mobs. Jawa Intel costs 500 Scrap: Jawa Scrap (Purple).

SWTOR Jawa Intel

You can find the Jawa Brrazz on the Cartel Bazaar of your Factions Fleet.

SWTOR Brrazz location Imperial Fleet
Imperial Fleet – Cartel Bazaar (South Elevator)
SWTOR Brrazz location Republic Fleet
Republic Fleet – Cartel Bazaar (North Elevator)

If you have Fen Zeil with you when you talk to Brrazz you get some additional dialogue.

Reputation Rewards

The only known rewards associated with this reputation track are the Legacy Titles.

Legacy Title Rank
Shadow Initiate Newcomer
Master of Shadows Hero
The Shadow’s Veil Legend

A reputation vendor was not found on the PTS even by a player who got Legend Rank, sadly. Whether Bioware will add one on live servers remains to be seen.

Lore: Who are the Shadow Syndicate?

The Shadow Syndicate are an underworld organisation that has existed for a while but fell on hard times. Now led by Fen Zeil, they are trying to rebuild with the help of powerful allies.

Here is a current description of the organisation from the official SWTOR website.

Once a prominent organization on Nar Shaddaa, tensions between the Shadow Syndicate and the Exchange, as well as unchecked infighting, led to their downfall. Fen, who has a long history in the underworld scene, has established himself as the new figurehead and is looking to bring about a new Shadow of the Underworld–with your help.

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