SWTOR Legendary Implants (Set Bonus) Guide

Here is my guide on how to obtain Legendary Implants in Star Wars The Old Republic. This guide goes through step-by-step what you need to do to get Legendary Implants, which are the new Set Bonus items, in SWTOR.

Currently being updated for Game Update 7.4.

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How to Obtain Legendary Implants AKA Set Bonuses

Set Bonuses in SWTOR are now on Implants and are called Legendary Items or Legendary Implants. Obtaining these Legendary Implants is fairly straightforward. Legendary Implants and their upgrades will be purchasable from a vendor. But first, you need to complete a Mission to gain access to this vendor.

Technological Advancements Mission

As soon as you are level 80, speak to Lonndar Eadwinn on your Factions Fleet to get the Technological Advancements Mission. They can be found in the Supplies Section of your Factions Fleet near the other 7.0 Gear Vendors (next to <SN-4RK> on the maps below).

SWTOR 7.0 Gear Vendor Locations Imperial Fleet
Imperial Fleet
SWTOR 7.0 Gear Vendor Locations Republic Fleet
Republic Fleet

You will then have to wait for around 30-seconds, then speak to Lonndar again when it prompts you that you can. Once you finish speaking to them, again, you will have the mission.

SWTOR Technological Advancements Mission Legendary Implants Game Update 7.4

All you have to do is complete any of the various activities listed to charge a Neuro-Key. You can do any combination of the following activities to earn 100 points (charges):

Personal Conquest34
Flashpoints or Operations via Groupfinder2
Story Flashpoints2
Veteran Flashpoints6
Master Flashpoints10
Story Mode Operation Boss4 per boss
Hard Mode/Veteran Operation Boss7 per boss
Nightmare/ Master Operation Boss8 per boss
Warzone or Arena Match10
Daily Area Weekly Mission10
Heroic Weekly Mission10

Once you earn 100 points, return to Lonndar and you will then gain access to the Implant Vendor <SN-4RK>.

Legendary Implant Cost

By default, the vendor will only show you Legendary Implants relevant to your class (Combat Style). You can choose to see all Legendary Implants. However, you can only purchase Legendary Implants useable on the base class you are on. This is because Legendary implants are base-class bound.

All Legendary Implants (Set Bonuses) and their upgrades all cost exactly the same. The only difference is when you’re upgrading a Legendary Implant, you will have to turn in the current tier you have (more on this below).

Legendary Implant Cost Game Update 7.4 with Achievement
Note: reduced cost due to Achievement (see below).
  • 60 Conquest Commendation
  • 6,500 Tech Fragmentations
  • 25,000 Credits

The currencies to purchase Legendary Implants can be earned from the following activities. You can find out more about how to earn these currencies in my Game Update 7.0 Gearing Guide.

CurrencyMain Sources
Conquest CommendationPersonal Conquest Completion, Dailies & Heroics
Tech FragmentsPersonal Conquest Completion, Dailies

Upgrading Legendary Implants

Legendary Items start at Item Rating 326 and go up to 340. You can upgrade them seven times, to 328, 330, 332, 334, 336, 338 and 340.

To upgrade Legendary Implants, all you have to do is go to the Set Bonus Vendor droid. Once you’ve bought a 326 Implant, you unlock the ability to purchase the 328 version from the vendor. Then the cycle continues until 340.

Note you do have to turn in the previous implant to get the next tier. So make sure you remove your augments first.

SWTOR upgrading Legendary Implants or Set Bonus

Legendary Implant Upgrade Costs

The cost to buy and upgrade your Implants initially is as follows.

  • 60 Conquest Commendations
  • 6,500 Tech Fragmentations
  • 25,000 Credits

However, in Game Update 7.1, two achievements were added to the game that once achieved, reduce the cost of upgrading your implants. Implant Destiny: 330 and Implant Destiny: 334. These achievements can be found under Feats of Strength -> Advancement -> Legendary Items.

SWTOR Legendary Implant Achievements - Implant Destiny 330 and 334

Once you have these achievements, it reduces the cost of upgrading your Legendary Implants across your entire Legacy. This is the new upgrade cost.

  • 2,500 Tech Fragments
  • 60 Conquest Commendations
  • 25,000 Credits

If you only have the Implant Destiny: 330 Achievement, it will only reduce the cost of upgrading up to 330 Item Rating. Upgrading to 332 and above will still cost the normal amount.

Legendary Implants and Alts

As stated above, Legendary Implants are base-class bound. This does mean a Powertech can wear a Legendary Implant designed for a Mercenary (and vice versa). This can be beneficial to do temporarily while gearing up alts of the same base class as it will increase the item rating of those pieces. That way you won’t get any useless Implant upgrade pieces from Requisition Caches. To understand more about how gearing by Item Rating works, check out my Game Update 7.0 Gearing Guide.

Legendary Implant List

Here are tables of all the various Legendary Items listed by Base Class. Click on any Base Class below to see all the available Set Bonuses and their primary tertiary stat.

Be mindful of the tertiary stats when considering which Legendary Implant to buy for your Discipline. Also, Legendary Implants do not stack! This means you can not wear two of the same Legendary Implant.

Thank you for reading this SWTOR guide! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Social Media. And a special thank you to my Patrons and Twitch Subscribers for your continued support!

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