Latest New World Articles and Guides

  • New World Brimstone Sands Housing Decorations
    A catalogue of all the new Housing Decorations added in the New World Brimstone Sands Update with select screenshots included.
  • Monarch’s Bluffs Makeover and Changes – Brimstone Sands Update
    A brief overview of the makeover and changes coming in New World to Monarch’s Bluffs in the Brimstone Sands Update with comparison screenshots.
  • How to Hide your Headgear in New World
    Have you been wondering if you can hide that ugly headgear you just picked up? Here’s a quick guide on how to hide headgear in New World.
  • How to Skip the Tutorial in New World
    For those looking to get to the action ASAP, here is my quick guide on how to Skip the Tutorial area in New World and go straight to a Starter Zone.
  • The Next Chapter – Streaming + more!
    Here I discuss the next chapter in my content creation journey including my streaming experience so far and a brief overview of future MMO Bits content!
  • MMO Gaming Highlights 2020
    2020 was not the best year and this showed, to an extent, in the gaming verse’. Regardless, there were some great moments in MMO gaming, for me, in 2020.
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