New World Brimstone Sands Housing Decorations

Here are categorised lists of all the new Housing Decorations coming in the New World Brimstone Sands Update.

The info in this guide is derived from the Trading Post on the Brimstone Sands PTR and is therefore subject to change. It will be updated not long after Brimstone Sands launches. Screenshot submissions of the new Housing Decorations are welcome via my Socials or my Discord.

PTR Notes

  • Not all housing decorations were categorised correctly on the Trading Post so in some cases, assumptions were made about the category some decorations go in.
  • Source information for housing decorations is based on the Trading Post item listings. If no crafting schematic is listed for the housing decoration on the Trading Post, it is assumed the housing decoration is a world drop only.


Lucky WyrdwoodWorld Drop
Potted WyrdwoodWorld Drop
Song of the WyrdwoodsWorld Drop
Potted Candelabra CactusWorld Drop
Potted Opuntia CactusWorld Drop
Potted Triangle CactusWorld Drop
Vase of Desert Senna FlowersWorld Drop
Hanging Opuntia CactusWorld Drop
Blooming Agave PlantWorld Drop
Potted Mulberry PlantWorld Drop
Potted Saguaro CactusWorld Drop
Vase of Ocotillo FlowersWorld Drop
Hanging Barrel CactusWorld Drop
Potted Candelabra Cactus
Potted Opuntia Cactus
Potted Triangle Cactus
Song of the Wyrdwoods
Lucky Wyrdwood
Potted Saguaro Cactus

Storage Chest

Legion Storage ChestCrafting Schematic

Housing Curtains

Verdant ValanceWorld Drop
Verdant TapestryWorld Drop
Verdant CurtainsWorld Drop
Centurion ValanceWorld Drop
Influential ValanceWorld Drop
Centurion TapestryWorld Drop
Influential TapestryWorld Drop
Centurion CurtainsWorld Drop
Influential CurtainsWorld Drop
Mediterranean ValanceWorld Drop
Mediterranean TapestryWorld Drop
Mediterranean CurtainsWorld Drop
Centurion Tapestry
Mediterranean Tapestry
Verdant Valance

Housing Dishes

Verdant Place SettingWorld Drop
Centurion Place SettingWorld Drop
Influential Place SettingWorld Drop
Mediterranean Place SettingWorld Drop
Clean Serving DishesWorld Drop
Meal Prep DishesWorld Drop
Used Serving DishesWorld Drop

Housing Rugs

Verdant Woven RugWorld Drop
Centurion Woven RugWorld Drop
Influential Woven RugWorld Drop
Mediterranean Woven RugWorld Drop
Verdant Woven Rug
Centurion Woven Rug
Influential Woven Rug

Housing Shelves

Olive Wooden Wall ShelfCrafting Schematic
Cypress Wooden Wall ShelfCrafting Schematic
Walnut Wooden Wall ShelfWorld Drop
White Oak Wooden Wall ShelfCrafting Schematic
Olive Large BookcaseCrafting Schematic
Olive Small BoookcaseCrafting Schematic
Olive Family ShrineCrafting Schematic
Olive Chest of DrawersCrafting Schematic
Serpentine Marble Top DresserCrafting Schematic
Cypress Large BookcaseCrafting Schematic
Walnut Large BookcaseCrafting Schematic
Cypress Small BookcaseCrafting Schematic
Walnut Small BookcaseCrafting Schematic
Cypress Family ShrineCrafting Schematic
Walnut Family ShrineCrafting Schematic
Cypress Chest of DrawersCrafting Schematic
Walnut Chest of DrawersCrafting Schematic
Rojo-Levantina Marble Top DresserCrafting Schematic
Amethyst Marble Top DresserCrafting Schematic
White Oak Large BookcaseCrafting Schematic
White Oak Small BookcaseCrafting Schematic
White Oak Family ShrineCrafting Schematic
White Oak Chest of DrawersCrafting Schematic
Lazulite Marble Top DresserCrafting Schematic

Housing Stoves

Verdant Concrete StoveCrafting Schematic
Centurion Concrete StoveCrafting Schematic
Influential Concrete StoveWorld Drop
Mediterranean Concrete StoveCrafting Schematic

Housing Lighting

Light Pewter Hanging Oil LampCrafting Schematic
Light Pewter Tall Oil LampCrafting Schematic
Light Pewter Short Oil LampCrafting Schematic
Light Pewter Wall BrazierCrafting Schematic
Yellow Brass Hanging Oil LampWorld Drop
Deep Silver Hanging Oil LampWorld Drop
Yellow Brass Tall Oil LampWorld Drop
Deep Silver Tall Oil LampWorld Drop
Yellow Brass Short Oil LampWorld Drop
Deep Silver Short Oil LampWorld Drop
Yellow Brass Wall BrazierWorld Drop
Deep Silver Wall BrazierWorld Drop
Burnt Copper Hanging Oil LampWorld Drop
Burnt Copper Tall Oil LampWorld Drop
Burnt Copper Short Oil LampWorld Drop
Burnt Copper Wall BrazierWorld Drop
Light Pewter Wall Brazier
Yellow Brass Tall Oil Lamp
Yellow Brass Short Oil Lamp

Housing Tables

Serpentine Marble Bedside TableCrafting Schematic
Olive Wooden DeskCrafting Schematic
Mosaiced Olive Wooden StandCrafting Schematic
Serpentine Marble Dining TableCrafting Schematic
Olive Wood Small TableCrafting Schematic
Rojo-Levantina Marble Bedside TableCrafting Schematic
Amethyst Marble Bedside TableWorld Drop
Cypress Wooden DeskCrafting Schematic
Walnut Wooden DeskWorld Drop
Mosaiced Cypress Wooden StandCrafting Schematic
Mosaiced Walnut Wooden StandWorld Drop
Rojo-Levantina Marble Dining TableCrafting Schematic
Amethyst Marble Dining TableWorld Drop
Cypress Wood Small TableCrafting Schematic
Walnut Wood Small TableWorld Drop
Lazulite Marble Bedside TableCrafting Schematic
White Oak Wooden DeskCrafting Schematic
Mosaiced White Oak Wooden StandCrafting Schematic
Lazulite Marble Dining TableCrafting Schematic
White Oak Wood Small TableCrafting Schematic
Rojo Levantina Marble Dining Table
Mosaiced Walnut Wooden Stand
Serpentine Marble Bedside Table

Housing Chairs

Olive Wood ArmchairCrafting Schematic
Verdant Dining ChairCrafting Schematic
Verdant Curule SeatWorld Drop
Cypress Wood ArmchairCrafting Schematic
Walnut Wood ArmchairWorld Drop
Centurion Dining ChairCrafting Schematic
Influential Dining ChairWorld Drop
Centurion Curule SeatCrafting Schematic
Influential Curule SeatWorld Drop
White Oak Wood ArmchairCrafting Schematic
Mediterranean Dining ChairCrafting Schematic
Mediterranean Curule SeatCrafting Schematic
Centurion Dining Chair
Centurion Curule Seat
Cypress Wood Armchair

Housing Beds

Light Pewter Lounge BedCrafting Schematic
Verdant High BedCrafting Schematic
Yellow Brass Lounge BedCrafting Schematic
Deep Silver Lounge BedWorld Drop
Centurion High BedCrafting Schematic
Influential High BedWorld Drop
Burnt Copper Lounge BedCrafting Schematic
Mediterranean High BedCrafting Schematic
Centurion High Bed

Housing Cabinets

Olive Wood ArmoireCrafting Schematic
Cypress Wood ArmoireCrafting Schematic
Walnut Wood ArmoireWorld Drop
White Oak Wood ArmoireCrafting Schematic
Cypress Wood Armoire


This section includes decorations that were not categorised correctly on the PTR.

Lattice Screen DividerCrafting Schematic
Tuscan Style Display ColumnWorld Drop
Stone Display PlatformWorld Drop
Ancient Pottery WheelWorld Drop
Legion Towel RackWorld Drop
“Glory to Sol” Inset EmblemWorld Drop
Bronze Strobilus CharmWorld Drop
Ionic Style Display ColumnWorld Drop
Administrative Desk ScrollsWorld Drop
“The Duet” Wall FrescoWorld Drop
West Flowing Selene CurrentsCrafting Schematic
East Flowing Selene CurrentsCrafting Schematic
Doric Style Display ColumnWorld Drop
“Ceres – Goddess of Grain” Wall FrescoWorld Drop
“The Current of Time” Wall FrescoWorld Drop
Carved Statue of MinervaCrafting Schematic
Carved Statue of CaesarCrafting Schematic
Carved Statue of VestaCrafting Schematic
West Flowing Solis CurrentsCrafting Schematic
East Flowing Solis CurrentsCrafting Schematic
Large Stone BrazierCrafting Schematic
“Mirroring Patterns” Wall FrescoWorld Drop
Carved Statue of JupiterCrafting Schematic
Carved Statue of Minerva
Carved Statue of Vesta
Carved Statue of Caesar
Lattice Screen Divider
Legion Towel Rack
Stone Display Platform
Ancient Pottery Wheel
“Glory to Sol” Inset Emblem
West Flowing Solis
Tuscan Style Display Column
Bronze Strobilus Charm

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