Star Wars The Old Republic

SWTOR Life Day Event Guide

Here is my full Guide to the Life Day Event in Star Wars the Old Republic.

The Basics – What is Life Day?

In The Old Republic, it is an event where you throw snowballs at people and NPC’s to get Snow-Covered Parcels and hug Wookiees.

That’s it. That’s the Event. There are no missions to pick up. All missions are automatically given to you. There are also some achievements to get along the way which grants some nice titles.

Basically there are three different activities you can do.

  • Throw Snowballs at other players, companions and some NPC’s to get Snow-Covered parcels
  • Throw Snowballs at Lifeday Gift Droids to get Snow-Covered Parcels and Decorations
  • Hug Wookiees to get Snow-Covered Parcels and Achievements

How to Get Started with the Life Day Event

Simply travel to your factions Fleet and go to the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Life Day Vendor. They are located in the Galactic Trade Market Area.

Once you’re at the vendor, purchase the ‘Life Day Snowball Bomb’ for 1,000 Credits.

Alternatively, you can purchase the ‘Life Day Snowball Cannon’ from the Cartel Market for 500 CC that does the same thing. The only difference is that the cooldown to use it is 6s.

Then, put the Bomb or Cannon on a quickbar, target a player or NPC, then click on the ‘Life Day Snowball Bomb’ to throw it at your target. Note there is only a CHANCE that you will get a Snow-Covered Parcel.

When you successfully earn a Snow-Covered Parcel, a mission completion window will pop up. Accepting the Mission Completion will grant you the Snow-Covered Parcel into your Currency Tab.

Currency – Snow-Covered Parcels

Snow-Covered Parcels are the currency you get from throwing Snowballs. You can use this currency to purchase a fair few items from the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Life Day Vendor.

Snow-Covered Parcels are now a Legacy Event Currency. They are stored in the Currency Tab of your Inventory in the ‘Event Currencies’ section.

If you have any Snow-Covered Parcels from previous years sitting in your Legacy Bank or Cargo Hold etc. you will need to mail them to an alt. Then log onto the alt and take them out of the mail. They will then automatically be placed into the Currency Tab.

Getting Snow-Covered Parcels

You have a chance of getting a Snow-Covered Parcel from throwing Snowballs at:

  • Other players
  • Companions
  • Life Day Reveler
  • Life Day Gift Droids
  • Overheated Life Day Gift Droids
  • Wookiee Caroler or Reveler

Lifeday Gift Droids, Overheated Gift Droid & Life Day Revelers

You can find Life-Day Gift Droids on the following planets

  • Coruscant – Senate Plaza
  • Dromund Kaas – Kaas City (Victory Spire)
  • Nar Shaddaa – The Promenade (Lower and Upper)
  • Mek-Sha – Slugfall Harbor, Three Points – The Bazaar, Contested Gangland

Throwing a Snowball at a Life Day Gift Droid only gives you a chance of getting a Snow-Covered Parcel. Throwing a Snowball at an Overheated Gift Droid has a chance of giving you either a Snow-Covered Parcel and/or a Decoration.

Wookiee Carolers and Revelers are found on Fleet, Nar Shaddaa and Mek-Sha.

Life Day Missions

There are three different missions you can complete during the Life Day Event. All missions are granted automatically from performing specific tasks.

Two of the missions have a chance of completion from throwing Snowballs and one requires hugging wookiees.

A Special SnowflakeThrow a Snowball at a player, companion or select NPC.1 Snow-Covered Parcel
Little HelperThrow a Snowball at an Overheated Life Day Droid.Choice of 1 of 4 Decorations.
Could Use a Good HugHug 10 Wookiee Revelers or Carolers.2 Snow-Covered Parcels

Snowballs – A Special Snowflake

Simply throw Snowballs at players or select NPC’s for a chance to earn Snow-Covered Parcels and complete the Mission ‘A Special Snowflake’. It’s not uncommon to throw out a lot of Snowballs and not get any Parcels.

Overheated Gift Droids – Little Helper

Throwing Snowballs at Overheated Gift Droids gives you a chance of completing the mission ‘Little Helper’. The reward for completing the mission is your choice of one of four different decorations.

Here are the decoration choices.

Wookiee Hugging – Could Use A Good Hug

Wookiees can be found at the following locations.

  • Fleet – near the Life Day Vendor
  • Nar Shaddaa – The Promenade (Lower and Upper)
  • Mek-Sha – Slugfall Harbor

To hug a Wookiee, you need to click on the Wookiee then stand close to it. Once you are standing close enough the temporary ability, ‘Hug A Wookiee’ will pop up. Then you have to find the ‘sweet spot’ for the ability to light up. Once the ability is lit up, then you can hug the Wookiee.

Hugging a Wookiee automatically grants the daily mission ‘Could Use a Good Hug’. You still have to hug an additional nine Wookiees to complete the mission.

Life Day Vendor Items‘Master of Ceremonies’

Here is a list of all the items you can purchase from the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Life Day Vendor.

Cyan SphereMount36 Parcels
16 Gray Helix Components
Czerka LD-1 CelebratorMount100 Parcels
Embracing WookieeDecoration60 Parcels50
Fireworks: Life Day TreeToy500 Credits
Hand WarmingToy75 Parcels
Hoth Wampa CubPet60 Parcels
Life Day BootsArmor30 Parcels
Life Day Ceiling Light (Globes)Decoration20 Parcels999
Life Day Ceiling Light (Icicles)Decoration20 Parcels999
Life Day Holo-TreeToy50 Parcels
Life Day Holo-TreeDecoration40 Parcels999
Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue-Purple)Decoration40 Parcels999
Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue-Purple)Toy50 Parcels
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green)Decoration40 Parcels999
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green)Toy50 Parcels
Life Day lcicle MoundDecoration20 Parcels999
Life Day Lower RobeArmor30 Parcels
Life Day Medium Potted TreeDecoration5 Parcels999
Life Day OrbToy50 Parcels
Life Day RevelerDecoration20 Parcels999
Life Day Small Potted TreeDecoration5 Parcels999
Life Day Snow BlowerDecoration10 Parcels999
Life Day Snowball BombToy1,000 Credits
Life Day Tinsel BombToy20 Parcels
Life Day VestmentsArmor30 Parcels
Life Day Freezer Wall UnitDecoration10 Parcels999
Life Day Wampa RugDecoration40 Parcels999
Sleigh IMount20 Parcels
Snowfallen GizkaPet60 Parcels
Snowfallen Wampa CubPet60 Parcels
Vectron J0-1YMount100 Parcels



Mounts and Pets

Cyan Sphere
Sleigh I
Vectron J0-1Y
Czerka LD-1 Celebrator
Snowfallen Gizka
Hoth Wampa Cub
Snowfallen Wampa Cub


Life Day Robes (Full Outfit)
Life Day Lower Robes (dyed)
Life Day Vestments
Life Day Boots


There are a number of Achievements associated with Life Day. They can be found under Events -> General -> Life Day.

Snow-Covered Parcel Throwing Achievements

AchievementDescriptionParcels Found
Jolly Parcel PeddlerFind Snow-Covered Pacels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.1
Merry Life Day to All!Find Snow-Covered Pacels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.25
To All a Good Night!Find Snow-Covered Pacels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.100
The Celebration ContinuesFind Snow-Covered Parcels by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.200
Holiday HeroRecieve a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.N/A

Wookiee Hugging Achievements

AchievementDescriptionWookies Hugged
Spreading JoyHug Wookiee Carolers and Revelers.10
In the SpiritHug Wookiee Carolers and Revelers.25
The Gift of LoveHug Wookiee Carolers and Revelers.100
Wookiee Hugging ChampionHug Wookiee Carolers and Revelers.1,000
Hugs for AllHug Wookiee Carolers and Revelers.1,500

Legacy Titles

The Following Achievements grant Legacy Titles upon completion.

AchievementLegacy Title
Jolly Parcel PeddlerLife Day Celebrant
To All A Good Night!A Special Snowflake
The Celebration ContinuesCheer Delivery Expert
Wookiee Hugging ChampionWookiee Hugging Champion
Hugs for AllHugs Everlasting

Conquest Objectives

In 2020, Conquest Objectives were introduced for Life Day!

Life Day: Snowball Fight!Share the joy by completing the mission: A Special Snowflake numerous times (25) during the life Day event.*Once
*Life Day: Snowball Fight Eternal!Oh, it is ON! Share the joy by completing the mission: A Special Snowflake numerous times (5) during the life Day event.Infinite
Life Day: Goodness Gracious Me!Soothe an overheating droid and recieved a gift duting the Life Day event.Daily
Life Day: Come Here, You Big Lug!Share the joy by completing the mission: Could Use a Good Hug during the life Day event.Infinite

*Completing Life Day: Snowball Fight! unlocks Life Day: Snowball Fight Eternal!

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