ESO Announces an Announcement

Elder Scrolls Online has announced that they’ll be making a major announcement on a Livestream happening this Wednesday, March 21 at 4 pm EDT/8 pm GMT.

New adventures are on the horizon. We’re making a major announcement for The Elder Scrolls Online that you’ll not want to miss.

They will be streaming live from Twitch Headquarters on Rich Lambert, the Creative Director for Zenimax, will be there.

The ESO Twitter account has been dropping teases since last Friday alluding to something big.

Yes, Rich Lambert even had to put on some pants and that can only mean one thing! Something big is indeed going down!

All signs point to the next chapter of the story, hinted at the end of the Clockwork City story, to be headed to the Summerset Isles. Hence the declaration from Queen Ayrenn.

I am very much looking forward to hearing what they have in store for us in this next chapter!

What do you think the announcement is going to about? Are you looking forward to seeing what’s next for ESO?

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