Old Cartel Market Requisition Reputations to be Merged into One Reputation

In Game Update 5.9.2, Star Wars The Old Republic will be merging all the old Cartel Pack Requisition Reputations into one reputation called the Underworld Exchange.

Here is a list of all the old Cartel Market Reputations and the Packs that dropped them.

  • Binary Star Realty – Stronghold Packs
  • Bounty Supply Company – Bounty Packs
  • The Contraband Resale Corporation – Contraband Packs
  • Esstran Exports – Explorer Packs
  • Freebooter’s Trade Union – Shadow Packs
  • Interplanetary Component Exchange – Starfighter Packs

Musco explained in his Developer Tracker Post how and why they are implementing this change. Here’s what he has to say:

Why Combine the Reputations?

Having all of the older Reputations wasn’t really serving a purpose anymore. Since we are direct selling most CM items and with the implementation of the Ultimate Pack we haven’t been bringing back embargoed packs. This means there is no availability for players to get these Reputations. This also creates an issue for Cartel Market Certificates since they aren’t consistent in how you acquire them, this makes it challenging to provide updated ways to spend them.

What Will Happen to my Existing Reputations?

All Cartel Market Reputations will now be combined into a single CM Rep, the Underworld Exchange. All progress you have from existing CM reps will be added together. Ex: If you are Legend right now in any CM rep, you will be a Legend in Underworld Exchange. If you are Champion in two of the reps, those values will be combined and could even rank you up.

What About the Legacy Titles / Rep Gear?

Any titles you have earned you will keep. Gear that you have will check against the new rep (which you will meet or exceed the requirement). Those titles will no longer be possible to earn. We may consider options for reintroducing those titles in the future, but there are no plans at this time.

How do I Earn Underworld Exchange Reputation? 

Reputation tokens will be a guaranteed drop from Ultimate Cartel Packs unless you are at Legend status. Cartel Market Certificates are being added into the pack as a rare drop.

Overall, I believe this is quite a positive change and a nice quality of life gesture. I personally don’t have much reputation with most of the old Cartel Market Requisitions (except for one which is maxed) so this will work out well for me.

Now if only they would add an in-game way or an alternate way of getting Cartel Market Certificates, I’d be very, very happy!

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