Game Update 5.10 252-258 Gearing Guide

There is a new Tier of Gear being introduced to The Old Republic in Game Update 5.10. It consists of two gear ratings, 252 and 258. Here is my Guide to how you can get the gear. 


  • Basics
    • Crafting
    • Masterwork Data Crystals
      • Ossus Reputation
    • Command Crates
  • 252 Gear
    • 252 Gear Vendor – Ossus
    • Weekly Lockbox 
    • Command Crate Drops
  • 258 Gear
    • 258 Gear Vendor – Ossus
    • Crafting
    • HM Queen – 258 Weapons


There are four key ways to get the new gear.

  • Crafting (258 only)
    • NIM GOTM (258 Schematics and new Mats)
    • Ranked PvP (new Mats + Ossus Reputation Tokens)
  • Masterwork Data Crystals (252 & 258 Gear)
  • Tier 3+ Command Crates (very rare chance of 252 Gear and some new Mats)
  • HM Queen (258 Mainhands and Offhand Weapons)

Crafting is the least accessible way to get 258 gear. This method of gearing is only really viable for NIM Raiders and those with tens of millions of credits to spare.

You can only get the schematics to craft 258 Gear from defeating bosses in NIM GOTM.

Most of the mats required to craft 258 Gear can only be found in NIM GOTM. However, some of the mats required are only earned through other content

You can read more about crafting 258 Gear in my Game Update 5.10 258 Crafted Gear Guide.

Masterwork Data Crystals

You use Masterwork Data Crystals earned from completing various content to buy 252 and 258 gear on Ossus. However, this gear is Reputation (Ossus) locked. Buying 258 Gear also requires the 252 Gear Piece Shell.

Masterwork Data Crystals are character bound and the cap is 100 per character.

Here is how you can earn Masterwork Data Crystals.

[Weekly] Masterwork Data CrystalDefeat both world bosses on Ossus OR Gain 50 Group Ranked Points1 MDC
Weekly EventSM Ops, MM FPS, GSF & PvP (Ranked & Unranked)1 MDC
Command CratesA very rare chance to drop from Tier 3 + Command Crates1 MDC
Unassembled Components1st time – 500 Unassembled Components1 MDC
 2nd time – 1000 Unassembled Components1 MDC

Unassembled Components can be traded by the Mysterious Smuggler for Master Work Data Crystals. Note you can only do it twice per character, per week. 

The Weekly Event Mission can be picked up from the Courier Droid in your factions base Ossus. Note you do not need to have completed the story to be able to pick up the mission.

Ossus Reputation

You can earn Ossus Reputation not just from doing the Ossus Dailies and Weekly, but also from Ranked PvP.

Here is how you can earn Ossus Reputation.

Ossus Daily Area

MissionsDescriptionReputation Reward
Ossus Daily Area WeeklyComplete 10 Dailies.1 Encrypted Data Disks (Purple)
Heroic WeeklyComplete 3 Heroics.2 Encrypted Data Disks (Purple)
[Heroic]There are three Heroics in total. 1 Geonosian Power Cell (Blue)
[Daily] Patrol: OssusComplete 5 dailies.

 1 Geonosian Power Cell (Blue)


There are 12 Dailies in total.

1 Recollection of a Jedi Knight (Green)

Most of the Dailies can be picked up in your respective faction’s base. However, some are found out on Ossus at your various factions outposts/taxi points.

Ranked PvP

MissionDescriptionReputation Reward
Solo Ranked PvP DailyMy Kind of Scum1 Geonosian Power Cell (Blue)
Solo Ranked PvP WeeklyTime for Pain!2 Encrypted Data Disks (Purple)
Group Ranked PvP DailyArena of Death!2 Geonosian Power Cell (Blue)
Group Ranked PvP WeeklyGo Berserk!4 Encrypted Data Disks (Purple)
Command Crates

There is a very rare chance to earn 252 Rated Gear and some Mats needed to Craft 258 Rated Gear from Tier 3+ Command Crates.

252 Gear

252 Gear Vendor – Ossus

252 Rated Gear requires Ossus Reputation Rank between Outsider and Hero, depending on the gear piece.

  • Imperial 252 Gear Vendor – Lord Fural
  • Republic 252 Gear Vendor – Major Pucenisco
Item – RatingMasterwork Data CrystalsReputation
Ear – 2522 MDCOutsider
Implants – 2522 MDCNewcomer
Relics – 2522 MDCHero
Bracer – 2522 MDCOutsider
Head – 2522 MDCFriend
Chest – 2522 MDCFriend
Gloves – 2522 MDCNewcomer
Belt – 2522 MDCOutsider
Pants – 2522 MDCFriend
Boots – 2522 MDCNewcomer
Main Hand – 2522 MDCHero
Offhand – 2522 MDCHero

Weekly Lockbox

The Ossus Daily Area Weekly Mission (complete 10 Dailies) will allow you to pick from one of three lockboxes which contain a piece of 252 Rated Gear.

  • Artifact Lockbox (Lower Body) – Waist, Legs, Feet, or Relic
  • Artifact Lockbox (Tech) – Main Hand, Offhand, Head, or Ear
  • Artifact Lockbox (Upper Body) – Chest, Wrists, Hands, or Implant

Command Crate Drops

252 Rated Gear has a very rare chance to drop from Tier 3 + Command Crates.

258 Gear

258 Gear Vendor – Ossus

258 Rated Gear requires Ossus Reputation Rank of Champion or Legend, depending on the gear piece. Each piece costs 3-4 Masterwork Data Crystals and the matching piece of 252 gear (just the shell).

  • Imperial 258 Gear Vendor – Lord Bay’lor
  • Republic 258 Gear Vendor – Captain Anfel
Item RatingCostReputation
Ear – 2583 MDC + 252 EarChampion
Implants – 2583 MDC + 252 ImplantChampion
Relics – 2583 MDC + 252 RelicLegend
Bracer – 2583 MDC + 252 BracerChampion
Head – 2584 MDC + 252 HeadLegend
Chest – 2584 MDC + 252 ChestLegend
Gloves – 2583 MDC + 252 GlovesChampion
Belt – 2583 MDC + 252 BeltChampion
Pants – 2584 MDC + 252 PantsLegend
Boots – 2583 MDC + 252 BootsChampion

Reminder 258 Mainhands and Offhands are not available in Game Update 5.10.


You can only craft 258 Rated Gear from schematics earned from NIM GOTM. Most of the mats required to craft 258 Gear also come from NIM GOTM. However, some mats require doing other content or already exist in the game.

Here’s a list of mats:

MatsHow to get them
Ancient Tome100,000 Credits & 65 Relics of Ossus
Superior Resource MatrixConquest
Charged Matter TransubstantiatorRanked PvP or Command Crates
Ossan Assembly Component Crafting Schematic, 8,235 Credits from any Crafting Trainer
Forgotten CurioNIM GOTM
Forgotten TransformerNIM GOTM
Forgotten MementoNIM GOTM
Forgotten BindingsNIM GOTM
Forgotten StrandNIM GOTM
Relics of OssusOssus Daily Currency

Note all the new mats can be sold on the GTN.

For full details on how to craft 258 Gear, check out my 258 Crafted Gear Guide.

HM Queen – 258 Mainhands and Offhands

Defeating the Mutated Geonosian Queen Instanced Boss on Ossus drops the mat required to craft the 258 Weapons. you can buy the schematics to craft the weapons on Ossus.

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