SWTOR Guide Submission Info

Do you have an awesome guide and nowhere to host it or do you consider yourself an expert at something but don’t know how to go about writing a guide? Well, I can help you!

I am looking for people to submit guides or help me write guides on various subjects relating to Star Wars The Old Republic that I do not have expertise on. So what am I looking for specifically?

  • Class Guides – both PvP and PvE (this is the main thing I’m looking for!)
  • Anything PvE related
  • But honestly anything really

Class Guide Submission Guidelines and Info

  • You must have notable or provable expertise at your particular class (NIM Raider, highly experienced PvPer etc.)
  • You must keep your guide up to date. If your guide is not kept up to date within a reasonable amount of time, I will open it up to someone else to submit an up to date version of the guide for that class. If you want to update your guide contact me with changes and I’ll update it ASAP.
  • Your guide must include at least the following sections (feel free to add more!):
    • Class Basics/Description etc.
    • Abilities
    • Rotations
    • Utilities
    • Gear
  • Preferably, your Guide should be submitted via a Google Docs link. However, other alternatives can be discussed.
  • Note – if you only submit a guide for one advanced class eg. Sentinel, I may go ahead and ‘translate’ the guide with the mirror classes abilities eg. Marauder.

Class Guides I’m currently after

All of them EXCEPT – Mercenary/Commando Healing PvP, Scoundrel Healing PvE.


I am unfortunately not in a financial position to directly pay you for your Guides. However, I can offer in-game compensation via the Cartel Market or otherwise. This will be worked out on an individual basis. Other possible compensation parameters may also be discussed.


If you are interested in writing a Guide or helping me write a Guide you can contact me via the following means:

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