6.0 Tactical Items Guide (PTS)

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Tactical Items currently available on the PTS.

PTS Testing Phase – 1.5 (August 13th) – Mercenary and Powertech Tacticals have been added!

NOTE – Since this is from the Onslaught PTS, this is all subject to change. It is not currently known how any of these items will be obtained.

What is a Tactical Item?

Tacticals are a new gear slot being introduced in Game Update 6.0, Onslaught. These gear pieces alter existing abilities allowing players to customise their gameplay. All Tacticals are Bind on Legacy.

Note – At launch, Tacticals will not be able to be augmented. This is just a bug on the PTS.

All Classes

All classes will be able to equip these Tactical items.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Every third Activation of your basic attack restores 10% of your Class Resource
Luck Always Changes
Your critical chance with Melee, Ranged, Tech, and Force attacks is increased by 1% each second. This effect resets on a successful critical hit.
Krall’s Accord
Cycles between buffing Mastery, Accuracy, Power, Defense, Critical, Absorb, Alacrity and Shield in that order.
The Life Warden
Taking damage below 20% health will heal you for a large amount, 10 minute cooldown.
Rolling Boil
Increases Mastery by 5% for 5 seconds when a relic triggers
Reliquary of Time Reduces cooldown of on use relics by 5%
Greased Lightning
Dealing damage increases all damage done for 2 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Sith Warrior


Immortal (Tanking)

Leviathan’s Hide
Crushing Blow Generates Crushing Defense stacks for every enemy it hits, increasing your damage reduction per stack for 10 seconds.
Jaw Breaker
Using Backhand while Invincible extends the duration of Invinciable by 5 seconds
Hord’s Makashi Strike
Retaliation consumes Aegis Assault damage reduction and grants Retaliating Defense, increasing damage reduction by 5% for 20 seconds.

Vengeance (DPS)

Cut to Pieces
When a bleed tick critically hits, it reduces the cooldown of Vengeful Slam by one second.
Hemophilic Slash
Vicious Slash refreshes the duration of Force Scream and Impale’s bleeds on the target
A Vicious Cycle Hew triggers a Retailation that does 30% more damage

Rage (DPS)

Unknowing Ancient Text Force Crush builds a Furious Focus charge
Joiner’s Pressure
Activating Force Push on a target affected by Force Crush grants Impulse Driver, increasing your damage dealt by 20%
Syn’s Second Amulet Retaliation refunds one rage and finishes the cooldown of Furious Strike

All Juggernaut Specs

Rancor’s Tail Activating Saber Ward finishes the cooldown of Force Push
Embrace the Pain
Taking damage while Endure Pain is active reduces the cooldown of Enraged Defense by 10 seconds per hit. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds.
Shielding Shadow Intercede gives you 3% damage reduction per ally nearby for 6 seconds
Higher Focus Enrage builds one Rabid Furor charge



Exterminator TAC
Annihilate automatically kills standard and weak enemies with less than 30% health. Killing and enemy this way resets the cooldown of Annihilate.
Rapid Rupture TAC Refreshing Rupture deals double damage on initial hit.
Vicious Saber TAC
Vicious Slash applies all of your Deadly Saber stacks to its target at once and resets the cooldown of Deadly Saber
Bloodbound Ravager TAC
Ravage deals more damage for each bleed stacked on the target up to 5
Malmourral Mask
When Annihilate deals damage to an enemy affected by Force Rend triggers a burst of damage up to 8 targets around


Unstable Focus TAC Devastating Blast is now affacted by Rabid Furor
Fanged God Form
Using Massacure adds Hyper stacks to you increasing your critical chance by 10% and reducing the cost of your next Massacre by 1 rage per stack. Stacks up to 3 times. Last 10 seconds or until an ability other than Massacre is used
Bloody Focus TAC Using Gore with Rabid Furor causes its target to bleed
Andeddu’s Malevolence Ferocity is always active but only gives a 50% armour penetration
Smashacre TAC
Smash causes your next Massacre to do damage up to 8 enemies near the primary target


Obliterator TAC Using Obliterate with Rabid Furor causes it to critcally hit
Blood Fury TAC Furious Strike causes its target to bleed
Force Barter TAC
Furious Strike refunds one additional rage after it hits but refunds all its rage if you have fallen to zero
Detonate TAC
Raging Burst and Smash detonate Force Crush dealing Force Crush’s final damage up to 8 enemies in an area around the primary target

All Marauder Specs

Undying Cloak
Taking damage while Cloak of Pain is active reduces the cooldown of Undying Rage by 5 seconds per hit. Cannot occur more than once every 2 seconds
Defel Spliced Genes Activating Predation finishes the cooldown of Force Camouflage
Grievous Wounds TAC Crippling Slash’s trauma and slow effects last twice as long
Hidden Power Force Camouflage generates 2 rage per second

Sith Inquisitor


Darkness (Tank)

Ancient Tome of Wrath
Wither generates Redirected Wrath stacks for every enemy it hits, increasing your damage reduction per stacks for 10 seconds
Shroud of a Shadow
Using Force Shroud while Dark Ward is active consumes it, but extends the duration of Force Shourd by a quarter of a second for each Dark Ward stack consumed
Ward of the Continuum
Dark Ward gains 5 addition stacks and Phantom Stride resets its cooldown

Deception (DPS)

May Cause Injury
Activating Severing Slash causes your next Surging Discharge to arc to multiple targets
The Awakened Flame
When Ball Lightning deals damage it causes its target to become electrified dealng X energy damage over 6 seconds
Blade of the Elements
The critical hit chance of Reaping Strike is increased by 50% per Voltage stack. Critically hitting with Voltaic Slash reduces the cooldown of Reaping Strike by 1.5 seconds

Hatred (DPS)

Two Time Trouble
Creping Terror has a 20% chance to tick an additional time whenever a melee attack deals damage
Quick Escalation
Critically hitting with Leeching Strike resets its cooldown and grants Hungering Blade, increasing the critical chance and Force cost of your next Leeching Strick. Stacks up to 3 times.
Slow Mercy
Death Field spreads Force Slows’s effect and Force Storm does 15% more damage to targets affected by your Deathmark.

All Assassin Specs

Friend of the Force
Force Shroud also applies to any ally you are guarding
Herra’s Persistence Phantom Stride gains 2 charges
Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep!
Mind Trap can now affect up to two targets at once
Chant of Regeneration Recklessness increases your Force regeneration greatly for a short time


Corruption (Heals)

All for One
Revivification heals more for each ally it affects
One for All
Revivification heals more the less allies it affects
RSVP: Plus One
Roaming Mend can now heal up to 5 targets instead of 4.
Storm’s Succor
Damaging an enemy with Volt Rush causes your ally closest to the enemy to be healed, scaling with how many Volt Rush charges are on the enemy.

Lightning (DPS)

Element Convention
Volt Rush triggers Lightning Storm when activated. Chain Lightning gives you Volt Flux, causing your Volt Rush to arc to multiole targets for the next 10 seconds.
Eyrin’s Haste
Force Speed grants an additional Convection stack. 3 Convection stacks allow Thundering Blast to be activated instantly, consuming all stacks. Lighning Bolt and Thunderng Blast deal 10% more damage while Convection is active.
Lightning Flash applies Stormwatch to it’s targets. For the next 10 seconds, whenever the target takes damage from Affliction, Crushing Darkness, or Thundering Blast a lightning bolt is called down upon the target dealing X energy damage.
Ticking Force Bomb
Forked Darkness now has a greater chance to activate on Crushing Darkness and Crushing Darkness deals more damage each time it ticks

Madness (DPS)

Slow Mercy
Death Field spreads Force Slow’s effect and Force Storm does 15% more damage to targets affected by your Deathmark
Mystic’s Ruthless Blade
Demolish deals 20% more damage on initial hit. Additionally, under Polarity Shift, Demolish resets the cooldown of Force Leech, and causes the next Force Leech to activate instantly.
The Rushdown
When Force Lightning generates 4 stacks of Wrath, you gain Wrath Rush, allowing your next 3 Volt Rushes to deal 25% more damage and cost 50% less Force. Volt Rush consumes all stacks of Wrath.
Tempest of Rho
Lighting Strike has a 100% chance and Force Lighting has a 10% chance to cause Creaping Terror to tick an additional time whenever they deal damage

All Sorcerer Specs

An Explosive Return
Returning to your Phase Walk marker causes an force explosion around you, dealing damage to any enemies around.
Cleanse the Agony
Consuming Darkness lowers the cooldown of Expunge by 3 seconds.
Endless Barrier
Activating Unnatural Preservation removes Static Barrier’s Deionize effect from you.
A Healing Hand
Extrication now heals you and the target and makes your next Resurgence free.

Imperial Agent



Acid Lash
Laceration damage triggers Acid Blade Damage and refreshes its duration
Explosive Cells
When Volatile Substance triggers, it deals damage to all enemies around the target target and spreads its effects
Volatile Strike
Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by your unexploded Volatile Burst and triggers it immediately


Catalyzed Toxins
Toxic Blast finishes all your poison effects on the target and deals their remaining damage immediately. Toxic Blasts Cooldown is extended by 9 seconds
Synox Shots Toxic Blast does 50% more damage
Viral Elements
Toxic haze spreads Toxic Blast’s effect and Lethal Striek does dditional damage too all near by targets affected by Toxic Haze


Critical Surgery
Surgical Probe always critically hits on targets below 35%
Diagnostic Probes
Activating Surgical Probe reduces the cast time of the next Kolto Injection by .25 seconds. At 3 stacks, Kolto Injection can be cast instantly
Regenerative Waves
Kolto Waves consume a Tactical Advantage and heals 20% more per tick

All Operative Specs

Artistic Insights
Tactical Overdrive gives you a Tactical Advantage
Augmented Holocomm Holotraverse gains an additional charge
Combat Medic Training
Resuscitation Probe becomes an instant cast and Kolto Infusion can be cast while moving
Surgical Shiv Half of Shiv’s damage heals you



MG-2 Polygrade Dispersal Caps
Cluster Bombs deal damage to all enemies around their target
T0-R0 Ionic Discharge
Explosive Probe now only triggers from EMP Discharge and deals 50% more damage
Ruthless Interrogation
Series of Shots refreshes Interrogation Probe and ticks its damage every time it hits


Refraction Point
Penetrating Blast does splash damage to targets around the primary target and causes your next Followthrough to deal splash damage as well
B-0 Differential Targeting System
Activating Covered Escape or returning to your marker with Hololocate makes your next Ambush activate instantly and deals 20% more damage
Agitating Energies
Corrisve Dart deals more damage and Followthrough refreshes its bleed effect on an target it damages


Ultraviolet Blast
Weakening Blast finishes off all your poison effects at once dealing all their remaining damage Weakening Blast’s cooldown is increased by 6 seconds
Airborne Agents
Corrosive Grenade spreads Weakening Blast’s effect. Lethal Shot does splash damage to all targets affected by Corrosive Grenade
Anxiety Attack
Weakening Blast deals 50% more damage

All Sniper Specs

Sniper Siege
Enemies take 10% more damage while under Suppresive Fire. Does not affect Ops bosses
Kolto Bombardment
Orbital Strike heals allies in the area for X whenever it ticks
Technical Debt
Shatter Shot applies Tech debt to its target. Whenever the target is healed so are you for a small amount
CS-3 Velocity Holo-Dampener
Hololocate increases your melee and ranged defense by 30% for 10 seconds when you return

Bounty Hunter



HP-5 Dart Device
Kolto Shot applies a lingering heal over time effect to its target.
Rocket Fuel Vapours
Kolto Missile grants a stack of Supercharge Gas for each target it hits. Supercharge Gas heals or nearby allies for x – x when activated. Kolto Missile’s cooldown is extended by 4 seconds.
Running Rapid Restoration
Rapid Scan can be cast while moving and heals for an additional 10%.


Burning Bright
Dealing damage with Blazing Bolts increases the damage of your next Priming Shot, stacking up to 8 times to 100%.
Primed Ignition
Priming Shot causes its target to burn. Blazing Bolts, Heatseeker Missiles, and Tracer Missile all tick its damage.
Thernal Nuclear Fusion
Fusion Missile spreads Heat Signature. Heatseeker Missiles fire additional missiles to nearby targets affected by Heat Signature.

Innovative Ordinance

Continuous Fire
Sweeping Blasters and Death From Above refresh and tick your Incendiary Missile burn and Serrated Shot bleed. This effect can only occur once every 2.5 seconds.
Energised Charges
The duration of Supercharge Gas and Supercharge Burn are doubled.
Magnetized Shrapnel
Explosive Dart now remains dormant on the target for 12 seconds. Mag Shot detonates it, dealing double its standard damage to the primary target.

All Mercenary Specs

Cool Your Jets
Rocket Out vents 20 heat and immobilises enemies around you for 2 seconds.
Jet Boost increases your movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. For each enemy hit with Jet Boost, the cooldown of Hydraulic Overrides is reduced by 3 seconds.
Missile Blastback
Missile Blast knocks its target back and refunds some heat.
Power Cycle
When you use an ability with power Surge, that ability is not put on cooldown.


Shield Tech (Tank)

Thermal Screen
Heat Screen now stacks up to 6 times. Activating Power Yield immediately generates 6 Heat Screens and finishes the cooldown of Heat Blast
Oil Fire
Oil Slick makes targets succeptible to Firestorm. For each enemy affected by Oil Slick hit with Firestorm your damage reduction is increased by 2% and the cooldown of Oil Slick is reduced by 1.5 seconds
Translocating a guarded target gives them a large amount of damage reduction for 6 seconds taunts enemies and places a benign presence on you. After 6 seconds you swap back

Pyrotech (DPS)

Flame Dissipation
When Superheated Flamethrower reaches 2 stacks it applies Flame Dissipation to you lowering the cost of Searing Wave by 3 Heat. Stacks up to 5 times and is consumed by Searing Wave at 5 stacks. When consumed Flame Dissipation increases your periodic fire damage by 10% for 10 seconds
Superheated Fuel
Explosive Fuel increases all Flame attacks critical chance by 100%
Explosive Weaponry
During Explosive Fuel Flaming Fist, Flame Burst, and Immolate do damage to all nearby targets and Searing Wave hits twice.

Advanced Prototype (DPS)

Energized Blade
Retractable Blade’s bleed effect deals more damage the more Energy Load stacks you have
Power Yield instantly builds 4 Energy Loads. Getting critically hit while under Power Yield builds an Energy Load.
Flame Detonation
Dealing damage with Searing Wave or Flame Sweep to a target affected by a pre-exploded Thermal Detonator causes it to explode dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

All Powertech Specs

Flying Fists
Rocket Punch now has a range of 10 meters
Second Contract
Grapple gets two charges and finishes the cooldown of Rocket Punch and Flaming Fist
Sonic Heal
Sonic Missile heals all allies around its target
Neural Trigger
Dealing damage to an enemy affected by your Neural Dart stuns them for 3 seconds and ends the taunt.

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Andynul for helping me gather all the information from the PTS.

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